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sagittarius & taurus Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 80%
  • Love 80%
  • Sex 86%
  • Family 81%
  • Friendship 74%

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sagittarius and taurus Compatibility

An asymmetrical duo

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • hard-working
  • sensual
  • passionate
  • dedicated
  • loyal
  • reliable

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • braggart
  • stubborn
  • secretive
  • manipulative
  • rigid
  • insecure


Your compatibility shows you will tend to do what comes naturally to you both, which can land you on different pages in this relationship.

You can work on understanding each other's unique approaches to life, coming to appreciate the variety that is present in your differing experiences, desires, and needs.

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There's something about the spontaneity of Sagittarius and the stability of Taurus that's like oil on water: they coexist but never mix. Taurus individuals exhibit the earth sign of their zodiac making them stable people who do not like surprises or sudden changes. Characteristics of the Sagittarius individual, as a fire sign, is quite the opposite! Taurus individuals have trust issues while Sagittarius seems to trust everybody. This is a major turn-off for a Taurus and this combination of signs has trouble getting along in a relationship overall.

Values for sagittarius and taurus

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter the planet of philosophy, the higher mind, and truth, prefers to be forthright and honest people while Taurus, ruled by Venus, likes to be honest as well but always maintains their tact and poise. In general, Taurus' skeptical nature of others may get in the way of Sagittarius' good time. They take the spontaneity of Sagittarius as a major sign of an unserious person while Sagittarius sees Taurus' nature as rather boring and stale. In rare cases, however, both zodiacs blend: especially when they get to overlook their differences. Here they are both compassionate, kind and like to see the best in others. They are both relentless in pursuit of their dreams, and this could also work in their favor. While a Sagittarius can easily get carried away and lose track of reality Taurus' well-grounded nature and constant reality checks break this cycle.

sagittarius and taurus Love Compatibility

In love, they barely bond as these fire and earth signs have trouble seeing eye to eye, except in rare cases. Put together as a couple: they are hardly sexually attracted to each other because they find it difficult to overcome their differences. The freedom-loving nature of Sagittarius will be in a constant contradiction to Taurus' needs for security and stability. Their connectivity to the Moon signifies existing mutual feelings of affection which can be explored by both zodiacs. The downside about this is Taurus is too well-grounded to react with much emotion to people and events. Unlike Taurus, Sagittarius is prone to temporary infatuations and platonic friendships, typical of the fire signs. Sex for them will be passionate but the emotional connection needed to keep a relationship going will be lacking. Their chemistry is off, although both signs have high sex drives, they just like to express it in different ways. Taurus wants lots of slow sensuality and pleasure while Sagittarius wants spirited and wild sex.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Mutable-Fixed

Taurus is constantly focused on achieving their goals, whereas Sagittarius is adept at quickly adjusting to new circumstances. Sagittarius can assist Taurus in becoming more adaptable.

Polarity: Masculine-Feminine

Sagittarius thrives on external energy, whereas Taurus is highly open and receptive. When combined, they achieve a perfect harmony. Both signs have a tendency to be self-aware and value their individuality. They possess strong discipline and an innate intuition.


Being a Mutable sign Sagittarius can get on Taurus's toes by not sticking to plan. Both can solve problems if they combine their strong sides - Taurus outer energy, Sagittarius inner strength.

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Shared activities

They don't share the same passion for the same things but it just might be fun being together. It could be quite easy to find activities to do together but the problem is the moment Taurus wants to go home, Sagittarius' night has just begun. Mostly food is what they have as a favorite shared interest, so romantic lunch and dinner dates tasting different food are on the list of activities for this couple.

sagittarius and taurus Marriage Compatibility

It's almost unheard of for a Sagittarius to not only fall in love with a Taurus but to actually want to spend their life with one. So, at the very least, you can appreciate the unique partnership you've found yourself in. The Sagittarius and Taurus marriage compatibility is pretty low, which shouldn't come as a surprise, given these signs' completely different values and personalities. But true love beats everything, including astrology. The main problem with the Sagittarius and Taurus compatibility for marriage is the lack of similarities between the two. The adventurous Sagittarius loves freedom, thirsts for exploration, and prefers spontaneity to stability. And you aren't exactly known as the biggest commitment lovers, either. On the contrary, Taurus' key priorities are stability, security, and loyalty. Their ideal scenario for love is to find their soulmate once and stay with them till their last breath. Please don't let the low Sagittarius and Taurus compatibility in marriage discourage you, though! If you work on your relationship day after day (which requires patience, compromise, and a lot of honest communication), you can eventually become a great couple. Your trademark Sagittarius zest for life will rub off your Taurus partner's grounded nature, and vice versa.

Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility Chart