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The Are We Meant to Be Together tarot spread is a 7-card tarot spread that offers insights about your compatibility with your partner and the long-term potential of your romantic relationship. You will be able to evaluate if your partner is the right one for you and if your relationship is likely to go the distance. Essentially, the Is He the One tarot spread (which is its other name) can help you decide if your partner is the right person for you.

That being said, we always encourage our readers to seek help from professional tarot readers who know what they are doing. Free spreads, including this one, can be great, but they don’t come even close to how insightful and accurate expert-guided readings are.

Still, if you’re dead set on performing the Is He the One for Me tarot reading yourself, follow our guide.

Are We Meant to Be Together Tarot Spread

Your 7 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    Is He the One Tarot Spread Free: Basic Layout

    As discussed, the Are We Meant to Be Together tarot spread consists of seven cards. You’re supposed to draw them one by one and place them in a row in front of you. Then, start interpreting the deck’s message card by card.

    If, after the reading, you feel like you could use further guidance (but still don’t want to talk to a professional tarot reader), we recommend you try other love tarot free spreads—they will give you the details you’re looking for.

    Card #1: Your Feelings

    This card represents your current state of mind, emotions, and energies in the relationship. It will give you a great insight into your current relationship and help you understand if you two are meant to be together.

    The first card focuses on your feelings, which makes it essential for your self-reflection. Use the information you get from it to think if your feelings are whether you want them to be and, therefore, if your current relationship is indeed worth the work.

    Card #2: Your Partner’s Feelings

    The second card represents your partner’s current state of mind, emotions, and energies in the relationship. It will show you his perspective and feelings about the potential connection between you guys.

    However, remember that one of the tarot’s key rules is that the deck doesn’t like to answer questions about the third party (especially if they are unaware of the reading you’re having about them). So, take the insights you get from this card with a grain of salt.

    Card #3: The Strengths of Your Relationship

    This card represents the positive aspects and strengths of the relationship. It sheds light on what makes your connection strong and harmonious. Pay particular attention to the information you get from this card, as it will help you answer your initial question, meaning whether or not your current partner is the one for you.Card #4: Challenges

    The fourth card of the Are We Meant to Be Together tarot spread represents the possible obstacles and challenges that may arise in your relationship. It will give you some hints on how to overcome these obstacles. However, given the reason why you’re having this reading in the first place, we recommend you think of the challenges in your relationship thoroughly. Make sure your partner is worth the effort it will take to overcome those.

    Card #5: Overall Compatibility

    This card represents the overall compatibility between you and your partner. It’s not uncommon for people to stay with someone out of the sheer sense of loneliness or fear that they won’t find anyone better. Please never let those toxic thoughts get in the way of your happiness! If you can see that you and your partner aren’t as compatible as you’d like you to be, perhaps it’s time to move on.

    Card #6: The Future of the Relationship

    The sixth card represents the future of the relationship. It will tell you if this relationship has any potential to be a long-lasting one. However, never take tarot cards’ answers literally They are a deeply symbolic art, which means that the meaning of their messages isn’t always clear. Don’t throw away a perfectly functioning relationship just because you think that the cards told you it was doomed. That’s not necessarily what they meant.

    Card #7: The Tarot Deck’s Advice

    The final card of the Is He the One Tarot Spread is your guidance and advice card. It will help you make decisions about your relationship. Once again, don’t follow the cards’ advice blindly. Instead, try to understand what the deck is actually trying to say to you. If it seems too vague or impossible to interpret, consider turning to a professional tarot reader for an explanation.

    An Afterword

    Now, you have access to a comprehensive and detailed yet at the same time easy Are We Meant to Be Together tarot spread free. Use it whenever you feel like your relationship is getting stagnant or is no longer heading in the direction you’d like it to. Even if you won’t get a straightforward answer (that’s not something tarot cards excel at), you will still get an exceptional opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth.

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