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Expertise: Astrology Numerology Dream Interpretation Chakra Healing

    I am known in astrology circles as astrologer Kira and besides astrology, my interests revolve around Tarot, symbolism, psychology, human archetypes, natural healing, history, religion, and magical practices. For the past almost 50 years, since I learned how to read, I have been studying those subjects, and many more, while discovering new venues of human consciousness and how destiny works.

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    What clients say about Kira

    • KR
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      The best !!!!!

    • AM
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      So accurate. She really helped me understand what was going through the minds of two guys i dated/talked to. Helped me break up with them before they hurt me.

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      Blunt and honest! Just what you need in a reading!

    What I do

    I do astrology and tarot readings although many times besides those divination techniques, psychological support means a lot to my clients.

    How Can I Help You

    If you are seeking guidance, I will be here to give you precise astrology readings, analyze planetary influences on your life, and help you find the right path regarding past, present, or future love relationships, everything that is related to your career ambitions, and financial situation, your growth and education, as well as your social connections, family relationships, legal and property issues. But above anything else, I won't be there judging you at any moment. Your race, nation, religion, political or sexual orientation is part of your free will and heritage, and I will only interfere through my reading in those areas where you need help, without trying to change your moral or personal standards. My main purpose in life is to help all people I encounter and help them to feel content, and harmonious and fulfill their full potential. And if you are interested in hidden messages, my tarot readings can open up many new avenues in your consciousness and broaden your views

    My experience and qualification

    I have more than 20 years of experience in astrology, and more so when I think about it now. My natal chart is the chart of an astrologer with deep psychological insights. So this is the part of my life I surely cannot escape. My field of expertise is Western astrology, although I have more than 10 years of experience studying Vedic astrology, and as much while getting involved with tarot and subtle spiritual energies. The reputation of a direct person follows me for years. However, I will always have your best interests in mind. But please bear in mind that my role is not to make decisions instead of you or give you false hopes. I am here to show you the truth and find the best solutions for your own good. There is no amount of affirmation, magic, or hope that will influence other people and change their destiny, so try to focus on your own life and goals. This is where my help will be the most valuable.

    My Approach to Readings

    It doesn't matter whether you are stuck thinking about the past partner or thinking about the new love appearing in your life and exactly when – I will be able to look at your chart and determine what type of person will come to you and consequently save you so much time and spare you from dark thoughts. If you are with someone facing obstacles or you are still hoping someone will come back to you, I will precisely analyze your charts and determine the outcome. But let's not make it just about love because I can show you things still below the horizon and also, help you make proper choices in the matters of your education, career, or properties. If you are interested in when you will move, what will be the outcome of a court case, your search for a new job, or your outlook regarding your finances, I am here to give your exact predictions and put you at ease.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    My mission in this life is to serve all humans and all living beings, show them a better future, comfort them, and help them grow.