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Free 10 Card Tarot Spread

When you have issues in your relationship with another person, and none of the conventional methods seem to work, it might be helpful to turn to a deck of tarot cards for help. The best approach is to talk to a professional tarot reader online, but if that’s not an option at the moment, you can perform a 10 card tarot session on your own.

Every card in our free tarot reading 10 card spread reveals hidden dynamics and energies shaping your relationships with other people. You will gain insight into them with this personalized reading. Understanding the dynamics at play in your romantic partnership, family bond, or friendship will become more evident as you explore each card’s interpretation.

The Purpose of Free 10 Card Tarot Reading on Love and Relationships

In life, love is one of the most profound forces that guides us. Use our free love tarot reading 10 card spread to explore the mysteries of your romantic relationships. Get the guidance you need to strengthen and nurture your relationship.

However, you can use this 10 tarot card reading to get clarity on your relationships with other people beyond your love life. It works equally well when you have questions about your friendships, relationships with your family members or colleagues, and more. There are no limits to this spread; it’s great for any kind of interpersonal dynamic.

Free Tarot Reading 10 Card Spread: What Each Card Means

To have your questions answered, all you need is our free love tarot reading 10 card spread guide and a deck of tarot cards. By the way, while using a traditional deck is better, even regular playing cards can work for a tarot session (if you don’t have a tarot deck yet).

Concentrate on your question, shuffle, and flip the cards. Read the cards’ general descriptions and interpret the cards according to your current situation and the relationship you need clarity on.

Card #1—The Present Situation

The first card of the 10 free tarot card reading represents your current circumstances and energy around you. For example, The Fool signifies new beginnings and adventures. If you draw The Fool, it might suggest that your relationship is about to take an unexpected turn (most likely, a positive one).

Card #2—The Challenge

The second card reveals the challenge you are facing in your relationships or life at the moment. Say, you draw The Tower. As this card stands for upheaval and sudden change, this would mean that your relationship is either in the middle of a serious disruption or is about to experience it.

Card #3—Subconscious Influences

This card indicates what hidden or subconscious factors influence you. For instance, if you draw The Moon, which signifies illusion and uncertainty, you probably harbor some unconscious fears about the other person, and those fears are affecting your relationship.

Card #4—Recent Past

The event or influence that led you to your current situation can be seen in the fourth card of the 10 tarot card relationship spread. For example, if the fourth card you draw is The Empress, which is the symbol of nurturing, it means that your relationship has recently had a period of growth and deep emotional connection.

Card #5—Best Course of Action

This card provides guidance on the most appropriate action or approach in the present circumstances. Say, you draw The Temperance, the symbol of balance and moderation. This would mean that to get stronger, your relationship requires patience and compromise from both of you.

Card #6—Immediate Future

Based on where you are in life right now, the sixth card gives insight into what may unfold soon. For instance, if it’s The Hanged Man, it would mean that your relationship is about to go through a pause of some kind. Perhaps the two of you will need to take some space for yourself to contemplate the dynamics of your relationship.

Card #7—External Influences

The seventh card of the tarot reading 10 card spread free session indicates external influences or people that are affecting your life. For example, suppose you draw the Five of Swords, which is often associated with conflict and tension. In that case, it might suggest that external disagreements (say, between you and your partner’s family) are the cause of problems in your relationship.

Card #8—Hopes and Fears

The eighth card represents your inner hopes and fears about the current state of your relationship. For instance, The Star in this position of the spread indicates hope and inspiration. Probably, both you and your partner are still hopeful about your future, and your relationship might soon heal.

Card #9—Guidance and Wisdom

This card offers guidance and wisdom to help you overcome any challenges you may face. For example, suppose you draw The Hermit, which stands for introspection and contemplation. In that case, the deck recommends you take some time to reflect on your relationship before taking any important steps.

Card #10—Overall Outcome

The final card of the 10 card relationship tarot spread shows where your current path may lead you and how your relationship will likely end. Say, it’s The World, the symbol of fulfillment and competition. If that’s the case, good for you—the harmony in your relationship will soon be restored, and your future is bright.

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