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A tarot reader can consult the tarot deck in a variety of ways. When the question is a yes or no one, it’s the easiest. While it’s always a good idea to have a professional tarot reading for maximum accuracy, anyone who has a tarot deck can consult one or three cards for an answer.

The easiest way to ask a yes or no question to the tarot cards is to throw a tarot card and, if it lands straight, the answer is yes. However, that’s not the best approach. It makes sense to put in a bit more effort to ensure a more accurate and helpful response. We encourage you to have a complete yes or no tarot reading instead of throwing just one card.

Step-by-Step Tarot Card Reading Yes or No 

First of all, if you use rectangular cards, which always appear in an upright or reversed position, the one-card method works differently. It gives you a simple yes or no reply. As it’s not 100% reliable, though, a one-card yes or no tarot spread limits the authenticity of the tarot cards. As you probably realize, you won’t get many details with a yes or no tarot card reading.

The second problem when you read tarot on a single card is that you usually need to see more than one card to grasp what’s happening. Remember, a tarot reading is always about energy, and energy is always dynamic: two cards give a more insightful answer because their energies interact; a three-card reading is even better, and so on.

Therefore, whenever you decide to have a tarot card yes or no reading, you should draw at least three cards. The response is yes whether the cards are all upright or partially upright. If two cards land upright, it’s likely a yes, but the tarot reader should seek further explanations. The answer is not likely, or no, if the tarot cards are reversed.

You now have an easy one or 3-card layout that can be used for any yes or no question you’d like the tarot deck to answer.

Interpreting the Card’s Meaning in a One-Card Free Tarot Yes or No Reading

Almost every tarot card from the standard tarot deck can be an answer to a yes or no question (although some of them give a more definitive answer than others). To get you a general idea of how tarot yes or no responses work, here are a few examples:

The Moon. When you ask a yes or no question and draw the Moon in an upright position, it’s a no. In contrast, the reversed Moon is a yes.

The Magician. When drawn in an upright position, the Magician suggests that the answer to your question is yes. Interestingly, even the reversed Magician is still a yes, albeit a more cautious one.

The Judgment. The Judgment card in an upright position is a yes. However, when reversed, it’s a no.

The Hermit. If you draw the Hermit in an upright position when asking a yes or no question, the answer is yes. If it’s in a reversed position, the answer is no.

Tarot Spreads Beyond the Yes or No Tarot Reading

One-card yes or no tarot free readings are enticingly easy, sure. Still, if you are looking for more in-depth and insightful answers, we encourage you to go beyond one-card spreads and try the following:

Clarity Tarot Spread. A great alternative to a random tarot card yes or no reading is the clarity tarot spread. It’s an easy 4-card reading that will help you not just get a yes or no answer but also get the cards to share some important details that they wouldn’t reveal otherwise. The clarity spread is one of the easiest spreads out there, and it can be used for yes or no free tarot reading.

Is He Thinking About Me? Tarot Spread. This one belongs to one of the most popular categories on tarot spreads—love and relationships spreads. It can be used for a yes or no tarot card reading, but it is also great for getting more in-depth information on everything that bothers you about your current partner or love interest.

Will He Come Back to Me? Tarot Spread. As the name suggests, the Will He Come Back to Me? tarot spread also has to do with love and relationships, although its focus is a bit different. It can help you get answers about your past relationship and the possibility of rekindling the romance that is seemingly over.

Denis Lapierre Tarot Reading. Denis Lapierre’s readings are actually a group of different readings, including free tarot reading yes or no spreads. Regardless of the type of question you have and the topic it’s related to, you can find a relevant Lapierre reading to get the answers you’re looking for.

An Afterword

Overall, while yes or no tarot cards can be a great source of answers (not to mention how easy using them is), it’s always better to put in a bit more effort and perform a full-fledged tarot reading, meaning the one that consists of more than one card. Luckily for you, Nebula has quite a few tarot reading guides, so you will have no problem finding something that matches your question and tarot reading skills.

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