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Expertise: Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Pet Psychic

    Jeni Ji Cousins is an internationally known television clairvoyant psychic medium, animal communicator, past life Akashic record reader, meditation teacher, soulmate & twin flame reader, Pranic healer, psychic development coach, esoteric spiritual teacher, and relationship coach. She reads into your level of consciousness, and your birth details & gives you clarity with what you are seeking to know with her psychic insights for your future . She has been doing readings for over 40 years & hosted & produced a live weekly television show in Canada doing on-air readings to the callers & interviewing spiritual guests. She has been interviewed on many worldwide television, North American radio shows & magazines

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    What clients say about Jeni

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      She’s straight forward and I like that there’s no lies

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      Thanks so much

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      Always so helpful and spot on

    What I do

    I read your energy, level of consciousness, and birth date & give you steps on how you can resolve issues & how to manifest your dreams by going over what energetic & karmic blocks are holding you back from fulfilling your path. As I read into your past life Akashic records, I give you details of who you were & why you’re having struggles with situations & how to remove these karmic ties . It’s important to understand why you are connecting with people from your previous life, if it’s someone of interest, family , business, or your partner . I hear messages from your loved ones & beloved pets who have passed & share that with you with their sacred messages . We are all intuitive & I guide you & steps on how you can expand your spiritual abilities

    My experience and qualification

    My visions started when I was 4 years old & wanted to go back to god. I did not want to be with my family anymore & was in tears . Suddenly an angelic being appeared & gave me a profound message about why I was why I’m here . I started my spiritual metaphysical studies when I was 14 reading books, going to seminars, and workshops, spending one-on-one with spiritual gurus & teachers & meditating daily for many years . Especially more than ever in today’s society my work is more important than ever . We all have struggles & some of us do not have anyone to talk to and all we need is a hug & reassurance we are on the right path & doing the best we can . Showing unconditional love with no judgment is the key as we all have lessons to learn and our own journey to walk upon . You have to show compassion & love to yourself! We are all one collective walking together on this planet earth . If I can help even one person per day by giving them clarity , it can bring peace with an understanding of why things are happening the way they are & also giving them the steps & solutions on how they can transcend forward is what makes me happy !

    My Approach to Readings

    I enjoy pursuing what I am passionate about & doing photography, writing my books, painting, traveling & meeting all walks of life , walking my dog Bella & interviewing people on my podcast /show. When you follow your passions you will find your soul's calling & purpose . Stay true to yourself & listen to the calling of your soul's heartbeat ! Love & Light, Jeni Ji