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Expertise: Astrology Spiritual Reading Medium

    I do trance and art services for my spiritual development in regard to professional artistic expression in a fuse of spiritual awareness and DNA heritage studies. I am a writer and seer of my traditions in Irish and Celtic studies and a palaeographer in my trade. I study the effects of migration and culture in ways we are affected by thoughts and patterns or ancestry in our energy systems and belief processes. I have been studied for savant and paranormal phenomena which helped me and others understand time travel and many other religions and the history of relic and migration data for heritage studies versus spiritual history accuracy and how to base life perspective and choices on the authenticity of pathology.

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    What clients say about Wynter

    • KA
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      Experienced advice and careful about feelings ūü•į

    • TE
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      I would definitely go back to wynter for another reading. I didn’t have much time with her but the answers i was given resonated with me.

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      Says the honest truth

    What I do

    I offer services that can be easily tailored:

    DNA studies and mediumship 
    Heritage or psychometry of items and Lineage inspections 
    Scrying for answers and questions 
    Spiritual investigations 
    Seer oracle in trance or jumping teleporting 
    Advising on business and goal strategies Structure planning 
    Goal n objectives obstacle energy clearing 
    Advice in love finances career and strategy 

    How Can I Help You

    I am here for your potential to support you in your journey. I am a scry, vision quest or, and quantum mechanic in so I have spent years learning from my ancestors and teachings to find ultimate solutions and accurate means to achieve self-improvement. I have strived to understand DNA and how we are affected by energy sound and thoughts and energy. As a field agent, I have met tons of spiritual people and systems which I found very useful, and some which are from operations that don’t support growth and potential in ideals.

    My goals are to break down ritual systems and programming that determine the value and purpose of your life and how to achieve your destiny. In this I offer systems built on obstacle removing n sharing insight to free will and not to work against the kindness one strives to be in the highest potential to self-enlightenment.

    My experience and qualification

    Trainings in numerous countries and heritage areas for lineage studies and enlightenment as well as spiritual knowledge and techniques,

    South America 
    North America 

    Numerous quantum and life coach seminars 
    Quantum mechanics seminars 
    Indigenous studies
    Ministry licence
    Military and inspection services 
    Archetype art studies and certification

    I hope in dedication and I in spirit to enlighten you in all you do. As that, I spend all efforts on building a structure right for your future. In so the regard to your successes and the way you dream to achieve in life is my priority and honest ideal to make sure you follow your heart and free will in the best possible manner for yourself. 

    My Approach to Readings

    Kind, dedicated to best outcome, detail orientated, quantum, heritage practices through DNA n scrying, technical, supporting, encouraging, empathetic, empowering.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    The offer of my will to assure you get to your truth and purpose is my duty. You are the best at you and I truly believe in being able to make sure you reach your potential and goals. In the aspect of my desire to assure you that choice n decisions and paths meet that is my true essence. Essentially I will to be there for your best to be heard defined and well-planned for the best outcome you truly desire.