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sagittarius & leo Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 69%
  • Love 70%
  • Sex 72%
  • Family 70%
  • Friendship 65%

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sagittarius and leo Compatibility

A passionate combo

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • passionate
  • loyal
  • high in energy
  • theatrical
  • creative
  • generous

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • controlling
  • domineering
  • self-centered
  • egocentric
  • arrogant
  • bossy


You love the stamina and focus that Leo brings to this connection as you can appreciate the determined nature of this fire sign.

Together, you can experience more than you can imagine, this relationship has vision, creativity, and spark!

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Two fire signs can serve to burn each other out or fan the flames of their passion. Sagittarius and Leo are very comfortable with each other and blend perfectly well. They are powerful individuals with a high sense of self-worth and pride. They can maintain their individual identities but exist as one and build each other up as the relationship grows. A Leo, bring ruled by the energetic Sun, likes being the center of attention while a Sagittarius, being ruled by Jupiter, has a boundless amount of energy and therefore does not have trouble in making Leo's aspiration a reality. These zodiac signs barely lose trust with each other. They are open and rather loud people, so communication is not a problem.

Values for sagittarius and leo

These zodiacs value each other's character strength and dominant personality. Sagittarius as the sign of the centaur and Leo as the sign of the lion make it so there is never a dull moment as they always find innovative ways to spice up a dull situation. Both have a flamboyant nature that keeps them energetic and full of life. Sagittarius will be a lot more flexible than Leo. Leo may have trouble going with another person's flow. Therefore, they will have to use their excellent communication skills to work out any differences. As fire signs, they can get quite competitive or even verbally aggressive so should check this when necessary to avoid arguments. They both value their individualism, being passionate, and living the life they want which makes them well-matched overall.

sagittarius and leo Love Compatibility

These two are very compatible in love as elements of fire. They are open and expressive regarding their true feelings towards each other. They will act on their gut instincts with every opportunity that they have. When it comes to love, these zodiacs do not condone lethargy or passiveness. It is a romance birthed in fire and refined in flames. In a sexual relationship, they are comfortable enough to explore their sexuality to the fullest. Each one brings a different dynamic to the bedroom that keeps the relationship exciting and energetic. Leo will want to go all night while Sagittarius will have the energy to do so. Their sex is hot and orgasmic. They can lack emotional connection but will be able to develop this over time, and it will not bother either one if the connection is more psychological and physical at first and less spiritual. Together, they are perfect, a harmonious pair.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Mutable-Fixed

Leo are dependable when it comes to providing security, and they can always be relied upon. They excel at sticking to schedules and completing tasks. On the contrary, Sagittarius easily adjusts to alterations and displays a high level of flexibility.

Polarity: Masculine-Feminine

They possess the ability to easily establish connections with others. They excel in analyzing and have a dedicated approach towards their work. Both individuals are highly sociable and enjoyable to be in the company of.


Looking at the modality levels both can expect a lot of heat between them. Unfortunately, it is not a good "heat" but rather energy that creates problems. They need to stop allowing making little arguments or moments of frustration to become explosive and uncomfortable.

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Shared activities

Leo and Sagittarius share warmth and love for each other. Leo likes to travel just as much as Sagittarius. However, Leo might not be a fan of the choices of destinations Sagittarius will make. Sagittarius love adventures so they are not as much into the glam or romance setting as Leo.

sagittarius and leo Marriage Compatibility

Leo's warmth and charisma provide a sunny complement to Sagittarius' adventurous spirit. The Sagittarius and Leo marriage compatibility lies in their shared fire energy and love for life. Sagittarius' thirst for exploration and knowledge aligns well with Leo's love for creativity and passion, creating a dynamic, adventurous, and vibrant relationship. The Sagittarius and Leo compatibility for marriage is strong, as both value personal growth, creativity, and freedom. Sagittarius' love for adventure and exploration can add an exciting dimension to Leo's life, while Leo's warmth and passion can bring a sense of stability to Sagittarius' adventurous world. Compatibility in marriage between Sagittarius and Leo is about creating a relationship filled with adventure, passion, and mutual growth. Their union can be a thrilling journey of shared experiences, mutual respect, and deep love. Given that both Leo and Sagittarius value independence, creativity, and personal development, their compatibility is strong. Sagittarius' desire of adventure can give a sense of unpredictability and excitement to Leo's life, while Leo's warmth and charisma can feed Sagittarius' hunger for discovery.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility Chart