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With their profound insights and magical charm, tarot cards have always attracted humankind. It’s critical to handle this ancient art with respect and responsibility as you begin your tarot journey.

You probably have at least some idea of the things to do with tarot cards to have an insightful tarot reading. However, there are also other essential things to know about tarot cards, such as the main taboos. We’ll go over the things you should never do with tarot cards in this complete guide to ensure a meaningful and ethical tarot reading experience.

Trust us, it’s in your best interest to follow these recommendations.

What Not to Do with Tarot Cards #1: Do Not Share Personal Tarot Decks

Tarot decks and the reader establish a strong bond, and their energies get deeply connected; the deck becomes their personal and sacred tool. To keep the integrity of your tarot deck and to avoid unintentional disturbances to your readings, avoid sharing it with others.

Keeping your personal tarot deck to yourself is like maintaining a secret diary or a personal journal. It’s your magical companion, after all. When you let others shuffle or handle your cards, they're unintentionally scattering their own energies and thoughts into your deck.

Think of it as mixing everyone's favorite tunes into a single playlist—while diversity is awesome, sometimes you just want to listen to your own carefully curated vibes. So, treasure that unique connection you have with your tarot deck; it’s exclusively yours to consult and confide in.

Before performing a tarot reading for someone else, always obtain their permission. Respect their choice to decline a reading. Imposing one on someone might cause distress and affect the accuracy of the tarot reading.

Just like you wouldn’t peek into someone's diary without asking, diving into a tarot reading without the green light from the person you’re reading for is a major no-no. It’s all about respect and boundaries. Plus, let’s be honest, the cards tend to be a bit shy and might not spill the tea as authentically if the person's energy isn't open and welcoming to the process.

Things Not to Do with Tarot Cards #3: Do Not Use Tarot for Harmful Intentions

Tarot should be used as a tool for self-guidance, growth, and discovery, such as tarot-inspired self-reflection and encouragement. Manipulation or harm must never be among your goals for a tarot reading. Tarot cards should never be used to hurt or mislead others. Please note that such actions can seriously affect both the reader and the querent.

Tarot is your spiritual satnav for positivity, not a device for deception or negativity. Wield your tarot power like a flashlight in the dark to illuminate paths, not to blind or lead someone into a ditch. Remember, what goes around comes around, and the energy you put out when handling your cards is like an echo—send out good vibes, and that's what you'll get back.

#4 Do Not Rely Solely on Tarot for Major Life Decisions

Another important rule among the things to know about tarot cards is as follows: never rely on tarot readings when making life-changing decisions. Tarot readings are helpful, sure, but they should never be relied on solely. Tarot can provide useful insights. However, it is critical to balance your readings with logical thinking and other sources of guidance.

What Not to Do with Tarot Cards #5: Do Not Ignore Your Inner Voice

Tarot readings rely heavily on intuition. During a reading, never ignore your gut instincts or intuitive cues. To enhance the accuracy of your tarot reading, embrace the special bond between tarot cards and your intuition.

#6 Do Not Use Tarot for Medical Diagnoses

Tarot should not be used as a substitute for expert medical advice. Tarot cards can’t help you diagnose medical conditions. If you have any health concerns, always seek the advice of a skilled healthcare expert instead of a tarot reader.

#7 Do Not Treat Tarot as Mindless Entertainment

We all know that tarot readings can be fun and revealing. However, they should not be undervalued or used solely for entertainment purposes. You should respect the tarot’s spiritual core and approach it with respect and sincerity.

#8 Do Not Rely on Tarot to Predict Death or Harm

Tarot readings should never be used to forecast death or harm to oneself or others. Such interpretations might cause excessive fear and stress, which should be avoided.

Things to Never Do with Tarot Cards #9: Do Not Disrespect Cultural or Spiritual Traditions

Tarot has its origins in a variety of cultural and spiritual traditions. Avoid misrepresenting these traditions, and respect the tarot’s roots and past.

#10 Do Not Become Dependent on Tarot; Have Some Balance

Tarot can provide good insight and comfort. However, it should not be used as a substitute for professional treatment or counseling. Get appropriate emotional help if needed, have some balance, and use tarot as a backup.

An Afterword

We’ve given you a full guide to responsible tarot reading by outlining the top things you're not supposed to do with a tarot deck. By following these recommendations, you can be sure that your tarot practice will remain meaningful and ethical. Respect the sacred character of this ancient divination art—it’s a critical aspect of all tarot readings.

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