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The 6 Card Tarot Spread Free

A 6 card tarot spread is best for getting deeper insight into things that concern you. This free reading is not so in-depth compared to the long tarot session guided by a professional and not as short as one-card or three-card readings. The 6 card tarot reading is basically the middle of the road. Besides, the number 6 is an even number with deep and powerful energy.

Now, shuffle the cards and open six of them one by one.

6 Card Tarot Spread

Your 6 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    First Card

    The first card of the 6 tarot card spread reveals your inner feelings about yourself. It signifies your feelings, both positive and negative, about yourself. These feelings depend on your surroundings. This means whatever is happening around you might change your feelings. This card will indicate the changes in your feelings in the future.

    Just like the moon's phases, our inner emotions ebb and flow. This card acts as a mirror, reflecting the deepest parts of your psyche. It may reveal a newfound confidence or uncertainties you've tucked away. Remember, acknowledging these feelings is the first step toward growth and self-awareness. Embrace the revelation this card brings; it's a key to understanding your true self in this ever-changing world.

    Second Card

    The second card of the 6 tarot card spread describes your current desires. It represents what you crave deep down and reveals all the things you want to achieve in the present. This card will indicate how you should move forward to make the right decision to have your desire come true.

    Think of this card as your guiding star, illuminating the path toward your dreams. It’s like a compass, pointing you in the direction of your most heartfelt ambitions. Whether it's a new career, a spiritual journey, or a personal project, this card will shed light on the steps you need to take. It's not just about the destination but the journey. Let this card be a reminder that every step forward is a step towards realizing your desires.

    Third Card

    As is often the case even with basic tarot reading layouts, the third card of the 6 tarot card reading reveals what your true worries are. It represents all of your fears and concerns, and this card has a significant impact on the overall interpretation of the 6-card reading. You can expect a negative message from this card about your future. Still, it also indicates staying resilient and being fearless.

    In life, like in the stars, there are moments of darkness. This card may bring shadows, revealing fears and anxieties lurking beneath the surface. Yet, remember, after the darkest night, dawn always comes. This card isn't just about fears; it's a call to courage. Embrace its message as a challenge to face your fears head-on and to find strength in vulnerability. After all, it's in our darkest moments that we often find our brightest light.

    Fourth Card

    The fourth card of the 6 tarot card reading represents delayed gains. It points toward all the positive things that are yet to happen to you and your loved ones. This card generally talks about the things that are related to what the second and third cards were about.

    Like a seed patiently waiting under the winter snow, this card symbolizes the good fortune and happiness that are just on the horizon. It whispers of patience and perseverance, assuring you that your efforts will bear fruit in due time. While it may seem that the universe is making you wait, trust that everything is aligning at the perfect moment. Your patience will be rewarded with a burst of positivity and joy, much like the first bloom of spring.

    Fifth Card

    The fifth card of the tarot 6 card spread refers to your undiscovered problems. It represents your key obstacles and hidden issues that could come your way soon but you’re not aware of them yet.  So, this card indicates your undiscovered problems. By getting the insights this card offers, you can prepare yourself for what’s to come.

    This card is like a lighthouse in a stormy sea, warning you of unseen challenges ahead. It's not there to scare you but to prepare you. Forewarned is forearmed. The universe is giving you a heads-up, allowing you to brace yourself and strategically navigate through these upcoming challenges. Think of this card as a wise friend, gently pointing out the bumps in the road ahead so you can smoothly steer your way forward.

    Sixth Card

    The sixth card of the 6 card tarot spread communicates the final verdict. As the last card of the reading, it conveys the overall message. This card is more of an indication that all the insights you get from the other five cards are true, and it gets more clear after the reassurance from this last card. Keep in mind, though, that the confirmation can be good or bad.

    Consider this card as the grand finale of your tarot journey, tying together all the strings of insight from the previous cards. It's the final piece of the puzzle that brings clarity and understanding to your reading. Whether it confirms your hopes or challenges your perceptions, accept its message with an open heart.

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