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capricorn & scorpio Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 69%
  • Love 71%
  • Sex 70%
  • Family 70%
  • Friendship 65%

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capricorn and scorpio Compatibility

Maturing love

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • passionate
  • smart
  • purposeful
  • resourceful
  • thoughtful
  • instinctual

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • manipulative
  • domineering
  • controlling
  • demanding
  • inflexible
  • worried


This is a relationship you can grow into as the connection is just the right amount of intensity and moderation.

Your relationship brings out your passionate side and is a match that truly invites the best of experiences into your life!

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Scorpio and Capricorn together are a power dynamic unlike any other! With Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto, they are driven and intense. Capricorn ruled by Saturn wants to gain mastery in life. Together, these two push each other to take risks and step outside of their comfort zones. They tend to be very private about their life together, even if they are friends as they are receptive, negative signs they do not prioritize engaging with the world as much as engaging with their personal relationships. Scorpio, being a water sign, may appear like the more fluid one at first glance, but their stubborn nature often beats out, making Capricorn appear to be the easy-going one in this pair!

Values for capricorn and scorpio

These signs value depth and this something each one provides to the other one. They find that their relationship doesn't happen overnight but requires that the fire be stoked slowly over time. The nature of Capricorn suggests their prowess in pursuit of the elusive Scorpio but Scorpio is too smart for any Capricorn mind games and will just want Capricorn to be themselves. The most important thing to the water sign is authenticity and genuine friendship. Capricorn's business-oriented mindset can create an atmosphere that Scorpio would appreciate. They tend to feed off of each other's intensity, Scorpio being emotional and Capricorn having high expectations. They might have different ways of expressing things but find they connect deeply, have complex and interesting conversations, and generally the same outlook on life - one that is a mix of spiritual openness and cynical realism.

capricorn and scorpio Love Compatibility

When it comes to Capricorn and Scorpio these two will have a relationship filled with love and intensity. Although they might hold back a little initially, when they bond, the rest is history. The water and earth elements work amazing in a partnership together, especially a romantic one. There is the perfect balance of sensitivity with the water and practically with the earth. Each one is able to listen intently to the other one and give a new and interesting perspective, which both will appreciate. As a water sign ruled by the planet of evolution and the underworld, Scorpio tends to be a bit of a mystery at times but with the dedication that Capricorn already has, trying to study Scorpio would not be so much of a task that cannot be handled. Sex for these two is beyond words. They are spiritual-minded lovers and end up in a sexual partnership explosive with passion and eroticism. Their bond is only strengthened by the sexual chemistry between them. Both are highly interested in the other one's pleasure and will always submit to the partner who wants to be more dominant when the moment calls for it.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Cardinal-Fixed

Scorpio is prepared to take on all the necessary tasks to successfully accomplish the current objective, whereas Capricorn is the one who takes the lead in getting things started. Together, they make a formidable team.

Polarity: Feminine-Feminine

They have a tendency to be introverted and regain their energy by spending time alone. They prefer to consider their actions before taking any steps.


Their natural sensuality and depth of emotion are on point. When Scorpio and Capricorn make a connection, these two enjoy the best of both worlds—private and public.

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Shared activities

Not into romantic activities as a couple. Together as a couple, Scorpio and Capricorn will strive for greatness. They both want to focus their energy on being useful rather than as a couple sit by the fire and kiss all night and day. Both will help around the house, garden or take a side project and work together on it. Yes, they are definitely not the regular romance activities kind of people.

capricorn and scorpio Marriage Compatibility

When the disciplined Capricorn unites with the intense Scorpio, it's a match of ambition and passion. The Capricorn and Scorpio marriage compatibility lies in Capricorn's determination complementing Scorpio's deep emotional investment. Capricorn's structured ways can provide a sense of stability to Scorpio, while Scorpio's intensity can add emotional depth to Capricorn's practical world. The Capricorn and Scorpio compatibility for marriage depends on their ability to appreciate each other's unique strengths. Scorpio's passion can add a layer of emotional richness to Capricorn's disciplined ways, while Capricorn's ambition can provide direction to Scorpio's passionate pursuits. Compatibility in marriage between Capricorn and Scorpio is about merging ambition with intensity. With mutual respect and understanding, this union can become a deeply connected and grounded partnership. The Scorpio and Capricorn compatibility for marriage is likely since they respect and understand each other's need for stability and success. Their combined motivation can create a potent alliance where both signs push one another toward shared objectives. Compatibility between Scorpio and Capricorn involves striking a balance between emotional depth and practical ambition. This combination has the capacity to produce a solid and enduring partnership that is marked by emotional intensity and practical advancement.

Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility Chart