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Expertise: Astrology Psychic Medium

    Hello Friends, My Name is Ameesh. I am 43 years old. I have been on the spiritual and paranormal path since childhood. I love meditation. I have been working hard for my gift for the last three decades. I did lots of research and read many books for my assistance. I am thankful to God, who gave me a spiritual gift. 

    I am a gifted psychic medium with over 15 years of professional experience. I am an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. I use Vedic astrology, question astrology, numerology, and energy reading to help my clients. I have 1000s of satisfied clients and five-star ratings. The happiness of my clients is my wealth.

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    What clients say about Ameesh

    • KS
      Opening quotation marks

      The more we talked the more accurate the reading! Gave me great advice.

    • LO
      Opening quotation marks

      very kind, however i felt the information wasnot as speicifc as other readers

    • NA
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      nice and accurate

    What I do

    Love and relationships are the most essential part of our lives. My love and relationship reading helps my client to improve If love life and relationship. Love readings answer almost every question of love life, like when will I find love? Will I find true love in my life? Will I get married?, When will I get married? How will the personality of your future partner be? Where will I meet my partner?

    Relationship readings help my clients clear their doubts about relationships. For example, Is my partner cheating? Am I with the right person? Will I break with my current partner? Will I marry with my current partner? Will my ex be back? etc

    How Can I Help You

    I am an expert in career and professional astrology readings. My career guidance helps my clients to achieve success in their careers. We have plenty of questions in our minds related to employment. Career astrology reading clears all droughts related to professional life. What will be the best career option, like a job, business, or self-profession? What will be the best career option for me? When will I get the job? When will I get a promotion? When should I change my current position? Am I on the right career path? Etc. During the career astrology reading, you can ask questions and get clarification about your career.

    Besides love, career, and relationships, I can guide you in various parts of life, like finance, property, childbirth, travel, and property-related issues. I suggest gemstones, crystals, mantras, and other suitable remedies to strengthen your planets.

    My experience and qualification

    I have a master's degree in Economics. I am pursuing a master's degree in astrology. I am a second-level reiki healer. I have 15 years of experience in astrology. I have been working with Nebula for the last three years. I also worked with many Indian and Overseas clients. I love the mantra and energy healing.

    Astrology is in my soul. My grandfather was the most famous astrologer in my city. I worked with him from my childhood. I take every case seriously with total energy and devotion.

    My Approach to Readings

    I am a friendly and emphatic person. You can talk to me openly and share your problems freely. I will read your energy, and I will guide and advise you. I will tell you what you should do and avoid related to your concern. You will like my reading, and I will ensure you positive results through genuine reading, truth, and no sugarcoating, delivered with quick connections by an expert.

    My ultimate goals are to empower you, inspire positive motivation, unlock your true potential, and fulfill your highest success and happiness. I can illuminate your path with love and light.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    I am a fourth-generation astrologer and psychic working with many tools.

    I need your details to create your horoscope. I can also provide energy readings or replies by numerology and question astrology. Please start a chat with me without hesitation and ask your questions. God bless you.