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At First Sight: How the Zodiac Signs Attract and Are Attracted

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Written by Kyle Thomas | Celebrity astrologer

We're all hungry for the desires of others. Whether it's for romance, sex, or commitment, we constantly pursue the affection and attention of other people. So how does attraction work, and what do we do to win the heart of someone we desire? Astrology shows the way.

How We Shine Out: The Ascendant and the Sun sign in the Birth Chart

In mainstream astrology, most people focus on the Sun sign because it is tied to our birthday, so it is the easiest to know. The Sun sign shows our core characteristics, how we naturally radiate our light, and what we aspire to. The older we get, the more comfortable we are in our skin, and the more the Sun sign shows, attracting compatible people to us.

Another critical factor to pay attention to is the Ascendant, also known as the 1st House or Rising Sign, which dictates our physical body, manners, and lifestyle. The Ascendant shows how we are perceived by people. 

Sometimes certain planets may appear in the 1st House providing extra nuances to our image. For instance, someone with Venus in the 1st House is likely to stay eternally youthful and focused on presenting a beautiful or fashionable persona to the world. A person with Uranus in the 1st House may instead present themselves as eccentric in fashion and style. An especially curious thing about the Ascendant is that its opposite — the Descendant, or 7th House — reveals the personality type we may inherently be attracted to, or our so-called “ideal partner”.

Not everyone has planets in the 1st House, and it's totally okay — every birth chart is unique.
You may check and learn the meaning of your Ascendant and planets in the 1st House on Me page of the Nebula app

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How Each Zodiac Sign Attracts — And What They're Attracted To

Always read for your Ascendant as well as the Sun sign.

Aries Rising/Sun

Aries' energy is bold, fiery, and dynamic, so it looks for someone gracious, kind, and especially balanced.

Taurus Rising/Sun

Grounded, sensual, and reliable Taurus energy looks for someone magnetic, erotically charged, and passionate.

Gemini Rising/Sun

Gemini energy with its communicative, intellectual, and versatile nature, seeks someone adventurous, free-spirited, and slightly eccentric.

Cancer Rising/Sun

Cancer energy is nurturing, loyal, and sensitive, so it is drawn to someone ambitious, practical, and responsible. 

Leo Rising/Sun

Creative, theatrical, and romantic Leo energy looks for someone unique, unconventional, and exciting.

Virgo Rising/Sun

Virgo energy is centered, service-oriented, and insightful, so they’re attracted to someone highly spiritual, emotional, or artistic.

Libra Rising/Sun

Libra energy makes a person charming, social, and committed, so they’re likely to search for someone fiery, passionate, and driven.

Scorpio Rising/Sun

Scorpio energy is mysterious, sensual, and emotional, so the kind of partner they’re drawn to is someone steady, loyal, and affectionate.

Sagittarius Rising/Sun

Sagittarius' energy makes a feisty, eager, and rebellious individual who pursues someone who is witty, engaging, and adventurous.

Capricorn Rising/Sun

Focused, determined, and wise Capricorns are attracted to someone traditional, supportive, and nurturing.

Aquarius Rising/Sun

Aquarius' energy is vivacious, intellectual, and independent, so they go after someone warm, generous, and strong.

Pisces Rising/Sun

Pisces' energy is imaginative, sweet, and flexible, so they seek someone practical, respectful, and caring.

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What We Desire and How We Pursue It: Venus and Mars in the Birth Chart

Venus is often associated with feminine energy and qualities, while Mars represents masculine energy, so both planets can provide insights into how we approach relationships and express our needs within them. The placement and zodiac sign of the natal Venus determines how we draw people's attention and express our affection in return. Basically, the Venus sign aligns with our love language, sense of style, expression of intimacy and sensuality, and aesthetic preferences. When it comes to Mars, the planet's position indicates our sex drive, sexual expression, and approach to going after someone we are attracted to.  

Dive deeper and view your whole natal chart to fully realize your heart's desires and build a happy relationship with yourself and your significant other. Nebula is by your side to provide knowledge and support along the way.

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