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Psychic Term Interpretations

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    Shooting Star Symbolism: What Does Seeing a Shooting Star Mean?

    Humans have been mesmerized by shooting stars for ages—no wonder the shooting star symbolism is so fascinating to us. A common reason why people decide to have a dream reading is because they’ve seen a falling star in a dream. Interestingly, though, those beautiful flashing lights are not stars at all! They are actually meteoroids made up of rocks and dust that occasionally enter our atmosphere. Once the meteoroid enters our atmosphere, its particles heat up, leaving a bright light as it travels across the sky. But this is merely the scientific explanation for falling stars.

    • symbolism
    • dreams

    Spiritual Meaning of Hummingbird in a Dream and Beyond

    Although you can claim to be not spiritually connected, seeing the cute little hummingbird could be a truly magical experience, that’s why no wonder this bird is always associated with something good with deeper symbolism that something that’s small can still be meaningful. According to professional dream analysis ex[perts, the spiritual meaning of a hummingbird is a common question.

    • symbolism
    • dreams

    Spiritual Meaning of Butterfly

    Butterflies are believed to have a spiritual connection with humans, and they are also an object of near-universal fascination because of the unique process a butterfly undergoes across her lifespan. That being said, the spiritual meaning of seeing a butterfly varies depending on what kind and color of butterfly you see; if you’d like a thorough analysis, a spiritual reading makes sense. But let’s explore a bit first.

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