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Tarot Cards Indicating Love Triangle: Free Love Triangle Tarot Reading

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We sometimes find ourselves on unexpected paths when we are in love. When it comes to matters of the heart, being in a love triangle can be particularly challenging. However, like with every other challenge in life, a session with a professional tarot reader or at least a tarot deck and a guide to using it can help.

Here, we’ll discuss the tarot cards indicating love triangle situationships. They offer insights into love triangle dynamics and help in navigating the complexities of feelings. You can use this guide, as well as a love triangle tarot spread, to get the clarity you so desperately seek.

Definition of the Love Triangle

Understanding the concept of a love triangle is crucial before diving into tarot cards. Love triangles occur when three individuals are romantically involved, leading to conflicting emotions and tensions. A typical two-person relationship is complicated enough; adding an extra person into a mix only makes things more difficult to navigate.

Don’t confuse love triangles with polyamorous relationships. Unlike the latter, love triangles aren’t a conscious choice people who are part of them make. Instead, they occur because of some disparities in people’s feelings. For example, two people may be in love with the same person, and that person might be struggling to decide which of the candidates they want to be with. That’s one of the common scenarios that lead to the formation of love triangles.

The problem with love triangles is that someone is always unhappy. It’s not a dynamic that all three people involved are comfortable with. At least one of the three (but normally, more than one) wants to see things change, which obviously creates tension and frustration.

Luckily, though, a deck of tarot cards and a love triangle tarot spread can help sort things through. Whether you’re in a love triangle or want to get clarity in anything that bothers you, tarot cards are a great tool.

Love Triangle Tarot Card

The Three of Cups is often regarded as the card that represents a love triangle. As a symbol, this card signifies celebration, connection, and community. Associated with a love triangle, it implies shared emotions or romantic entanglements among three individuals. If you draw The Three of Cups when asking the deck about your love life, chances are you already are or will soon be part of a love triangle. Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster.

Love Triangle Tarot Spread

Your 3 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    Free Love Triangle Tarot Reading

    There is a specific love triangle tarot spread, and it can shed light on the existence of a complicated three-way relationship. Cards are typically drawn to represent each person’s emotions and the circumstances surrounding them. Each of the three characters in the love triangle should be assigned a card in the tarot spread.

    You will gain insight into their feelings, intentions, and roles in the overall dynamic of the relationship by analyzing these cards. A love triangle can be characterized by conflicts and tensions based on certain tarot cards. So, here are the basic cards of a love triangle tarot reading:

    The Five of Swords

    The Five of Swords indicates power struggles and competition between parties. It represents a situation rife with conflict and a lack of cooperation. It may indicate that one or more people involved are more focused on winning or asserting dominance, rather than seeking a resolution or harmony. This card can warn of selfish motives and underhanded tactics being used in the relationship.

    The Nine of Swords

    The Nine of Swords may represent anxiety and stress. This card suggests that one or more parties in the triangle are consumed by worry and guilt about the situation. It can point to a fear of the consequences of their actions or the potential hurt caused to others. The Nine of Swords calls for introspection and facing one's inner turmoil

    The Seven of Swords

    The Seven of Swords may indicate deception, sneaking around, and a lack of honesty. It might suggest that someone is being misled or that there are hidden agendas at play. This card warns of the consequences of deceit and the importance of transparency in relationships. It encourages the people involved to think carefully about their actions and the impact they have on others.

    Why a Love Triangle Tarot Reading Free Can Be Helpful

    Clarity is essential for people in emotional turmoil. Open communication and introspection help understand one’s feelings and needs. In addition to highlighting external influences, tarot cards also encourage self-reflection. Considering your own values and needs is key to making informed decisions in a love triangle.

    Tarot readings provide insight into the dynamics of a love triangle, as well as guidance on potential paths forward. A resolution, a compromise, or the necessity to let go may be implied by these cards. The importance of clear and honest communication between all three people in a love triangle is impossible to overstate. Everyone should be encouraged to express their feelings openly, and a free tarot reading love triangle can be a nudge in the right direction.


    In this article, we examined love triangles through the eyes of tarot cards. Symbolizing celebration and connection, the Three of Cups indicates the existence of the love triangle. Additionally, such cards as the Five of Swords, Seven of Swords, and Nine of Swords can describe the conflict and tension in more detail.

    When individuals are navigating a love triangle, tarot cards can be used as a tool for self-reflection and empowerment. Communicating openly, being empathic, and becoming aware of one’s own capabilities will all contribute to a harmonious resolution. In the end, tarot readings provide valuable guidance, but until we know ourselves and others, we cannot grow and find our path to love and happiness.

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