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Is There Another Woman Tarot Spread

The Is There Another Woman tarot spread consists of eight cards and can provide good insights and clear answers to anyone who wants to find out if their partner is being unfaithful. If you don’t want to have a love and relationship tarot reading with a professional tarot reader, it can help you gain clarity and a better understanding of any potential infidelity on your lover’s part.

Despite the name of the Is There Another Woman tarot spread (otherwise known as the Is He Cheating tarot spread), it’s actually gender neutral and can help you check your partner’s fidelity regardless of their gender.

Is There Another Woman Tarot Spread Free: Basic Layout

The Infidelity spread consists of eight cards. Here’s what each of them stands for:

Card #1: Your Feelings

The first card of the Infidelity tarot spread represents your current state of mind, emotions, and energies regarding the relationship. It will give you good hints about your current feelings and concerns about your relationship.

This card is especially helpful if you feel confused by your partner’s actions and can’t really make sense of them on your own. It can also come in handy if you suspect your partner is gaslighting you and their words or behavior clouds your judgment.

Card #2: Your Partner’s Feelings

This card represents your partner’s current state of mind, emotions, and energies in the relationship. You can interpret this card to see what she or he is thinking about you and the overall situation. Or you can try an entire What Is He Thinking tarot spread.

However, keep in mind that tarot cards aren’t the best tool for questions about other people’s feelings. Their main focus is you and what’s going on in your head. That’s why we recommend you stick to the questions that address you as opposed to your partner.

Card #3: Strengths of the Relationship

This card represents the positive aspects and strengths of your relationship with your partner. Even if you suspect that your partner isn’t faithful, there are likely things in your relationship that you appreciate and cling to, right? This card will reveal what those are and whether or not they are valid.

Card #4: External Influences

The fourth card of the tarot spread for asking about infidelity represents any hidden influences, such as a third person in your relationship. It can indicate whether there are external people impacting your relationship.

If your number one question is whether or not your significant other is cheating on you, this is the core card of the spread. Pay particular attention to what it’s trying to communicate to you, but avoid the common mistake of taking tarot’s messages too literally.

Card #5: Communication in the Relationship

This card represents the quality of communication between you and your partner. Sometimes, there’s an illusion of one or both of the partners being unfaithful simply because of their failure to communicate openly and honestly. If that’s the case for you, we hope this card encourages you to talk things through with your partner.

Card #6: Trust in the Relationship

The sixth card shows the level of trust between you and your partner. It can give you some hints if there is a possibility of infidelity. Most importantly, it will help you understand if there’s indeed something to be worried about or if you are overthinking things and it’s actually your insecurity talking.

Card #7: Is There the Third Person?

This card will specifically tell you if there is a third person in the relationship, meaning whether or not your partner is cheating on you. However, remember that one of the key rules of tarot readings is that each card reveals its secrets by exchanging energy with other cards. If everything else in this Infidelity tarot spread looks perfect, don’t trust the seventh card over the rest of them

Card #8: Outcome of the Relationship

The final card of the Is He Cheating on Me tarot spread represents the potential outcome of the situation. It will predict the future of your relationship and tell you if there is any hope of recovering your relationship (if that’s something you’d like to do).

A Few Important Rules of the Is He Cheating Tarot Spread

Focus on yourself. As discussed, there are a few things that tarot cards don’t like, and invading other people’s privacy is one of them. When asking your questions, focus on yourself and your relationship with your partner. Don’t make the hypothetical third person the main point of your reading.

Don’t use the Infidelity tarot spread as a replacement for an honest conversation with your significant other. Tarot cards are a great reflection and self-discovery tool, but they can’t fix things. And they can be wrong (or, more accurately, people often interpret their messages incorrectly). It’s always better to talk to your partner to confirm or reject your suspicions.

Consider a professional tarot reading. Free spreads are awesome, but they don’t come even close to a guided tarot session with a competent and experienced reader. For more in-depth and accurate responses, we recommend you consider talking to one of Nebula’s tarot readers.

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