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Expertise: Tarot Oracle

    Hi! My name is Sean. Often, I am also called Aero by a lot of people. I mainly do Tarot and Oracle card readings, but I always have an open ear, eyes, and heart for the intuitive message of the Universe. I have been working with the cards for more than a decade, and have seen how it has helped a lot of people. Especially during their darkest hours. Just to let you into a little secret: I am a cat and puppy lover! I just love how they can love you unconditionally.

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    What clients say about Sean

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      Very good reading

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      I will definitely chat with Sean again. He provided such support and truth - even when it was hard to hear, he still provided a lot of wisdom and guidance. ❤️ he gave direct feedback with details. And is so kind. I will chat with Sean again.

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      Spot on!

    What I do

    Besides providing Tarot and Oracle card readings, I also know how to give back to the community. I create videos on social media platforms. From providing weekly horoscope using the cards, to doing live readings as well. Not to mention, I do create daily horoscopes to further provide assistance and help. Furthermore, upon request, I perform some spells to help my clients. From prosperity to banishing, to cord-cutting spells, and much more. Like I always say, "Readers can look into the future, but spell casters can help to alter the future."

    How Can I Help You

    I do have a growing knowledge in terms of spirituality. I allow myself to also learn from others who are ahead. This allowed me to have to do the readings in a balanced and loving way. Guided as well by my experiences, I am now able to not just give a reading for guidance and wisdom, but it taught me to look beyond. I am not here just to answer the questions you ask, but I took it upon myself to help you map out future events. To help you prepare for what lies beyond. To assist in obtaining the wisdom of the Universe so you can be guided. To provide the possible steps you may take for you to make the most of the events to come.

    My experience and qualification

    I have worked with a lot of prestigious and international companies in the past. To the point that I was able to hold a higher position. Thus, the higher post gave me the chance to perform tasks that allowed me to further sharpen and develop my skills and talents. I was able to take advantage of it, and it opened the opportunity for me to be able to teach aspiring Tarot and Oracle card readers. As of today, I have been able to teach and continuously guide more than 60 new and seasoned readers. I am blessed that I was there to help them in their spiritual journey.

    My Approach to Readings

    I always look at reading for someone as an opportunity. An opportunity to deliver the wisdom and guidance of the Universe that they need. And with this mindset, I do my readings with utmost respect towards the client. Just like what I have learned from the past, "Sometimes it is not what you say that will make the impact, but how you will say it as well." I try my best to find the proper words to use during the readings. I learned as well to listen to my clients. This allows me to build a connection as well to the one I am giving a reading. Seasoned with love, understanding, and compassion, I give the message to the client without compromising what the Universe is saying through the cards.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    I choose to go beyond the readings. I choose to connect with the person whom I have a reading. By doing so, it allows me to feel and sense their current energy. With this, I can incorporate it in the readings, thus allowing me to see the other dimension of the message of the Universe. It further allows me to provide a more personal reading that is seasoned with love, light, and wisdom.