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The Judgment Yes Or No—Upright—Reversed | Full Description

You can enter the broad arena of enlightenment with the Tarot’s Judgment card—a heavenly invitation that evokes your soul and calls for transformation.

It can be used as The Judgment Yes or No tool (to answer yes or no questions) or for more in-depth tarot discussion guided by open-ended questions. Prepare for self-revelation in which The Judgment’s powerful message reveals the pathways of love, career, and health.

Unlike the rational Justice card, The Judgment card frequently suggests that you must make a life-changing decision based on intuition and knowledge. You’re at a junction because a decision you make now might have long-term consequences in your life.

Recognize your Higher Self, trust your intuition, and know you’re on the right track. If you still don’t understand what the card is trying to communicate, go to your past experiences and life lessons for help.

The Judgment Card Yes or No Meanings—Simple Answers

The Judgment Upright Yes or No?—YES

The Judgment Reverse Yes or No?—NO

The Judgment Upright General Meaning: Judgment; Renewal

The Judgment Reversed General Meaning: Self-criticising; Refusing Advice

The Judgment Tarot Card Upright Meaning – Yes or No?

Accept The Judgment’s delicate vibration; it contains a loud “Yes.” The heavenly power invites you to reawaken your inner self to embark on a new journey of renewal and rebirth.

The Judgment Tarot Yes or No Love Meaning (Upright)

Go deeper and explore areas that may require improvement to gain a new perspective on your love life and, hopefully, meet your soulmate. The love meaning of The Judgment tarot card in a love reading is a period of self-discovery and reflection following an awakening. Your romantic life is now clearer and more transparent, allowing you to make essential changes.

Have an open and honest way to communicate with your spouse to ensure that both of you understand each other’s requirements. Working together to execute slight adjustments may have a huge influence on the dynamics of your relationship.

Any decisions you took in the past, whether favorable or unpleasant, are now the outcome of what you did. Make an effort to benefit from your failures to construct a better future for your partnership.

The Judgment Yes or No Tarot Card Meaning: Career and Money (Upright)

It is the right time to reconsider your financial priorities and look into new ways to improve your financial status. Keeping your cool when analyzing your job is critical.

In the business sector, other people may not always have your best interests at heart, and trust in business relationships can be abused (and with disastrous results). Preserving your integrity and safeguarding your personal information is critical.

Also, The Judgment card encourages you to seek progress and explore potential. To face financial issues with wisdom and grace, embrace self-awareness, and make deliberate decisions. Your inner judgment will assist you in making decisions that are true to yourself.

The Judgment Tarot Card Upright Meaning: Health

When it comes to health, The Judgment card represents a period of healing following a difficult illness. You’ve learned from your mistakes and are now ready to go on your recovery journey. Accept self-care, seek expert help, and let go of the past to regain your wholeness and energy. Believe in your resilience and imagine a life filled with vivid well-being.

The Judgment Tarot Yes or No Reversed Meaning


The Judgment Tarot Card Reversed General Meaning

Now moving on from The Judgment Yes or No meaning to more in-depth senses you get when asking the card an open-ended question.

Even if you thought you had removed past restraints, a perception of external limitations may arise in the context of reversed Judgment. Unexplainable obstacles may appear, prompting you to meet and handle them with compassion. Use the flow of water as your guide, finding openings and through barriers to drive yourself beyond what has kept you back.

Success lies on the other side if you keep your flow and endurance. Believe in your inner development potential and allow it to push you to ultimate freedom and accomplishment.

The Judgment Yes or No Tarot Card Reversed Meaning: Love

Reversed judgment urges you to forgive and let go of judgment in matters of the heart. Allow yourself to be transformed in a soulful way, opening your heart up to new possibilities.

The Judgment Tarot Card Reversed Meaning: Career

In regards to career choices, a reversed Judgment calls for a change. Beware of using outdated methods and paths, and open yourself to new possibilities that can clarify your path to success.

The Judgment Tarot Card Reversed Meaning: Health

The reversed Judgment card usually indicates that you are suffering from a long-term illness or injury. There is no doubt that this is not something that is easy to deal with. It will only lead to more trouble down the road if you hold on to negative feelings about it. The best way to move forward is to let go of any bitterness and accept your present situation.

Popular Combinations of The Judgment Card with Other Tarot Cards

The Judgment and The World: Embrace the divine synergy of completion and rebirth, as The Judgment heralds a new chapter in your life journey.

The Judgment and The Hierophant: A sacred union of spiritual awakening and guidance awaits as The Judgment’s call aligns with the wisdom of The Hierophant.

The Judgment and The High Priestess: Intuition and spiritual revelations intertwine, guiding you towards profound inner awakening and divine understanding.

The Judgment and The Wheel of Fortune: Embrace the transformative dance of fate and destiny, as The Judgment’s call signals a turning point in your life’s journey.

The Judgment and The Chariot: Accept the divine union of spiritual connections as The Hermit’s light blesses the growing love between soul mates.

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