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Expertise: Astrology Dream Interpretation Tarot

    Welcome to an amazing healing journey! I have a natural gift for helping clients find their purpose, shifting negative energy, and teaching manifestation! I relate to a lot of my clients because I've gone through my own tough experiences and changed my own life for the better! Sometimes we just simply need someone to give us the motivation we need. You can count on me for that! I want my clients to feel comfortable with me as if I am their friend. It's important to give authentic energy instead of that nervous, robotic energy.

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    What clients say about Denise

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      Kind, intuitive, helpful

    • CH
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      I didn’t give any prior information except for a birthday (month & day) the reading she gave was so mind blowingly accurate to my situation, I was in shock!!!! I never really believed in this stuff until now! Highly recommend her to give a great reading.

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      Nicola Clinton-burns
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      Very likely im praying this comes true 🥰 and she was very nice 👌🏻 and accurate with what i was wanting to know 🥰

    What I do

    I specialize in birth chart readings, Oracle or tarot readings, and dream interpretations. I have 7 years of experience in Oracle and birth chart reading. I've been spiritually in tune for about 15 years. Reading energy and astrology has been in my family and it comes naturally for me. I am truly grateful for that! I also guide you toward your goal and inspiration. Sometimes clients have a passionate skill but don't know where they could start. I can help at least lead you to the first steps to help you become successful with this Skill. Confidence is the key!

    How Can I Help You

    I give guided Meditation tips and affirmations to help give confidence and ease anxiety as it helps with such life-changing experiences. It is very important to first get in tune with yourself through mediation to help your manifestations become more powerful. For example, some clients don't have a specific question but simply need to know why they feel the way they feel. Reading your birth chart along with Oracle cards can help with better understanding yourself. Western astrology is what I prefer, and I also can help you learn the Human Design birth chart.

    There are multiple ways to get to know yourself, your past life, your spiritual gifts, and intuitive energy. Sometimes we feel we are on this earth simply to follow the rules until the end. That is not the case. Astrology can really help benefit your mind body and soul it just takes the proper guidance to do so. I try to remind my customers to remain consistent when it comes to this journey of healing. There are times when you may have overwhelming emotions that may trigger you to give up. I am here to help give you that strength and willpower! I want my clients to also understand that this process won't work if you lose faith. Faith and hope are VERY important. If you don't have a little bit of faith in yourself, self-sabotaging decisions may occur. I at least want to help you avoid this. No one is perfect but it is very important to try and try! As I said before, I had my own experiences of feeling down, alone, confused, depressed, and just simply feeling out of place. It is very important to know that being "different" is a blessing in disguise. If your intent and goal are good energy and positive results, being different does not matter. It helps you stand out and can ignite a feeling of pride! I am here to try and help you go from disliking yourself and your flaws, to embracing them and being the best version of you!

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    It is always greatly appreciated when clients choose me to help with their life issues and tell me how amazing they feel afterward. I want my clients to feel like they picked the best person to help bring the best out of them. My readings will be something you positively remember for years, and I can give you the advice you need. I look forward to spiritually connecting with you and leading you toward healing and happiness.