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Have you ever wondered, “Can you do a tarot reading with playing cards?” The answer is yes, even though it’s still a better idea to have a separate tarot deck instead of using playing cards as tarot cards (to avoid messing with the deck’s energy). But if you want to talk to tarot immediately and aren’t ready to have a professional tarot reading for some reason, we’ll help you out. Let’s explore how to use playing cards as tarot.

Tarot readings can be done with any type of deck, including playing cards. In fact, playing cards are actually one of the easiest decks to use for tarot readings, even though it’s not the best idea if you’re a regular reader. All you need to be using playing cards as tarot is a regular deck of playing cards and a little bit of knowledge about tarot meanings.

With a little bit of practice, you can give more or less accurate tarot readings using a regular deck of playing cards. To use playing cards as tarot, you will need a deck of playing cards and a way to track which card is which. Once you have your deck of cards, you will need to shuffle them and then choose which position each card will be in. To do a tarot reading with playing cards, you will need to know the meanings of each card.

A Playing Card to Tarot: How Playing Cards Can Correspond to Tarot Cards

So, how can you use playing cards as tarot cards? It’s a practical approach if you don’t have a tarot deck. Playing cards have been linked to tarot for centuries and can serve as a stand-in for the real thing.

Each playing card has a counterpart in the tarot deck, which can be used to interpret meanings during a reading. Let’s take a look at how standard playing cards can double as tarot cards.

Ace of Hearts = The Lovers

2 of Hearts = The High Priestess

3 of Hearts = The Empress

4 of Hearts = The Emperor

5 of Hearts = The Hierophant

6 of Hearts = The Lovers

7 of Hearts = The Chariot

8 of Hearts = Strength

9 of Hearts = The Hermit

10 of Hearts = Wheel of Fortune

Jack of Hearts = Justice

Queen of Hearts = The Hanged Man

That’s the rundown on how to read playing cards like tarot cards. With this information, you can perform basic readings using just a deck of playing cards. While it’s not a substitute for a full tarot deck, it’s a good way to practice and get familiar with the tarot concepts.

Keep in mind that the insights you gain come from your interpretation of the cards, so trust your intuition as you explore this form of divination.

Why It’s Better to Have a Separate Tarot Deck Instead of Using Playing Cards as Tarot

Now that you have the answer to the question, “Can you do tarot with playing cards?” let’s talk about why it’s better not to. While using playing cards as tarot is not among the things to never do with tarot cards, it’s not an ideal approach, either.

Having a separate tarot deck instead of using playing cards is generally advised for several reasons. First, a tarot deck includes the Major Arcana, 22 cards that are not represented in a standard playing card deck. These cards add depth and complexity to readings; they offer broader insights into life’s challenges and lessons.

Also, tarot cards feature specific imagery and symbols that are intended to trigger intuitive insights. This rich, detailed imagery facilitates a more nuanced reading. Using playing cards can limit this aspect of the tarot experience because they lack these visual cues.

Finally, dedicating a deck exclusively to tarot readings can help create a focused and sacred space for your practice, enhancing your connection to the cards and the reading process. It helps to establish a clear physical and mental boundary between the everyday and the spiritual, which can be pivotal for meaningful divination work.

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