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When it comes to tarot readings, there are times when we seek specific answers about the timing of events. The when will it happen tarot is designed precisely for this purpose—to pinpoint a timeline for the occurrence of something significant.

While it’s always a good idea to have a tarot reading guided by a professional tarot expert, you can ask the cards “When will it happen?” even on your own. All you need is a tarot deck you trust and a guide to the when will it happen tarot spread. We can definitely help.

When Will It Happen Tarot Spread

Your 10 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    Meanings of the 10 Cards in When Will It Happen Tarot Reading

    Card 1

    The first card of the free when will it happen tarot reading represents the overall energy surrounding the outcome of the event you’re asking about. It may indicate the likelihood of the desired outcome.

    This card is like a compass guiding you toward understanding the true essence of what's in store. It's not just about whether the event will happen, but also about the quality and nature of its unfolding.

    Think of this card as a weather forecast for your situation, offering a sneak peek into the emotional and energetic climate surrounding the event. This insight can be invaluable in shaping your expectations and approach.

    Card 2

    The second card goes beyond the “When will it happen?” question and reveals the emotions and feelings you may experience when the potential outcome manifests or fails to materialize. This card aids in mental and emotional preparation.

    The second card of the when will it happen tarot spread acts as a mirror, reflecting your deepest feelings about the event's potential manifestation. Whether it's hope, fear, excitement, or apprehension, this card helps you acknowledge these emotions.

    Understanding your emotional landscape is crucial, as it can significantly influence your reaction to the outcome. This card serves as a gentle reminder to maintain emotional balance, regardless of the path the future takes.

    Card 3

    The third when will it happen card provides guidance on factors to consider or actions to take leading up to the desired outcome. Pay close attention to this card.

    Consider this card your personal advisor, suggesting what to focus on or actions to embrace as you navigate towards your goal. It might point out strengths to leverage or challenges to address.

    This guidance is not just about doing but also about being – what mindset or attitude will serve you best. This card is your ally in creating a conducive environment for your desires to materialize.

    Card 4

    The fourth card offers hints or clues regarding positive signs or indicators that precede the desired event or outcome. These are like “green lights” signaling it is time to proceed.

    This card is your beacon of hope, illuminating the signs and symbols that indicate you're on the right path. These positive signals might come in various forms - an unexpected opportunity, a chance meeting, or a gut feeling.

    This card teaches you to recognize and trust these signs, understanding that they are affirmations from the universe that you are aligned with your desired outcome.

    Card 5

    The fifth card of the free when will it happen tarot reading highlights any “red flags” or cautionary signs you may encounter before the desired outcome. Take your time and exercise caution when these appear.

    Acting as a watchful guardian, this card alerts you to potential obstacles or pitfalls. These warnings are not meant to discourage you but to empower you with foresight. By being aware of these signs, you can navigate more wisely, avoiding unnecessary setbacks.

    The fifth card encourages prudence and mindfulness, reminding you that sometimes the best action is to pause and reflect.

    Card 6

    The sixth card provides further insights into the timing of the anticipated event or outcome, building upon the previous cards.

    This card layers in the element of time, providing clues about when you might expect developments. It connects the dots between your current actions and their future impact, offering a broader perspective on timing.

    Remember, timing in tarot is fluid, so this card's insights are more about understanding the rhythm of events rather than pinpointing exact dates.

    Cards 7 to 10

    Grouped together, these cards offer a rough timeline for the upcoming year. Card 7 represents the near future, while Card 10 symbolizes events closer to a year away.

    Cards 7 to 10 together weave a narrative of your journey over the coming year. Card 7 touches on imminent events, setting the stage for what's to come. As you progress to Card 10, the story unfolds, revealing a broader picture that encompasses the next twelve months.

    Each card is a chapter in your story, offering insights into different phases and aspects of the journey ahead.

    Essential Things to Consider Before the When Will It Happen Tarot Reading

    If you are new to tarot, it is vital to understand the fundamentals before attempting the 10-card when will it happen tarot spread. Perhaps, the one card tarot reading when will it happen (or another one-card reading using one of the 37 best tarot questions) is a better starting point. But if you’re confident or have tarot experience, keep going.

    Selecting the right tarot deck plays a significant role. Take the time to connect with your spiritual intentions when choosing a deck. Trust your intuition to guide you towards the one that resonates most with you.

    Preparing for a tarot reading is also essential. Clarify your intentions, whether it involves a specific question or a general reading. Having a tarot study partner can be enjoyable and helpful, facilitating mutual learning and growth. However, self-education is entirely possible through online resources, local libraries, and an abundance of books on tarot.

    Before the reading, it is crucial to energetically protect your tarot deck by keeping negative thoughts and emotions at bay. Maintain focus on your intentions and avoid conducting a reading when in a negative state of mind.

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