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Psychics Helping Police Solve Crimes: Unsolved Cold Cases Solved by Psychics

People who claim to have psychic powers are always under scrutiny, including psychics who have worked with police officers to assist in investigations. The legitimacy of their claims is questioned by both their families and society. Most people who believe in science deny the existence of the sixth sense and true psychic abilities.

And yet, while everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, some of the psychics have proven themselves by using their ability to solve years-old cold crime cases where all the science and conventional methods failed. Their abilities are similar to lost object psychics, except they use them to find humans, alive or dead.

Many cases of missing people, abductions, and homicides have resulted in police and investigators coming up empty-handed and without a strong lead. These cases were then solved by psychics and people with mystical abilities. 

Here are some of the missing people and murder mystery cases that psychics solved. Were they just a coincidence, or psychics who work with police forces are actually helpful? You be the judge of that.

Murders Solved by Psychics

Experienced psychics have helped police in solving many murder cases when police were left with a dead-end or had mistakenly arrested the wrong person. Here are some of the famous murders solved by psychics.

#1: The Murder of Elizabeth Cornish 

Elizabeth Cornish, a 42-year-old nurse, and a mother of five, was murdered at her residence in New Jersey in 1987. Cornish’s boyfriend, who discovered the body, was seemingly the only plausible perpetrator. Cornish’s family contacted Psychic Weber, who immediately disregarded Cornish’s boyfriend as a suspect. According to Weber, the killer was someone who lived above Cornish. The description matched John Reese, Elizabeth’s 33-year-old neighbor who first had given his alibi. However, after re-examination, the police disregarded his alibi, and Reese confessed.

#2: The Murder of Dora and Jake Cohn

On May 15, 1986, Dora and Jake Cohn were fatally murdered in their home in New York. Their grandson, James Mariani, was the main suspect, with two of his friends, Keith Snare and Robert Skinner, both of whom were inmates with James previously.

Following the demands of the Cohn family, the police called in the psychic medium Noreen Renier, one of the psychics who help police solve crimes in the area. Noreen did a photo lineup with suspects as well as males who could not possibly have been involved in the shooting.

Mariani, Snare, and Skinner were recognized by placing their hands on the images. Upon re-examination, their alibis turned out to be untrustworthy. They were charged with homicide and are now in jail. 

#3: The Case of Julie Popovich

In August of 2005, the experienced psychic Robinett was visited by the soul of a young woman from Ohio, Julie Popovich, a 20-year-old Ohio State University student who had vanished earlier that month.

Julie’s body was discovered three weeks later. According to Robinett, Julie passed her way through other souls and asked her to draw a route that would lead to her body. Police carried out the operation as directed by Robinett and found Julie’s corpse.

#4: The Case of Andre Daigle

Andre Daigle went out with his friends for a night out and later drove home, according to them. But he never returned home. When his sister showed his portrait to the psychic Rosemarie Kerr, one of the psychics who solve crimes when victims’ families request them, Kerr immediately felt pain in her head. This, she claimed, was also what Andre had been through. Kerr described the men involved as well as the region where they’d discover Daigle.

Daigle’s brother drove to the area with the police and discovered Andre’s vehicle. They learned that two individuals had attacked Daigle inside the car and had smashed him in the head repeatedly. Both killers were sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty to first-degree murder.

Unsolved Missing Person Cases Solved by Psychics

Many missing person cases have left police confused and friends and family in turmoil. No wonder it’s quite common to hear about the psychics who have worked with police departments in an effort to solve difficult crimes. Some of the best-known examples include the following:

#1: Sylvester Tonet

Sylvester Tonet, 78, vanished without a trace while on a walk in the forest. Police spent hours searching but found nothing. Nancy Myer, a professional psychic, was invited in by the family. Myer informed them of two things: Tonet had died, and it was not as a result of violence. The next day, the police found Tonet’s body 150 yards from the location that Myer had seen in her visions.

#2: Arthur Herbert

Arthur Herbert and his three passengers vanished from the jet he was operating one day in 1984. After no leads were discovered, the search was terminated. However, Jessica, Herbert’s sister, was not ready to give up; she was adamant about consulting the psychics helping police investigations. She enlisted the assistance of the psychic detective Noreen Renier, who provided her with the precise coordinates of the accident site as well as a few facts about the circumstances of Herbert’s death.

#3: Paula Brown

Paula Brown, a hairdresser, disappeared without a trace in Sydney, Australia, following a night of drinking. Her fiancé decided to consult the psychic Philippe Durant. Durant used a map and a strand of Brown’s hair to figure out where she was. Later, her body was discovered by a passing truck driver; it happened approximately a mile from where Durant had stated.

#4: Runaway Katie  

Katie was a disturbed adolescent living in a group home. When she ran away from their home, Robinett (the same psychic who helped find Julie Popovich’s body) received a call from Katie’s dad. She first looked for Katie’s soul, fearing she was dead. Luckily, she came up empty-handed; Katie seemed to be alive. The police were able to locate Katie thanks to Robinett’s assistance—just in time before something dreadful happened to her.

Now you have an answer to the question “Do police departments use psychics?”—they do. These are just a few examples of the cases solved by psychics. So no matter how skeptical you are when it comes to psychics. there’s no denying that they have helped law enforcement solve quite a few cold cases.

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