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What does my new love interest think about me? When will be my next relationship? Will I get into a relationship with the person I just met? What are their feelings? What will be the next step?

Are you asking these questions and looking for answers? The Love Interest tarot spread can help you find out what you want to know. Ideally, you should consider consulting a professional tarot reader to get the answer you’re looking for.

But even a self-guided New Love Interest tarot spread can offer you some guidance, especially if you have at least basic experience with tarot cards and own a deck you trust.

New Love Interest Tarot Spread

Your 5 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    Love Interest Tarot Spread: Basic Layout

    Tarot spread for new love interest consists of 5 cards, each of them with its distinct meaning. Look up the cards you draw in each of the positions in our guide to tarot meanings—and you’ll get your answers.

    Card #1: Your Feelings

    The first card represents your feelings. A lot of people feel interest in someone but struggle to understand what the nature of that interest is. The first card helps clarify how you genuinely feel about this person and what your expectations are. Hopefully, it’ll help you realize if you are indeed into them romantically.

    Card #2: Their Feelings

    The second card of the Potential Love Interest tarot spread stands for the feelings of the person you’re interested in toward you. It will help you find out if they are just as interested in you as you are in them and possibly even reveal the extent of their intentions.

    Card #3: The Basis of Your Connection

    The third card explores the foundation or key aspect of your connection. It might highlight shared interests, emotional bonds, or initial attractions. The insights you get from this card will help you understand whether or not you and your new love interest have enough in common to be able to build something together.

    Card #4: Potential Challenges

    The fourth card represents the potential obstacles or challenges you and your new love interest might face when building your relationship. This can be anything—from conflicting intentions to clashing personalities to external influences (for example, their family’s opinions).

    Card #5: Potential Future

    Finally, the fifth card of the tarot spread Love Interest offers you to peek into the future. While it’s never a good idea to take tarot’s predictions literally, this is still a chance to find out if you and your new love interest have a future together.

    Which Tarot Card Represents a New Love Interest?

    In tarot readings, certain cards often represent a new love interest or the beginning of a romantic relationship, that’s why love tarot is a helpful source of relationship guidance. These are some of them:

    The Lovers. Typically symbolizes a deep romantic connection. It can represent the start of a significant and harmonious relationship.

    Ace of Cups. Often stands for new beginnings in love, overflowing emotions, and opening one’s heart to a new relationship.

    Knight of Cups. Known as the romantic charmer of the tarot deck, this card can represent a new suitor who is emotional and poetic.

    Page of Cups. Symbolizes a message or new insight about love. It can predict the start of a sweet, albeit somewhat immature, love affair.

    Two of Cups. Represents a mutual attraction and a balanced, reciprocal love. This card is often associated with starting a loving and equal partnership.

    Four of Wands. While generally a card of celebration and stability, it can also symbolize the joy and satisfaction of a new relationship with great potential for long-term success.

    Ten of Cups. Represents emotional fulfilment and happiness. In the context of a new love interest, it can be a sign of a deeply satisfying relationship coming your way.

    These cards’ meanings are especially insightful if you simply consult the cards by asking them questions (including yes or no ones). In this case, you don’t even need to follow our guide to the New Love Interest spread.

    Keep in mind, though, that such an approach will only work if you are an experienced tarot reader and already have a good relationship with your tarot deck. Otherwise, the answers might be misleading.

    What to Ask the Tarot About a New Love Interest?

    If you decide to have a one-on-one reading with a professional tarot reader instead of performing the New Love Interest tarot spread yourself, you can ask more in-depth questions about your new love interests. You can also ask follow-up questions, which will help you get the information you’re looking for.

    Here are a few options:

    What is the potential of this new relationship?

    What are the key qualities of our connection?

    What challenges might we encounter together?

    How should I approach this relationship for the best outcome?

    What does this new love interest bring into my life?

    How can I be more open and receptive in this relationship?

    What lessons might this new love interest teach me?

    Which aspects of myself should I focus on in this new relationship?

    Are there any red flags or cautions I should be aware of with this new love interest?

    What is the potential long-term future of this relationship?

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