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If you’re interested in a friend or foe tarot reading, you’re likely at a crossroads in one of your friendships or have recently met someone who offers some potential for friendship. If that’s the case, no wonder you’d like to turn to tarot cards for guidance.

tarot session with a professional tarot reader is a unique opportunity to not just reflect on the current state of your friendship but also to peek into the future and find out if the two of you will stay friends going forward.

But there’s also a way to have a friend or foe tarot session on your own (if that’s something you’d prefer). Sounds intriguing? Then, let’s discuss how you can consult the deck with no professional assistance.

Performing the Friend or Foe Tarot Reading Without a Professional Tarot Reader

Are you questioning one of your friendships and looking for tarot’s help? Our friend or foe tarot spread is what you’re looking for, then. It’s a six-card layout that will help you dive deep and understand whether or not the friendship you’re suspicious about is still serving you.

All you need is to take a deck of tarot cards (preferably the one you own, as the owner’s energy matters in tarot readings) and follow these steps:

  1. Shuffle the cards while thinking of the friendship you’re about to ask the deck about.
  2. Mentally formulate what exactly you want to know. You can even voice your question if that’s easier.
  3. Draw six cards without looking at what they are and place them in front of you face down.
  4. Use our tarot friend or foe guide below and our detailed articles interpreting individual tarot cards to get the answer you seek.

Friend or Foe Tarot Spread: A Card-by-Card Guide

As discussed, the friend or foe tarot guide consists of six cards. Here’s what each of them means, with a few examples of specific cards in each of the positions:

Card #1: Overall Energy

This card reveals the overall energy of the person you’re asking the cards about. It gives insight into their general personality and approach to relationships.

For example, if you draw the Magician as the first card, it might suggest that the person has a charismatic and influential energy. They are resourceful and skilled, but whether or not they’re using their abilities positively in your relationship needs further clarification.

Card #2: Their Intention Toward You

The second card reveals the person’s intentions toward you. Do they genuinely enjoy your company, respect you, and want what’s best for you? Or do they have a hidden agenda you had no idea about?

Suppose you draw the Seven of Swords here. This would mean that the person you’re asking the cards about is dishonest in some way and has hidden motives you’re not aware of. Chances are, the reason why they’re acting like your friend is actually something self-serving.

Card #3: Their Impact on Your Life

The third card reveals whether your friend or foe makes your life better or, on the contrary, is sucking energy out of you without you even noticing. This card helps you understand whether their influence is positive, negative, or neutral.

Say you pick the Sun. This would mean that this person brings joy, vitality, and clarity into your life. Hold onto them!

Card #4: Hidden Aspects

The fourth card describes the not-so-obvious facets of your relationship with this person. It can be anything, from harboring secret romantic feelings for you to merely pretending to enjoy your company due to some ulterior motive.

For instance, the Knight of Wands in this position points toward impulsiveness or a tendency to act without thinking. Perhaps your friend has a hidden desire for change, whatever that means for your relationship.

Card #5: Advice for Your Relationship

The fifth card of the tarot friend or foe layout offers you some guidance, even if it is a bit vague (that’s common in tarot readings, especially if you are only learning how to perform them correctly).

For example, Temperance advises patience and moderation. It suggests that you need to find balance in your relationship with this person. At the moment, something is off in the dynamics between the two of you.

Card #6: Likely Outcome

Finally, the sixth card predicts the likely outcome of your friendship. Is a happy ending in store for you?

Suppose you draw the Five of Wands. This would suggest that the two of you will soon have a major conflict and will compete for something, which might eventually destroy your friendship.

An Afterword

As you can see, the friend or tarot spread is quite straightforward and easy to perform on your own. Hopefully, it will help you find the answers and gain more clarity on the friendship you’re questioning. The final advice we have for you is to trust the cards.

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