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Tarot cards have captivated people for millennia because of their accurate and insightful revelations. As you practice and educate yourself about tarot, you may start thinking if your tarot deck has a special bond with you. Questions along the lines of Can tarot cards dislike you? and Why do I feel like my tarot cards call out to me? are pretty common among new tarot readers.

Having a genuine connection with your tarot deck will improve the accuracy of your readings and reinforce your intuition. The best tarot readers with skills and experience know and appreciate the unique bond they have with their decks. So if you’d like to know how to tell if your tarot deck likes you, here are a few signs to pay attention to.

#1 The Welcome Shuffle

If you’re thinking, “My tarot deck hates me,” chances are, you’re just being anxious. But to double-check, try to perform a welcome shuffle.

Do you feel any sensation in your hands or between your fingers when you first hold your tarot deck? Do you feel any warmth in your hands? If the cards seem eager to align themselves with your energy, and you are physically feeling the sensation or the warmth of the cards, it’s a sign that your deck appreciates your presence.

In addition to the warmth and sensations you feel, notice how the cards flow through your fingers. If they seem to shuffle with ease, almost as if they're moving in harmony with your thoughts and emotions, it’s a testament to the deck's receptivity to your energy.

#2 Intuitive Whispers

As you shuffle, do you receive intuitive whispers or gentle nudges from the cards? Your deck may be communicating the answers you seek with these little signals. These intuitive whispers might also manifest as a sudden clarity or understanding of the cards' meanings. It's like the deck is directly communicating with you, guiding you to read beyond the surface and connect with the deeper wisdom of the tarot. If you’re lucky enough to experience this, you have your answer to the question of How to tell if your tarot deck likes you.

#3 The “Go-To” Deck

Have you noticed that you consistently prefer a certain deck over others? If that’s the case, it’s a clear indication of the special connection you share with your deck. This preference might be reflected in how you're drawn to this deck's imagery, feel, or energy more than others. It's as if this particular deck understands and aligns with your unique spiritual journey better than any other.

At the same time, cards don’t like to be neglected. So if your my tarot cards don't want to talk to me concern is about your other, non-preferred decks, it’s very likely that they are indeed resentful because you only give your attention to one deck.

#4 Perfect Pairings

During readings, do the cards seem to complete each other and form a perfect story that makes true sense without you making an effort? That indicates a strong bond between you and your favorite tarot deck. Pay attention to how these perfect pairings resonate with your own life experiences. When your deck consistently reflects your reality or provides profound insights, it's a sign of a deep and meaningful connection.

#5 Flickers of Serendipity

Do certain cards consistently appear in your readings? Perhaps, your concern should be not my tarot cards don't like me anymore, but my tarot cards are trying to warn me about something. Your deck might be sending you a message to remind you of its presence. These recurring cards might be your deck’s way of highlighting certain aspects of your life that need attention. It’s like the deck is consistently guiding you to focus on these areas for personal growth or reflection.

#6 Intuition Amplifier

If you follow all the rules of tarot and avoid the things that shouldn’t be done with tarot cards, certain decks can enhance your intuitive abilities and act as a powerful amplifier. If you’ve found your perfect deck (and your bond is mutual), you may find that this amplification extends beyond readings, enhancing your intuitive abilities in other areas of your life.

#7 The “Missing” Card Reunion

Did any of the cards go missing and find their way back to your deck later? Then you don’t need to worry, “My tarot deck doesn't like me.” A deck that dislikes you will never orchestrate a reunion. Only the one you share a bond with will make sure that every card in the deck remains together.

#8 Empowering and Supportive

When your tarot deck likes you, you will feel strong energy and empowering guidance and support from it. A deck that likes you will provide gentle sensations and nudges, embracing your intuitive strength and potential.

This empowerment often translates into a newfound confidence in your decision-making or a clearer understanding of your life's path. The deck becomes a source of strength and guidance, helping you navigate life's challenges.

#9 Vibrant and Energized

Concentrate on the energy emanating from your tarot deck. If it feels bright and alive in your hands, it indicates that you have a deep connection with your preferred tarot deck. This vibrant energy may also infuse your readings with positivity and clarity, making each session with your tarot deck an uplifting and enlightening experience.

#10 The Heart-Opening Pull

If you experience a profound feeling of love and appreciation for your cards while reading, it’s lovely evidence of the loving link that has grown between you. This profound emotional connection often leads to more heartfelt and sincere readings, as your deck seems to echo your deepest feelings and thoughts, creating a truly heart-opening tarot experience.

An Afterword

Finally, remember, the relationship between a tarot reader and their deck is a profound and spiritual experience. When you begin this magical adventure, follow your instincts and enjoy the indications that tell if your tarot deck actually likes you.

When you find the deck that speaks to your soul, it becomes a beloved partner on your journey of self-discovery, guiding you to profound insights and transformational breakthroughs. Accept the magic that emerges when you and your tarot deck collaborate to solve the universe’s riddles.

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