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scorpio & leo Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 80%
  • Love 81%
  • Sex 83%
  • Family 81%
  • Friendship 74%

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scorpio and leo Compatibility

An influential couple

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • self-expressive
  • passionate
  • loyal
  • creative
  • theatrical
  • fun

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • stubborn
  • impatient
  • braggart
  • selfish
  • arrogant
  • overbearing


You show up strong together, but the space for each of you to breath and be yourselves doesn't come naturally.

This relationship is certainly dynamic but will require flexibility from you both in order to work!

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The result of a Scorpio and Leo relationship is very challenging. This couple understands each other's needs and requires a lot from each other. In the zodiac, they make a square aspect which means their relationship is dynamic and a learning experience overall. They are extremely loyal and possessive which provides security for them. The couple enjoys the strength of one another and admires each other greatly for their tenacity and ability to see things through.

Values for scorpio and leo

As a fire sign, Leos are very flamboyant: they enjoy comfort and luxury. In addition, they are ruled by the Sun which allows them to want to be at the center of attention and to express themselves with ease and creativity. Scorpio, on the other hand, is happy to be the spectator as long as there is well-defined equality in the relationship. While Leo enjoys the spotlight, Scorpio tends to shy away from it as a water sign and prefers taking in information and analyzing it internally rather than expressing it externally. They are both hard-headed and determined people but would work out well as long as they understand each other. Their conversations can get intense but both of them get a rise out of their deep discussions on politics, spirituality, film, art, psychology, etc. Leo and Scorpio believe in an individual's right to express themselves authentically and with honesty.

scorpio and leo Love Compatibility

Love for this couple will be dramatic, it will have its ups and downs but can last if both parties are willing to give a little and most of all are able to find a compromise when they are in a stalemate. Leo wants the freedom to mingle and is very social while Scorpio is more of a homebody. Finding a balance between these opposing ideas is essential. They may butt-heads over who is in control of the relationships and discussion on their power dynamics will need to take place early on. They may not always see eye to eye but as long as they can keep their egos in check, then they would not consume one another. Sex for them is intense. With Scorpio being ruled by Mars which represents fire and passion and Leo being ruled by the Sun with represents warmth and generosity their sex is deeply pleasurable. They find they have excellent sexual chemistry and are exactly what each other is after in a sexual relationship. At times Leo will be more romantic than what Scorpio prefers but they can work it out as Scorpio is in touch with their emotions enough to keep the lines of communication open. They are a sturdy pair and give strength to working towards their goals, a perfect love match.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Fixed-Fixed

Both of these signs often struggle to finish projects. They possess strong work ethics and are willing to put in the necessary effort to accomplish the given task.

Polarity: Feminine-Masculine

Leo is unafraid of being the focal point, whereas Scorpio tends to be more reserved. Nevertheless, they can still learn valuable lessons from each other about life.


Both are Fixed signs, but in order to function better, they must understand the differences that modality brings. Scorpio can be suspicious of Leo's intentions, while Leo's outter energy might prevent him to acknowledge how the Scorpio feels inside.

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Shared activities

Romantic dinners and expensive vacations where they can relax and get pampered. This is a complicated relationship because both have such strong personalities. The best is to take turns in deciding what to do. Mostly it will be going out to romantic dinners and expensive vacations where all they do is relax and get pampered.

scorpio and leo Marriage Compatibility

Leo's sunny optimism and charisma offer a counterpoint to Scorpio's emotional intensity. The Scorpio and Leo marriage compatibility lies in their ability to balance their differing energies. Scorpio's depth and intensity can provide a grounding influence for Leo's fiery energy, while Leo's warmth and passion can bring a touch of lightness to Scorpio's world. The Scorpio and Leo compatibility for marriage is rooted in their shared determination and strength. Scorpio's emotional depth can enrich Leo's dynamic life, while Leo's vitality and charisma can add an element of excitement to Scorpio's world. Compatibility in marriage between Scorpio and Leo is about balancing their shared intensity with mutual understanding and respect. With open communication and mutual admiration, their union can be a powerful one, filled with passion, determination, and depth. Scorpio and Leo should work on controlling their powerful energy and taking advantage of their differences. Scorpio's strong emotional world can be softened by Leo's upbeat outlook, while Leo's vivid life can be enhanced by Scorpio's depth. Still, both partners need to temper their common ferocity with respect and empathy for one another. Their relationship has the potential to be strong, characterized by passion, tenacity, and a strong emotional bond.

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility Chart