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capricorn & aries Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 80%
  • Love 86%
  • Sex 89%
  • Family 67%
  • Friendship 76%

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capricorn and aries Compatibility

A bold combo

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • independent
  • quick-witted
  • optimistic
  • active
  • charming
  • fun

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • egocentric
  • hot-tempered
  • domineering
  • unpredictable
  • selfish
  • stubborn


This relationship works best when you can both appreciate each other's unique way of doing thing!

The dynamic between you keeps things alive while the chemistry between you is unmatched.

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Aries is ruled by the passion planet - Mars while Capricorn - by the Karma planet - Saturn. While Capricorn is concerned about the right and organized way of doing things, Aries does not really care about the consequences of every action. Capricorn maintains calmness and stays extremely calculative while Aries is loud and impulsive.

Values for capricorn and aries

Values for Capricorn and Aries are similar in that they both do everything they can to achieve the results however they go about things in a very different way. With Aries being a fire sign, they are active, bold, and relentless in their pursuits while Capricorn, being an earth sign, is receptive, calculated, and thorough. They both have extreme energy levels which tend to show up in the relationship. These two definitely push each other's buttons! The tension that builds between them is intense and spirited. Capricorn and Aries often bond over having heated debates and discussions. Neither one is afraid to impress their views upon the other one. Aries is a risk-taker, but with a Capricorn in the picture, the risk-taking would be checked. Regardless of the level of the risks they are willing to take, they go all out when they have a goal to meet.

capricorn and aries Love Compatibility

For love between a Capricorn and Aries to work, there has to be a willingness to contain their mutual energies, or it would be a catastrophic union, because of their domineering personalities. The passion will definitely be there and sexual chemistry might be as well! But they find that once they have sex a few times and the tension has been released, they no longer find each other as interesting or attractive as before. Overall, they have pretty hot and action-oriented sex. Aries helps Capricorn be more daring and adventurous and is turned on by Capricorn's sexual energy. Capricorn, in turn, is open to new sexual escapades and gets a thrill from exploring their wild side with Aries for a time. Intimacy is hard to build because Aries does not open up easily about their deeper feelings and Capricorn needs to know someone is all in before they put their heart on the line. One good thing from a Capricorn-Aries relationship is that they bring unique qualities to the relationship which could be a learning ground for both parties.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Cardinal-Cardinal

Aries individuals possess a high level of energy and are constantly seeking new endeavors, always moving forward to the next challenge. Meanwhile, Capricorn has a special ability to infuse the relationship with a renewed sense of vitality. Both signs display remarkable diligence and commitment to their work.

Polarity: Feminine-Masculine

Aries individuals are social beings who thrive on interacting with others and experiencing the outdoors. On the other hand, Capricorn individuals are more inclined towards privacy and find solace in the coziness of their own home. Despite these differences, both Aries and Capricorn possess a deep inner energy and intuitive nature. In this regard, Cancer can offer valuable support to Aries by aiding them in making wiser choices.


Aries can't get confused in a sudden situation and doesn't know how to respond to sudden changes. Capricorn can help him ease into changes.

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Shared activities

Activities they both like include physical movement. Bein together can be challenging for this duo, due to the fact that both are quite different. They can easily find activities they both like if they include physical movement. Both feel the need to pay attention to their bodies, so it is a good idea to work out together or go for a run, this way they would motivate each other.

capricorn and aries Marriage Compatibility

Don't be discouraged by your not-so-high compatibility percentage! Sure, the Capricorn and Aries marriage compatibility isn't as high as between some other signs, but it's ultimately just a number. And if you two learn to appreciate your differences, you can thrive in a long, happy marriage built on mutual respect and understanding. There's a lot that Capricorn and Aries can teach one another, so lifelong personal growth is guaranteed to be there in a Capricorn-Aries relationship. Maximizing the Capricorn and Aries compatibility for marriage is about making an effort to understand one's partner's point of view. As a Capricorn, you have a fantastic work ethic and a refreshingly realistic approach to life. But you might be too careful at times, to the point where your caution starts getting in the way of your ambitious dreams. An Aries partner, who is passionate, determined, and willing to take risks, can help with that. And you can definitely return the favor. Aries needs someone to ground them and show them how to follow through with their bold ideas. A Capricorn spouse is perfect for that. As long as you two are open to learning from each other, your compatibility in marriage won't be an issue.

Capricorn and Aries Compatibility Chart