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How Does He Feel About Me Tarot Reading

If you are looking for an accurate tarot reading to find out how he feels about you and what steps you need to take, getting a professional tarot reading might be the best option for you. Just reach out to one of Nebula’s professional readers for guidance.

While this won’t be as accurate and insightful, you can also try the Is He Thinking About Me tarot spread. This tarot spread, which consists of seven cards, offers a detailed exploration of your love interest’s feelings and the potential future of your relationship. So, let's explore each card in the How Does He Feel About Me tarot spread.

Free Love Tarot What Is He Thinking Spread: Basic Layout

As discussed, the How Does He Feel About Me tarot free spread, otherwise known as the Does He Miss Me tarot spread, includes 7 cards. You can draw them one by one and lay them in a row in front of you.

Card #1: Your Feelings Towards Him

As is often the case with love tarot spreads, the first card of the How Does He Feel About Me tarot spread is all about your emotions. It’s pretty common for people to struggle with trying to understand how they feel. It’s perfectly okay to feel confused, especially in the early stages of your relationship. This card will help you understand what it is you’re feeling.

Card #2: His Current Feelings Toward You

This card cuts to the heart of your question. It reveals the feelings of the person you’re having a reading about. Is he deeply attracted, merely curious, or perhaps even confused about his feelings? This card will answer your question and help you understand if the person you’re interested in feels the same back.

Card #3: How He Sees You

The third card describes his perception of you. It might show that he sees you as a source of inspiration, a potential partner, or maybe just a friend. What’s more, the third card will let you know how the person you’re interested in interprets your interactions and what role he believes you play in his life (or what role he’d like you to play).

Card #4: How He Feels About the Relationship

While the second card reflects his feelings towards you as an individual, this card describes his feelings about the relationship between the two of you. Is he looking for commitment, enjoying the casual stage, or feeling pressured? The fourth card will answer these questions and reveal his expectations of your relationship.

Card #5: Obstacles in Your Relationship

Every relationship has its challenges, and the fifth card of the How Does He Feel About Me tarot free spread can reveal what obstacle your relationship is facing or is about to face. It may point to external factors, such as distance or timing, or internal issues, such as past emotional baggage or differing life goals. Understanding these challenges will make it easier for you to deal with them and improve the potential of your relationship.

Card #6: His Desires or Intentions

This card reveals his intentions related to your relationship. It can let you know if your love interest plans to pursue a deeper relationship, maintain the status quo, or maybe take a step back. This card will help you realize where things might head in the near future. What’s more, it will help you understand if the relationship is fully mutual and both of you want the same thing.

Card #7: The Potential Future of the Relationship

The final card in the How Does He Feel About Me Right Now tarot spread reveals the potential future of your relationship. It can predict a blossoming romance, a steady friendship, or perhaps a breakup. This card doesn't just predict the future; it also suggests the trajectory based on current feelings and actions.

Sample How Does He Feel About Me Free Tarot Reading

Your Feelings—The Empress. You might be feeling overwhelmed with love and care (in a good way) and ready to invest in the relationship.

His Current Feelings—The Moon. He seems to be confused about his feelings. The problem might be the emotional ups and downs he is going through or something else.

How He Sees You—The High Priestess. He may see you as a mysterious and intuitive person. He values your ability to help him connect with his spiritual side.

How He Feels About the Relationship—Four of Cups. He is feeling uncertain about taking the next step in your relationship.

Obstacles—The Devil. There could be issues of dependency, materialistic concerns, or unhealthy patterns affecting the relationship.

His Desires or Intentions—The Chariot. This card indicates a desire for progress and decisive action. Perhaps it’s time you move the relationship to the next stage

The Potential Future—Two of Swords. You’re at a crossroads and need to make a decision about your relationship.


This spread can help you understand your love interest’s feelings as well as the overall dynamic within your relationship. By interpreting each card and seeing how they interact, you get a full picture of where both of you stand and what the future might hold.

Remember, tarot is a guide, and the future is not set in stone. Use these insights to inform your decisions and improve the relationship (if you feel like it’s worth working on).

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