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“Is he thinking about me?” or “Is she thinking about me?” is a common question when we are apart from our special someone and would like to find out if they think of us as much as we do of them. If this sounds like you, you can get the answers you’re looking for in a tarot session with a professional tarot reader or on your own using our Is He Thinking About Me tarot spread.

Love tarot is a powerful tool that can help you better understand the thoughts, intentions, and feelings of the person you are currently missing. It’s a great way to find out if they are worth the mental energy and care you spend on them. Let’s hope that the tarot deck confirms that they are.

Is He Thinking About Me Tarot Spread

Your 5 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    Is He Thinking of Me Tarot Spread: The Basic Layout

    The Is He Thinking of Me tarot spread has a pretty simple and straightforward layout. It’s a 5-card spread, and the position of the cards doesn’t really matter. You can simply draw five cards one by one after shuffling the deck for as long as you deem necessary and lay them in from of you in a row.

    Essentially, it’s an extended version of the What Is He Thinking spread, but it’s actually easier to perform.

    Now, let’s explore what each of the cards in the Is He Thinking About Me tarot spread means and look at a few examples:

    Card #1: They Are Current Thoughts About You

    The first card of the Does He Think of Me tarot spread represents the current thoughts of your love interest or partner. If you have enough experience in interpreting tarot, it can reveal your love interest’s perceptions or opinions about you or your relationship.

    For example, if you draw the Ace of Swords, it could point to a moment of realization or an epiphany in your partner’s perception of you. Perhaps they’re having clear and potentially new thoughts about you. As this card symbolizes clarity and truth, chances are, you will soon find out exactly what your significant other is thinking.

    Card #2: Their Current Feelings Toward You

    The second card in this spread reveals your love interest’s feelings toward you. It can shed light on whether their feelings are romantic, platonic, conflicted, or anything else. Also, the neighboring cards in the spread (including the first card) can help clarify the nature of their feelings.

    For example, if you draw the Page of Cups in this position, it means that this person’s feelings toward you are tender and possibly romantic but still in an early stage. Your romance needs more time to blossom fully.

    Card #3: Their Intentions

    The third card of Is He Thinking About Me During No Contact tarot spread complements the meanings of the previous two cards and reveals your love interest’s intentions with regard to the relationship between the two of you. 

    Suppose the third card you draw is the Seven of Pentacles. This would mean that you must be patient, as your love interest’s intentions may be to wait and see how things develop over time. Don’t confront them about their feelings immediately; give them time.

    Card #4: Obstacles

    The next card represents the obstacles that you and the person you are interested in might face before your relationship develops into what you want it to be. It could be personal issues, external factors, emotional barriers, or anything else.

    For example, if your fourth card is the Five of Wands, it means that there might be conflicts or competing interests at play. These could be internal conflicts within the person you’re interested in romantically or external challenges affecting this person’s ability to act on their thoughts and feelings.

    Card #5: Potential Outcome

    Finally, the fifth card of the Does He Think of Me tarot spread stands for the outcome of your relationship (or potential relationship). It offers a glimpse into future developments based on the current thoughts and feelings of the person you’re interested in.

    Say you draw The Star as the fifth card. This would be a great omen. The Star is a symbol of hope and inspiration, and it suggests that there is potential for a hopeful future in your connection.

    A Few Tips

    Hopefully, our guide to the tarot Does He Think of Me spread has answered at least some of your questions about where your love interest’s head is at.

    Here are a few things we’d like to add to make sure your conversations with the deck are always healthy and productive:

    Don’t Overthink

    Tarot cards are deeply symbolic, which is why it’s very easy to overthink their messages. Try not to. Otherwise, you might get even more anxious than you had been before the reading.

    Trust the Cards, but Don’t Trust Them Blindly

    Tarot is an interpretive art; we encourage you to trust the cards’ judgment but take everything with a grain of salt. Remember that your happiness is in your own hands. The deck might know something, but no one understands your unique situation better than you.

    Remember that Communication Is Key

    Finally, don’t use tarot cards as a substitute for open and honest communication with the person you are interested in romantically. When it comes to love, nothing will bring you more clarity and understanding than an open heart to heart.

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