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Pure Energy Mohana

Expertise: Tarot Rune Psychic Reading

    My name is Mohana and I have been a psychic for over 15 years. Life constantly presents us with deceptive opportunities, but it is up to us to separate the good from the bad. I have the gracious energy to help you through difficult moments. Together we can uncover hidden truths through the use of runes and Tarot cards. My spirit guide works through me to deliver messages to all who seek clarity and understanding of their lives. Over the years I have done thousands of readings locally, internationally, online and even on a personal level. I have been called pure energy as I am responsible for the spiritual component of my condition and the condition of the souls who contact me. I welcome kundalini practices, retreats and rituals that allow for the purification of the soul and energy.

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      Are We Meant to Be Together Tarot Spread

      The Are We Meant to Be Together tarot spread is a 7-card tarot spread that offers insights about your compatibility with your partner and the long-term potential of your romantic relationship. You will be able to evaluate if your partner is the right one for you and if your relationship is likely to go the distance. Essentially, the Is He the One tarot spread (which is its other name) can help you decide if your partner is the right person for you. That being said, we always encourage our readers to seek help from professional tarot readers who know what they are doing. Free spreads, including this one, can be great, but they don’t come even close to how insightful and accurate expert-guided readings are.

    What I do

    If you have questions about love, career, or even financial difficulties, I would be happy to help you get the information you need. It all comes down to channeling your energy in the right direction. My connection to energies can be very powerful, I can see figures in dreams, and then I pull out a card and everything comes together into a coherent picture. This is what helps me to see everything quite accurately and clearly. I practice rituals with spells that enhance your energy, help to reconnect your feelings with your partner, and bring back the former spark to the relationship. Tarot cards are my main tool, but my intuition and ability to see realized leads have never been wrong! I have taken many courses and training in therapy and self-discovery, together we will analyze your problem and then spiritually fill the space with a solution to the situation in the best way possible.

    How Can I Help You

    My abilities are solely my labor and my certain agreements with the beyond. My abilities are a full-fledged combo: it is always responsibility, energy exchange, and connection with the Higher Powers. Everyone needs their own spiritual guide and since I am not a public person, you can safely share your thoughts with me, and put aside all fears and mistrust. My space is a safe environment, leaving which you will feel that the strength in you only added! The forces prompt me, and I broadcast to you the answer you are looking for. I am a guide between you and the Higher Powers, as well as your friend, who will never judge you, and a spiritual advisor, who in addition to everything can support you and improve your emotional state.

    My experience and qualification

    I have been working as a psychic for over 15 years. I have done about 23,000 advised sessions and every 3 months I attend retreats to cleanse my aura and energy. Over 30 classes of kundalini practices and thousands of rituals that have impacted the lives of those being advised. I have had advanced training in spiritual guidance, Tarot card readings, and Rune readings, as well as psychic abilities and reading the energies of other fields, people, and situations. In my experience, there is knowledge of formations, and correct techniques in conducting spirit sessions and rituals. A knowledge of spells in my practice directs the energy in the right direction and strengthens the flow of intentions that contributes to a quick result of achieving the desired result.

    My Approach to Readings

    I really value the experience and tools I rely on. I always look for an approach to every soul, I really appreciate the individuality and specificity of problems and questions, and I also try to help with strengthening potential.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    Here you will feel involved and supported without boundaries or any judgment. I will live through any event with you and your soul and, after analysis, I will offer you all kinds of solutions to situations. My spiritual powers were passed down from generation to generation and a lot of culture and energy was put into developing these skills. With me, you will receive all the keys in your hands to unravel even the most mysterious secrets and desires with which you came!