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Most Affected Zodiac Signs During August Full Moon in Aquarius

In astrology, the Moon moves through each of the twelve zodiac signs, spending approximately two and a half days in each sign. In August, the Full Moon is illuminated by the zodiac sign Aquarius, known for its unique and magical energy.

Aquarius is an air sign associated with innovation, originality, intellectual pursuits, and a strong sense of humanitarianism. When the Full Moon occurs in Aquarius, it can amplify these traits and emotions for people, bringing attention to issues related to community, social justice, and forward-thinking ideas.

During this time, people may feel a heightened sense of individuality and a desire for personal freedom. They might be more open to exploring unconventional perspectives and embracing their unique qualities. There may also be a focus on group activities and collaborating with others to work toward common goals.

The August Full Moon in Aquarius holds unique energy and influences each zodiac sign differently. Some signs are affected deeply or negatively, and have more of a struggle during this time. Here are the zodiac signs that will be most affected during this luminous Moon.


You will be put to the test during this Full Moon in August, as trust will be put to the test in all aspects. Those close to you will seem like strangers, and it will take a lot of convincing by even your closest friends that they have your best interest in mind. Close and personal intimate relationships will also be tested, as Venus transits through your 11th house, causing chaos and misunderstandings. Try your hardest to stay strong and focus on getting out of this in one piece. Financial matters can also be put to the test, so keeping a close eye on spending habits will be beneficial.


You will have a very full plate during this August Full Moon, as you find yourself busier than ever. The theme for you is balance, and you may feel as though every part of your personal life is thrown up in the air. Your health and diet will be a focus, as you need to pay closer attention to what you do with your spare time and how much you take time to focus on health and wellness. Work and career also take a plunge, as Mars shifts into your 4th house of work and home. 


This full moon brings lots of change to your life, in all areas. Looking at where you are in life, get ready to ask the tougher questions. Are you happy with your chosen career? What about your life partner, if you have found one. Are they the one, or are your needs not being met anymore? Think about all the areas in your life that need fine-tuning. Something needs to change, and it starts with taking the first small step. As the planet Mercury comes into your 7th house of cosmic understanding, try to take notice of who is in your life that may need to be left behind. This Aquarius full moon challenges you to take control and make any changes necessary, even if they scare you.

Overall, the sign that has the hardest time during this full moon is Scorpio, as change is always good but almost always hard and scary. Scorpio will feel like nothing in their life will be the same, but it is just the journey that needs to happen. Change is needed in order to uncover some truths, no matter what. Introspective thinking will assist in this time of rebirth and discovery.

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