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Free Heartbreak Tarot Spread

Have you been hurt by someone and are afraid to start over with someone else? Have you lost your trust? Is your heart broken? Heartbreak tarot spread can give you good advice on what you should do and how to act against the future obstacles you may encounter at some point in your life.

Obviously, it’s always a better idea to talk to a professional tarot reader about your love life. But even a self-guided Healing from Heartbreak spread tarot reading will help you get some of the answers you crave and, hopefully, move on.

Why Would You Need the Heartbreak Tarot Spread?

Heartbreak is devastating, but it often leads to personal growth and self-discovery. During such challenging times, a deck of tarot cards can be a comforting and insightful tool that offers guidance and perspective.

Our Heartbreak tarot spread is designed to help everyone who is going through heartache to navigate their emotions, understand the lessons learned, and find a path toward healing and moving forward. It’s one of the so-called love tarot spreads (some of which you should consider trying, as well).

Free Heartbreak Tarot Spread

Your 7 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    Healing from Heartbreak Spread Tarot: Basic Layout

    Let’s explore the seven-card Heartbreak tarot spread. Hopefully, each card will offer you unique insights into different aspects of heartbreak and healing.

    Card #1: The Root of Your Heartbreak

    The first card in this spread represents the core reason behind your heartbreak. If it’s something you don’t fully understand yourself, it will help you shed light on the underlying issues or circumstances that led to the breakup (or other event in your relationship that caused your heartbreak). Oftentimes, understanding the root cause is the first step toward healing.

    Card #2: How You Are Handling Your Emotions

    This card reflects your current emotional state and the coping mechanisms you use to get through the emotional pain. It reveals how you deal with the heartache—through acceptance, denial, anger, or retreat. Hopefully, understanding what your emotional response is and how it works will help you heal quickly.

    Card #3: Lessons from the Relationship

    The third card shows what lessons you learned from the relationship. These lessons might be painful, but they also help one’s personal growth and might help you realize what you truly desire in your next relationship. They are the silver lining in every breakup.

    Card #4: How to Heal and Move Forward

    This card suggests actions, attitudes, or perspectives that can help you emotionally recover and move forward. If that’s not something you’re fully ready for, just memorize what this card is offering you—chances are, you will need it sooner rather than later.Card #5: How to Rebuild Your Confidence

    Heartbreak can destroy one’s self-esteem unless you do everything to ensure it doesn’t. The fifth card can offer you some insights into your confidence and self-worth. Hopefully, it will remind you of your strengths and potential.

    Card #6: External Factors Influencing Your Healing

    The sixth card explores the external influences that affect your ability to heal and move on, such as support systems, life circumstances, or even new opportunities that will soon present themselves.

    Card #7: The Outcome of Your Healing Process

    The final card in the Heartbreak spread gives a glimpse into the destination of your healing journey (we don’t say the end because there is never an end to healing). It describes where you are headed emotionally and what you can expect from your near future in terms of your emotional state.

    Heartbreak Tarot Spread Sample Reading

    The Root of Your Heartbreak—The Tower. This card suggests that the heartbreak was a result of a sudden, perhaps unexpected, change. It symbolizes the abrupt ending of a relationship.

    How You Are Handling Your Emotions—Five of Cups. The Five of Cups represents loss and disappointment. It suggests that you might still be dwelling on what went wrong and overlooking potential opportunities for new happiness.

    Lessons from the Relationship—The High Priestess. This card suggests that the relationship taught you to trust your intuition more and to pay attention to your inner voice. You will definitely use those moving forward.

    How to Heal and Move Forward—Eight of Wands. The Eight of Wands recommends you embrace change and action. Seek out new experiences and opportunities actively; avoid stagnation.

    How to Rebuild Your Confidence—Queen of Wands. The Queen of Wands reminds you of your strength, charisma, and vitality. Rebuilding your confidence will require tapping into your inner fire and learning how to be bolder.

    External Factors Influencing Your Healing—Three of Pentacles. The Three of Pentacles stand for collaboration and support from others. Don’t be afraid to work with others (for example, a therapist) and seek support from the people who could help you.

    The Outcome of Your Healing Process—The Star

    The Star is a very hopeful card. It suggests that your future is filled with hope, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose.

    Questions to Ask Tarot About Heartbreak

    What can I learn from this heartbreak?

    How can I best heal from this emotional pain?

    What are the underlying reasons for this heartbreak?

    How can I improve my self-love and self-care during this time?

    What positive outcomes can I expect from this experience?

    How is this heartbreak affecting my personal growth?

    What steps can I take to move forward and let go?

    Are there any aspects of this situation I do not see clearly?

    How can I open my heart to love and trust again?

    What can this heartbreak teach me about my relationship needs and desires?

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