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Black Aura Color Meaning

Colors, Personality, and Root Chakra

  • What It MeansĀ 

    Negative emotions, Lingering trauma, Challenging times

  • Color Shades of Black Aura

    Charcoal Black, Deep Black, Black Spots

  • Chakra System Connection

    A black aura is associated with the Root Chakra. However, a black aura may represent a blocked or unbalanced chakra.

An aura means a spiritual energy that every living being exudes. Each aura has a color and a chakra associated with it. An aura can change to better reflect the inner world of an individual. Main aura colors can be any hue, from purple to blue to green, to a yellow aura, and more.

What Does a Black Aura Mean

A black aura typically means that a person is going through a challenging time. Black is the absence of light and is often associated with negative energy. This doesn't mean, that an individual with a black aura is evil. On the contrary, it might mean, that evil things had happened to them and influenced their approach to life.

Unlike popular misconception, a black aura person is not a bad person. Dark shades signify negative emotions. People with black aura usually face challenges. Their emotional state is in distress.

A black aura might manifest through emotional or psychological pain, or even in a physical body as illness. If a person deals with long-standing stress, they can start experiencing insomnia or migraines.

A black aura can signify such problems as loneliness too. Maybe, a person holds a grudge or anger, and can't bring themselves to forgive. Negative thoughts linger and cause pain.

It's important to note that a black aura is a temporary one. To become spiritually well, a person must face their fear and overcome it. It may be achieved through forgiveness or a similar act of release of negative thoughts.

A colorful aura radiates energy, but a black one draws all energy in like a black hole. This can make a person feel hopeless or trapped. In the worst-case scenario, it may bring thoughts of desperation and death.

It's important to note, that hard times are temporary, and you have a strength within you to overcome them. Even if it takes baby steps to get to a brighter side of life, it is certainly something you will achieve if you just push through.

Black Aura Personality Traits

  • Negative emotions
  • Lingering trauma
  • Challenging time

Black Aura Meaning Personality

It's important to note that a black aura doesn't truly represent your personality. A black aura might be a sign a spirit is unbalanced. There are some characteristics of a black aura.

  • Negative emotions

A person with a black aura experiences strong negative feelings. Often people with a black aura wear dark colors too. It can be a manifestation of depression, a strong sense of loneliness, or grief. Those are only a few examples, that are not limited to the list. You might have gone through a particularly hurtful breakup or divorce recently, which made a black aura manifest.

  • Lingering trauma

A black aura might manifest through a physical body or psychological state. You might have a literal trauma or illness in your body. On the other hand, your spirit might be in pain from the emotional hurt of past experiences. Whatever the case, it's important to take your time and let yourself fully heal.

  • Challenging time

First and foremost, a person with a black aura is having a hard time. It might be a tough situation in life, or simply challenging to face past mistakes or lingering pain. For a person with a black aura, it's important to focus on their physical and mental health. Don't blame yourself for ending up in an unfortunate situation, but give yourself grace. Take your time and energy to heal.

Black Aura in Love and Relationships

It might be difficult for a person with a black aura to sustain long-lasting relationships. The reason is not them being an inherently cold and evil person, however. The truth is a person with a black aura is usually going through some emotional turmoil and can be easily discouraged.

If there's black in your aura, your spirit might not be ready to fully commit to healthy romantic relationships. There might be lingering negative emotions from past love experiences. A person with a black aura might suffer from past heartbreak to achieve true happiness. It might be the best idea to take your time to heal.

However, a person with a black aura needs a healthy support system in their life. A positive influence is an important aspect of getting to a brighter side of life. It's important to start introducing other colors into your aura. Once you have dealt with inner turmoil, it will be easier to build relationships.

Career, Finances, and Life Purpose

A black aura might mean you are blocked in your life path. The most important thing for black auras is to take care of themselves. They need to put their energy into fully healing first.

It's also important to take your emotions in feeling in consideration when choosing a career or looking for a new job. A black aura might be a sign that you are dissatisfied with the current course in your life, or just with the way things go.

If you feel especially low on energy, it might be a good idea to find a temporary position. Bonus points if it's healing for a soul and doesn't strain your emotional state too much. Work in nature, for example.

Different Shades of Black Auras and Their Meaning

As in any other aura, there are different colors of black. It's also important to remember, that an aura rarely has a solid hue of one color. More often than not there are a combination of colors. For example, a black and white aura will make a grey shade.

Charcoal Black

This is a dark aura of a grey shade that might indicate an imbalance in your chakra. It might be blocked and cause you physical or emotional discomfort. A black aura is typically tied to the Root Chara, which is associated with physical health, a sense of security, and grounding. You might want to focus on your physical health if this is your color.

Deep Black

A solid black aura is indicative of the influence of dark energies. Just like darkness consumes light, a black aura draws in all the energy from the environment. You might be mentally stuck in the past or hyperfocus on negative aspects of your life. If this is your aura shade, you will need to do some aura cleansing to move past it.

Black Spots

Black spots can appear in any other color of aura. For example, a pure green aura will have a different interpretation than a green and black aura meaning. Black spots might indicate a lingering negative energy in your aura. It's not as all-consuming, as a solid black aura. It might indicate you're holding a grudge. Maybe you can't get past negative feelings. If you have black spots in your aura, it's a good time for self-reflection.

Black Aura and the Root Chakra

Both red and black aura are associated with the Root Chakra. This is the first chakra in the seven-chakra system, and it's located at the "root" of the body, at the base of the pelvis. However, it can have a slightly different meaning for each color.

A black aura might be a sign that you are holding on to negative emotions. A black shade in your energy is a signifier your chakra is blocked or unbalanced. You might be going through an especially challenging time, and can't seem to get past your problems.

An unbalanced Root Chakra might be a sign of feelings of insecurity and fear. Unlike a red aura, you don't feel comfortable in your own skin. Your connection to your sense of grounding is blocked.

With black aura, it's important to start introducing other colors into your aura and life. To get past the black aura, it's vital to reflect on your emotional state and confront your problems. You might want to change your approach to life and start introducing positive experiences into it. Meditation, counseling, praying, and practicing gratitude might be a good start.

Black Aura Cleansing Techniques

Cleansing techniques typically include practices that help to restore inner balance. For example, meditation. However, a black aura will need more substantial work on themselves to be able to move past their troubles. This might include meditation as a support practice, but will also need some deep introspection, self-reflection, and proactiveness.

A person needs to confront the problem to get past the black aura. This will need to include profound lifestyle changes. The first step to solving a problem is of course admitting to its existence. It might be scary, but it will also give you power over it. You can challenge its presence in your life and take steps to resolve it.

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What does a black aura mean?

A black aura might mean that a person is going through hard times. They face challenges or experience pain and frustration. This may manifest in darker shades in your energy and appear as a black aura.