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Medium Elana

Expertise: Astrology Natal Chart

    Greetings to all beautiful wanderers! I am Elana. Born into this earthly tapestry, my journey into the mystical was ignited by the radiant wisdom of my older sister. She provided me with the deep knowledge and introduced me to an eternal world of spiritual wisdom. Thanks to her I know how important it is to listen to our intuition while also being open to the guidance of people we meet on this journey called life. 
    Passing many steps of evolvement, now I am a free-spirited medium and astrologer, weaving the threads of destiny with curiosity as my compass. My heart beats to the rhythm of exploration, enraptured by the diversity of cultures across our radiant globe. As a curious nomad, I also enjoy writing and finding a way to embrace my creativity with this tool.

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    What I do

    As an adept astrologer, I specialize in deciphering the patterns of your natal chart, seeing what makes you unique, and unraveling the cosmic threads that weave your destiny. My expertise extends to the sacred art of analyzing the matrix of fate, offering profound insights into your destiny, karmic patterns, destined life partner, and dream career.
    Harness the power of numbers with precision through personalized numerology readings that can give a hint on what to expect on any day, month, or year, or which way you should move forward!
    Find the meaning of your dreams and signs from the universe with my guidance.
    Seek answers through the ancient wisdom of tarot, as each card unfolds a tale tailored to your queries. I find it a very powerful tool to answer diverse requests, from love and work to soul searching and finding the right path in life.

    How Can I Help You

    I specialize in matters of the heart, delving into the ethereal realms of love. With an adept touch in astrological arts, I unravel the mysteries of affection, illuminating insights about specific individuals, decoding the present, and unveiling the destinies of relationships. Whether healing from a painful connection or rekindling the flame of a cherished bond, my celestial guidance extends to every corner of the heart's labyrinth. Through personalized rituals, carefully crafted for each unique seeker, I channel energies to manifest the desires of your love-struck soul. Apart from that, I offer advice in matters related to work, big life decisions, guidance about family life and much more you want to explore.

    My experience and qualification

    With over 15 years of experience, I'd describe myself as a navigator of the spiritual cosmos. Having extended my ethereal insights to seekers worldwide, both online and offline, I've woven constellations of guidance to illuminate diverse paths. My journey transcends borders, learning from esteemed gurus and delving into diverse spiritual systems. The ever-expanding tapestry of knowledge remains, as I believe that the world of spirituality is an eternal wellspring of discovery.
    Today, I continue my studious odyssey, passionate about unlocking new revelations in the vast universe of metaphysical wisdom, and guiding beautiful hearts toward enlightenment.

    My Approach to Readings

    Feeling destined to share my gift, I foster a sanctuary of warmth and acceptance for every seeker. Guiding with an open heart, I cultivate a safe, non-judgmental space where deep conversations flourish. Each session is a friendly dialogue, a shared exploration where I synchronize with the unique rhythm of my client's spirit. Embracing openness, I believe that those drawn to my guidance are already on the path to alignment, inspired to turn the page on a transformative chapter. My purpose is to be the guiding star, assisting each soul in navigating toward newfound enlightenment and a harmony in their unfolding journey.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    My readings will embark you on a transformative odyssey, where cosmic insights meet tangible impact. With a proven tapestry of skills, my adept approach to astrology, numerology, and tarot has guided seekers globally toward profound revelations. In the celestial realm of my readings, I offer more than a glimpse into the future; I provide a roadmap for personal growth and empowerment. The efficacy of my methods rests not only on expertise but on a sincere commitment to fostering a safe beautiful space where you can listen to your intuition supported by my guidance. Trust me for an experience where the celestial meets the concrete, propelling you toward a more enlightened and aligned present!