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Blue Aura Meaning: What Does a Blue Aura Mean Spiritually?

Aura colors are caused by vibrations surrounding physical bodies. Aura colors are only visible to a minority of people, primarily to aura reading professionals, who can both read and interpret auras. The aura wheel consists of several colors including red, orange, blue, purple, yellow, green, violet, and indigo. Auras are the unique energy fields that surround all living organisms.

Most people cannot see auras with the naked eye; our eyes can be trained to see these vibrations as colors, but it takes a lot of practice. Every aura translates itself as a different unique and specific color with very different symbolism behind it—no wonder questions like What does a light blue aura mean?What does a light blue aura mean?, or What is the spiritual meaning of blue aura? are so popular. Auras can reveal all sorts of things about someone’s personality.

It is much easier to feel people’s auras. When you stand face to face with the person whose aura you are trying to sense, place the palms of your hands six inches away from the person’s head. Then, slowly move your hands down their entire body. With time you will see a tiny fluffy effect as you move your hands down their body. This fluffy effect is known as electromagnetic energy, and it’s the best way to feel another person’s aura.

What Does Having a Blue Aura Mean?

The blue aura color meaning is quite complex. It typically represents someone who is caring, spiritual, intuitive, peaceful, understanding, and a free thinker. The blue aura is also associated with being expressive and communicative.

The color blue is also associated with calmness; serenity is what most experts talk about when discussing the meaning of blue aura. The color blue is psychologically related to feelings of tranquility and relaxation. Therefore, blue aura owners tend to be calm, peaceful, and relaxed.

The Blue Aura and Emotional Health

An interesting aspect to note about the blue aura is its correlation with emotional health. People with blue auras often exhibit emotional intelligence; they are adept at understanding, managing, and effectively using their emotions, which aids in their interactions with others. This emotional stability also contributes to their generally serene disposition.

Blue Aura and Relationships

People with a blue aura are often seen as trustworthy partners in both personal and professional settings. Their communicative and intuitive nature makes them great listeners, and they usually possess the ability to view things from multiple perspectives. This trait makes them valuable in mediation and conflict resolution.

Blue Aura and Career Choices

In professional settings, blue auras are often found in vocations that require diplomacy, clear communication, and a nuanced understanding of human behavior. Social work, counseling, and teaching are fields where a blue aura individual may thrive. These are the careers for a so-called people person, and most blue aura owners achieve great heights in them.

Dark Blue Aura Meaning

The dark blue aura usually has a presence of gray and muddy tones which indicate that the person’s energy is dark. Someone who has a dark blue aura is usually insecure and has difficulty embracing honesty and communication.

Dark blue auras are known to surround themselves with sensitive people which can influence their decisions. Dark blue auras often have difficulty expressing their feelings and sharing emotions with others. They lack the capability to be intimate with others and build relationships.

Light Blue Aura Meaning

Also known as sky blue, people with light blue auras reflect positivity. The lighter your aura the more peaceful and positive you are. Light blue auras are often associated with people who are honest, serene, and clear.

Light blue is a very calm and soothing color that reflects the personality of those with light blue auras. Light blue auras also have particularly good communication skills. Light blue auras are on the positive spectrum of blue auras, whereas dark blue auras are on the negative side of the spectrum.

Royal Blue Aura Meaning

Royal blue is considered the purest of any blue aura shade. Royal blue is strongly associated with sensitivity. People who have a royal blue aura are usually very spiritual or are at least in touch with their spirituality. People with royal blue auras are also likely to be generous, welcoming, empathetic, and intuitive.

People with royal blue auras are great at thriving in new environments and embracing new opportunities. They are very positive people. They are amazing at adapting to change. Royal blue auras are never confined to any circumstances because they are adaptable and flexible. They enjoy change and get bored of repetition.

The Downsides in Meaning of a Blue Aura

However, the blue aura is not without its drawbacks. These individuals may struggle with being overly cautious or indecisive due to their balanced and thoughtful nature. They may also have the tendency to internalize stress, particularly related to their relationships, which could manifest as physical ailments related to the throat or thyroid.

Another challenge for individuals with a blue aura could be their high sensitivity to their environment and the emotions of people around them. While this heightened sensitivity often makes them compassionate and empathetic, it can also become overwhelming.

Blue aura owners might absorb the negative energies or moods from others, making it difficult for them to separate their emotions from those they interact with. This susceptibility can lead to emotional fatigue or burnout, requiring them to take extra precautions in shielding themselves emotionally, especially in high-stress or toxic environments.

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