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In the Heat: How to Manage Conflicts in Relationships with Different Signs

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Written by The AstroTwins, Ophira & Tali Edut | Celebrity astrologers

The measure of a successful relationship isn't how seldom partners fight but how quickly they can solve a conflict. By understanding what each zodiac sign truly needs in emotionally-charged moments, you can self-soothe and appease your partner in a style that works for each of you so your first fight doesn't become "the beginning of the end."

It's helpful to look at the zodiac sign of your Sun (your personality), Mercury (your communication style), and Mars (how you deal with confrontation). 

You can check all of these signs in your birth chart on the Me page of the app.

Fire Signs

Aries: Confrontational

Aries can be aggressive and escalate conflict with their quick reactions. To direct the dialogue in a constructive way, take a time out. Separate for 20-30 minutes physically, and then give them a space to speak uninterrupted. Feeling heard is everything to this sign!

Leo: Prideful

Leo will defend their honor and their (allegedly) noble intentions fiercely and expressively. To work things out, pet the kitty. Reach deep and find something to praise them for. Admiration soothes the savage Leo beast and gets them purring again. 

Sagittarius: Unfiltered

A fun-loving Sagittarius can become a cursing, ranting, and barb-throwing sailor once their anger is unleashed. Surprise! To patch things up, make them laugh. Just make sure your wisecrack is NOT at their expense!

Earth Signs

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Taurus: Unyielding

Got a few hours or days? With a Taurus, prepare to fight to the finish and expect lots of righteous remarks and harsh feedback on your character. Deep down, they know they were wrong, though, but it's best to let them apologize on their terms so they can recover their dignity. 

Virgo: Psychological

Once a Virgo gets into a fight, they either get hypercritical or shut down and keep it all inside. To reconcile, make the conflict resolution a group activity. Ask their advice, as if they were a neutral friend: "What do YOU think we should do?" Virgos need to be needed.

Capricorn: Ice, Ice Baby

Capricorns are extremely hard on themselves; when they're mad, that harshness gets projected onto you. To make peace, give them the benefit of the doubt: "I know you were trying to do the right thing." And try a slight caress or a hug! Caps are very sensual.

Air Signs

Gemini: Gaslight

When Geminis are confused, their strategy is to confuse YOU even more. They mix metaphors, invent words, and talk nonsense to make you think, "This is all my fault." To have a productive discussion, walk away, and send a text, "Let me know when you're ready for a real conversation." They will respect the dominating gesture. 

Libra: The Justice Department

While Libra has a rep for being patient and calm, this sign can rank among the fiercest fighters. They may not raise their voices but will put you on trial. The only way to win back your Libra's favor is to admit you were unfair. Then, over tea and something sweet, give your Libra space to be heard and reassured. 

Aquarius: Lightning Bolt

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of sudden events. So, they can serve a deadly blow out of the blue in a conflict. If you can't get them back to their normally rational senses, leave the scene and ask their besties for help. As the sign of friendship, Aquarius is far more likely to listen to reason from a pal. 

Water Signs

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Cancer: The Deadly Swipe

A hurt Cancer is quick to react, and their claw knows just where to pinch you. After all, you shared so many emotional confessions with them. To avoid escalating the conflict, try this: "Need a hug? Feel like talking?" If you get silence or a no, wait it out.

Scorpio: Low Blows

Scorpios might be mysterious, but you'll know when they're mad at you. Their anger is palpable, and their perfectly chosen remarks will destroy your ego in mere seconds. To patch things up, apologize fast, and if they don't accept it, separate until they're ready to play fair.

Pisces: Confuse & Accuse

Pisces might be mad, and you won't even know it, mainly because they expect you to read their minds. In a conflict, do NOT take Pisces' allegations personally. Be gentle, listen compassionately, but leave them alone if you feel attacked. They'll come around.

Every conflict indicates a growth point in a relationship. Instead of sweeping things under the rug, try to see a fight as an opportunity to cooperate and develop. 

Use Nebula to know your characteristics through astrology to fight with and for love and be happy in your relationship.

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