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Purple Aura Color Meaning

Colors, Personality, and Crown Chakra

  • What It Means 

    Spiritual, Empathetic, Mysterious, Intuitive, Sensitive, Kind, Caring, Supportive, Reserved, Loyal

  • Color Shades of Purple Aura

    Light Purple, Violet, Dull Purple, Dark Purple, Lavender, Pink Purple

  • Chakra System Connection

    The purple aura is linked to the Crown Chakra and corresponds to such traits as spirituality, positive energy, and a deep connection to mysticism and intuition.

The concept of auras presents an ethereal energy field, that envelopes every person's physical body. Every aura has a color, that corresponds to certain attributes. Think of personality traits, love life and relationships, and even career preferences.

An aura can be perceived by a special type of photography, or by aura readers: highly intuitive people who offer their psychic abilities to the public. Getting to know your specific aura color is a way to get to know your energy, and discover valuable insights.

What Does a Purple Aura Mean

A purple aura means strong spiritual energy. Purple aura personality is the most spiritual one, and it's not unlike those people to take on a path of self-discovery. They have a strong connection to mysticism and an affinity for the divine.

People with the color purple in their energy are highly attuned to intuition. They are empaths, for whom understanding the world comes through the intuitive abilities to read the feelings of others. People with the purple dominant aura often become psychics. The spiritual connection is strong and can be used to guide people who seek understanding.

The acute awareness of one's abilities, as well as spiritual insight, make people with purple aura keenly aware of their abilities. If this notion is neglected though, they can suffer from burdening themselves with the pains of closed ones. Taking care of yourself is important. Meditation, for example, can be a great way to relax.

People with purple energy might seem distant sometimes. But they are incredibly caring, supportive, and honest. Spiritual practices are a way to achieve mindfulness for them, and to create a harmonious balance in life.

Purple Aura Personality Traits

  • Deeply Spiritual
  • Intuitive and Mysterious
  • Empathetic and Helping
  • Kind and Sensitive
  • Honest and Reserved

Purple Aura Meaning Personality

Understanding auras is understanding one's character. There are several main traits that can be highlighted about people with a purple aura.

  • Deeply Spiritual

Purple aura correlates to the most spiritual chakra and people who possess purple in their aura are often undergoing a journey to enlightenment. They are deeply spiritual and strive to transcend the earthly boundaries of a physical body, reaching with thoughts into the metaphysical realm. Practices, such as meditation and reiki, could prove a great way to channel inner energy into a way to achieve mindfulness.

  • Intuitive and Mysterious

People with purple aura exude positive energy and have a strong connection to mysticism. The same things that attract their aura to the nature of the divine make such people appear mysterious. Due to their acute attunement to intuition, both mystical and perplexing, such an aura can be perceived as either and can be both charmed by and weary of by those with less understanding of their powerful energy.

  • Empathetic and Helping

People with purple shades in their energy fields tend to be extremely empathetic. With such a strong intuition, it's no wonder these people become aware of the emotions of others. Another one's soul might be a secret, but not to them! This is also a reason such individuals are helping and supportive by nature. They read others like an open book, which prompts them to sympathize with their challenges.

  • Kind and Sensitive

A high level of attunement to the emotional state of others can mean a high level of sensitivity. Those people are gentle souls and can be kind to a fault. The intensity of such an earnest connection can at times become overwhelming. It's not a rarity when people of purple aura withdraw themselves from society—the suffering of others might be too intense. On the other hand, it's even more common to devote themselves to humanitarian efforts and spend their time helping others.

  • Honest and Reserved

While not the most social type, purple aura can mark a person as reserved. They stick to themselves and their own personal space. While they can easily read others, it can be a challenge to tell what's going on on their mind, unless it's another purple aura owner. If you meet people like that, however, they tend to be real ones. If you stick with them long-term, they will prove an honest, loyal, and supportive companion.

Purple Aura in Love and Relationships

Any type of relationship for such people is easy to come by but hard to maintain. People with purple aura can appear enigmatic, mysterious, and charismatic, which proves to be quite tempting at the early stages of acquaintanceship. However, the same traits have a dangerous tendency to become frustrating in the later stages. A purple aura person can remain an enigma, while to them their partner will be an open book.

To avoid an unfair dynamic in love, don't become entangled in relationships that are driven by pity and guilt. Those will not fulfill you, nor will they help the other party: an approach as such will only leave you exhausted and strained. Healthy boundaries are a vital aspect to maintain.

Lifelong relationships can be a struggle to sustain, but once you commit—you fully commit. Don't settle for less than those who deserve you: even though purple aura people can be hard to understand, there are few as supportive as them, and the right people will appreciate it. Being an empath, a person with a purple hue will accept unconditionally those good people they'll come by, and be loyal to them without being judgemental. It's a great trait that makes those people such a catch!

Just remember: while intuition is second nature to you, it is not so for everyone else. Some might feel ashamed of their emotions, and might not be ready to be confronted about that heads-on. Be gentle, both with others and yourself.

Career, Finances, and Life Purpose

People with purple auras tend to be reserved, and like to work alone. Although, they rarely are the cause of drama when working in a team. A good career path would be those of a humanitarian nature, where such people can help animals and local communities. Helping others is extremely rewarding for people with purple auras, and it can become an advantage in a working environment.

An alternative path, more in tune with spiritual nature, may include becoming a psychic. Empathy is a strong asset that can be used to contribute to the lives of others in a significant and meaningful way. No surprise here, that people with purple auras choose to lean into these strengths. Helping others is a calling and a reward in itself.

Different Shades of Purple Auras and Their Meaning

Different aura colors will be tied to different meanings. It's important to note, that the color manifestation is rarely pure and without other tints. For example, a purple aura can have a hint of blue, so a blue and purple aura will combine traits from both, making a person intuitive, creative, and highly sensitive to the surroundings.

That being said, let's take a look at a few shades of purple that are particularly noteworthy.

Light Purple

Having a light purple aura is indicative of a harmonious balance. A person with such a hue has found a way to maintain both an emotional connection to the earthly world and spiritual realms. Light purple aura meaning is one of trusting your intuition to guide you through life with awareness and a strong grasp on reality.


A violet aura is of someone creative, and sensitive, who trusts their inner voice. Violet is the most pure tint of purple and tells about a personal harmony between body and mind. There's a profound connection to a higher self and acute attunement to emotions.

Dull Purple

A dull purple color is a worrying signal about some discomfort in the physical body. This pain or ailment can cause discontent and with that hinder the connection to the spiritual part of the self. If your hue has been dulled, it's time to put some time aside and take care of yourself.

Dark Purple

A dark purple aura manifests in a person who struggles with their spiritual journey. It may be difficult circumstances that you're facing or a decision you are not willing to make. On the other hand, if a decision has been made, a dark hue may indicate, that deep inside you are not content with the state your life is in. Dark purple aura color meaning is one of inner conflict. If that is your color, it may be time for self-reflection and reassessment.


This hue is the one associated with dreamers and visionaries. You are creative, passionate, and full of wonder. Daydreaming may make you seem distant, but there are a plethora of creative hobbies to enjoy on the other hand! Art, music, dance—take your pick, and delve into your heart's desire.

Pink Purple

The hue of pink and purple aura reminds us of the matters of love. If you have pink purple aura you are kind, caring, and affectionate, and your close ones are lucky to have you around! You have a big heart, and you live by it. Your compassion is infinite, but is also more the reason to keep in mind your own needs as well.

Purple Aura and the Crown Chakra

The purple aura is the one closely connected with the 7th chakra, also known as the Crown Chakra or "Sahasrara", which translates as "thousand-petaled" from Sanskrit. This chakra is located at the "crown" of your head, as the name suggests. It is associated with the color purple, but also white, and is considered to be the most spiritual out of all chakras.

People attuned to Sahasrara feel a deep connection to the universal energy. There is the pursuit and feeling of harmony, balance, and enlightenment. The spiritual world is not a distant prospect for such people, but something their intuition strongly pulls them towards. It is an enriching journey of transcending the human realm to gaze at the divine.

Due to the profound bond with their spiritual side, people with an affinity for the Crown Chakra can be highly sensitive. Those people in particular often become psychics and empaths, or take on creative paths in life, that allow them to get in touch with their inner world the most.

Beware, though, to not burn out: setting boundaries and maintaining a healthy distance between yourself and the emotions of others is an important line to draw. A healthy life can only be led with a healthy balance. Trust your instincts, as they rarely lead you astray.

Purple Aura Cleansing Techniques

An uncleansed aura can cause all sorts of physical ailments and mental affliction, so it's important to take care of oneself. A good way to relax can be meditation. By focusing on your body and mind with meditation techniques, you will be able to reduce an anxiety level and stress from daily life.

Reiki is another practice, akin to meditation, that will help you to come in touch with your aura better. It's a form of energy work, that focuses on hands-on healing through gentle influence on your body. Reiki is an alternative technique, that can be an interesting experience for those with an affinity for all things spiritual.

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What does a purple aura mean?

The purple aura means a high attunement to the spiritual world, intuition, and mysticism. People who possess purple tints in their energy field tend to be empaths with kind and sensitive souls, often on some kind of spiritual journey.