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capricorn & virgo Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 81%
  • Love 87%
  • Sex 81%
  • Family 82%
  • Friendship 74%

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capricorn and virgo Compatibility

A harmonious bond

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • communicative
  • thoughtful
  • direct
  • sexual
  • practical
  • realistic

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • secretive
  • vindictive
  • controlling
  • demanding
  • picky
  • judgemental


Your two signs do well together, supporting each other's goals, unique quirks, and desires.

There is also great chemistry in this relationship and a bond of trust that tends to form between you carrying you through for the long haul!

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Virgo and Capricorn can create a stable bond built on mutual hard-work and constant dedication to each other. Virgo is the sign associated with Mercury, the planet which is known for being pragmatic and are the champions of communication while Capricorn maintains the cool-headed and hardworking energy under the rulership of Saturn. Although they are both of the earth element, Virgo tends to be more mentally focused because their ruling planet Mercury is associated with the mind. Therefore, Virgo is the one to keep conversations going and open the lines of communication. Capricorn appreciates this as they have a tendency to get lost in their own heads at times! Overall, these two find in each other the perfect partner. Their love will be strong and their intentions deeply sincere.

Values for capricorn and virgo

Together they have a penchant for perfection and would not settle for anything less. This makes their relationship tenser than it has to be because both are constantly placing pressure on each other. As earth signs, they desire financial stability which helps them maintain a focus on their dreams. Both will work incredibly hard to achieve what they want in life and together they are only stronger. As much as they love beautiful things and love comfort, they are quite sensible when it comes to finances. Virgo invents ideas while Capricorn helps put the couple's plans in motion. These two tend to be constantly working and then forget to have fun together!

capricorn and virgo Love Compatibility

When it comes to love these two are most likely to end up in a long term partnership, not just a quick fling. The earth signs tend to like commitment and more traditional relationship structures and it is no different when Virgo and Capricorn get together. With their realistic approach to life, they would do well when it comes to relationships. They do not let their emotions get the better part of them and are able to draw the line when common sense is required. Capricorn kick-starts ideas that Virgo is most likely to take over and run successfully. They are like an extension of each other not just dedicated to projects: they are equally committed. Sex tends to be the glue that keeps them together for the long haul. Capricorn deeply appreciates Virgo's attentiveness in bed and Virgo loves that Capricorn is always up for having sex. As the sign of the virgin, Virgo often comes across as coy or not interested in sex, but it is quite the opposite! And they are a good match for the highly sex-driven Capricorn. Intimacy is able to grow with these two, Virgo won't be willing to rush into bed too quickly, but will eventually and it will be worth the wait. . . Capricorn just needs to be patient!

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Cardinal-Mutable

Capricorn possesses a unique ability to bring excitement and liveliness to their relationships. They are highly intelligent and excel at coming up with innovative ideas. On the other hand, Virgo is extremely focused on details and exceptionally organized. However, at times they can be quite introverted and reserved.

Polarity: Feminine-Feminine

In order to work properly, both Virgo and Capricorn need to be linked together. Both signs derive strength from their own individual energies and tend to focus on themselves. However, when they come together, they bring a sense of discipline and establish a structured environment.


Virgo and Capricorn can become wholly devoted to one another. However, the Cardinality of Capricorn gives them strong material focus and need for awards and bonuses, while Virgo is okay with the work be its own reward.

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Shared activities

Getting to know each other better will create a deep, intimate bond. Both Virgo and Capricorn will value calm and relaxing activities. They value depth in relationships so as a couple they would love to spend time together talking about their life, childhood memories, hopes, and dreams.

capricorn and virgo Marriage Compatibility

Virgo's meticulous nature can provide the necessary structure for Capricorn's lofty ambitions. The Capricorn and Virgo marriage compatibility is defined by Capricorn's determination meeting Virgo's practicality. Capricorn's steadfast nature can inspire Virgo to dream bigger, while Virgo's organizational skills can help Capricorn execute their plans flawlessly. The Capricorn and Virgo compatibility for marriage is based on their mutual appreciation for hard work and planning. Virgo's analytical mind can help Capricorn navigate their path to success, while Capricorn's ambition can push Virgo to go beyond their comfort zone. Compatibility in marriage is about merging Capricorn's ambition with Virgo's meticulousness. This partnership, with understanding and respect, can pave the way to significant achievements. Compatibility between Virgo and Capricorn is based on their mutual respect for diligence and appreciation of each other's practical outlook. Virgo can be motivated by Capricorn's determination to accomplish new heights, while Capricorn can benefit from Virgo's accuracy to fulfill their objectives flawlessly. In order for them to be compatible as a married couple, Capricorn's tenacity and Virgo's attention to detail must be combined. Their union has the potential to be a model power couple that accomplishes great things together if they respect one other's abilities.

Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility Chart