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Breakup Tarot Spread | Get Your Answers and Heal Emotionally

Breakup Tarot Spread

The breakup tarot spread is a one-card reading that will give you a simple answer about your current situation; it’s one of the easiest tarot spreads out there. With the tarot spread for breakup, you will be able to find out the reason for the breakup, underlying emotions, and hints about your life after the breakup.

Admittedly, while the breakup tarot reading couldn’t be easier or more beginner-friendly, it’s not the most comprehensive spread out there, and the answer you get might be a bit vague. For more in-depth and detailed information, we recommend you try talking to a professional tarot reader instead.

But if you want to start your breakup tarot journey with something small and free, you can use this tarot spread for breakup. It will give you at least the preliminary answer to the question that keeps bugging you.

Tarot Breakup Spread: Basic Layout

As the breakup tarot reading consists of only one card, it doesn’t have a standard layout the way most tarot spreads do. All you need to do is shuffle the tarot deck for as long as necessary, mentally focus on your breakup-related questions, and draw one card.

Then comes the most complicated part of the breakup tarot reading. You need to interpret the deck’s message using only the one card you drew. That’s not always as easy as it seems at first, but Nebula’s in-depth guide to all 78 tarot cards will hopefully help you.

Important Cards In a Breakup Tarot Spread

When turning to the breakup tarot spread for guidance, you need to know that there are certain important cards that can provide insights into the situation (in this particular case, they are more meaningful than the rest of the deck). Each card represents a different thing related to your recent breakup, and it’s up to you to understand what the card is trying to communicate to you.

Here are some of those extra-meaningful cards:

The Tower

The Tower tarot card signifies a sudden change in your life and a big upheaval. It’s a sign of the end of a relationship or the reason that causes the breakup. If you think that it’s the latter, the deck is likely saying that you and your partner broke up as a result of some massive change the two of you couldn’t get through.

Three of Swords

The Three of Swords symbolizes heartbreak, sorrow, and emotional pain. It reflects the pain and sadness experienced during a breakup. Alternatively, it could point toward the reason behind the breakup. If that’s the case, something emotionally devasting must have happened between the two of you.

Five of Cups

The Five of Cups represents disappointment, loss, and grief. It suggests that there may be a focus on the negative aspects of the breakup and the feeling of missed opportunities. If that’s an accurate description of how you’ve been feeling lately, know that the deck recommends you reflect on everything that transpired one last time and start taking baby steps to move on.

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords represents the end of a difficult situation, pain, or betrayal. It also indicates that it is the final stage of the painful period. If you draw this card during the breakup tarot session, it’s good news. The cards think that you will soon start feeling better and gradually heal.

The Moon

The Moon tarot card signifies confusion and uncertainty. There may be hidden or unknown factors contributing to the breakup, and those emotions seem to currently go unnoticed. If you suspect that that might indeed be the case, it’s important that you reflect on the breakup and the events leading up to it. To fully heal, you need to get rid of the confusion first.

The Devil

The Devil symbolizes toxic relationships and addictions. It indicates that there may have been unhealthy dynamics or negative influences within the relationship. If so, it’s great that you are no longer with the person you used to be with. Toxicity may come hand in hand with passion, but it’s never viable in the long term.

The Ace of Cups (Reversed)

When reversed, the Ace of Cups indicates emotional instability and interrupted feelings. It suggests that you may experience some difficult times in healing and moving forward after the breakup. However, remember that no matter how hard it seems at the moment, eventually, you’ll be able to get through everything and move on. You’re stronger than you think.

The World

The World represents closure. It indicates that the breakup is necessary for you to move on with your life and start a new chapter. The deck is trying to tell you that new great things are coming your way, and you will soon be ready to welcome them (even if it doesn’t feel like that at the moment).

An Afterword

Now, you know how to perform a breakup tarot session. However, we’d like you to remember that although tarot is an unparalleled self-reflection tool, if you feel like the pain is too much for you to handle, it’s always a good idea to pair tarot readings with qualified help from a mental health professional—ideally, a licensed therapist.

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