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Free Relationship Tarot Reading

The reading of tarot cards is an excellent way to get an insight into your love life. Any person can have a tarot card reading. Ideally, it makes sense to have a guided session with a professional tarot reader, as an outside perspective, especially from someone who has extrasensory perception, is irreplaceable.

However, you can use a tarot deck to better understand your romantic relationship even without a professional reader (although it won’t be nearly as insightful or accurate). All you need is a tarot deck, Nebula’s guide to tarot cards’ meanings, and a step-by-step instruction on how to use the spread you choose.

Relationship Tarot Spread

Your 8 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    What’s a Relationship Tarot Spread Free?

    If you’ve leafed through Nebula’s tarot spread guides, you know there’s no shortage of free tarot spreads relationship guidance. Whether you’re looking for a soulmate, want to know what your love interest thinks of you, or would like to find out whether marriage is something you should expect soon, we have the spreads you’re looking for.

    One of the most in-depth and comprehensive free relationship tarot spreads is a big spread for people who are currently in a relationship and want to understand the dynamic between themselves and their partner better. This free relationship tarot reading spread consists of seven cards. Each of the cards will offer you valuable insight into various aspects of your relationship.

    Free Relationship Tarot Spread: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Now, let’s look at what each card in the free relationship tarot spread stands for.

    Card #1: Your View of the Relationship

    The first card of the free online relationship tarot reading represents how you currently feel about the relationship and whether or not you’re happy with it. It reflects your thoughts and feelings about where you are with your partner.

    For example, The Lovers represents a sense of harmony and a strong bond between you and your partner.

    Card #2: Your Partner’s View of the Relationship

    The second card shows your partner’s feelings about the relationship. If there’s a serious difference between the message of the first vs. second cards, it’s a bit of a red flag.

    For example, the Five of Pentacles in this position might be a sign that your partner lacks security in the relationship.

    Card #3: Communication Between You and Your Partner

    The third card describes the way you and your partner communicate. If you don’t like what the card you draw in this position represents, consider working on your communication to make it more open and honest.

    Say you draw the King of Cups. It would mean that your relationship is emotionally stable and mature, and you should be proud of the communication you’ve built.

    Card #4: Strength of the Relationship

    The fourth card represents the strengths of your relationship. It points to what works well in your communication with your significant other and doesn’t need to be changed in any way.

    For instance, the Ten of Cups stands for emotional fulfillment. Probably, the emotional aspect of the relationship between you and your loved one is exceptional.

    Card #5: Weaknesses of the Relationship

    This card reveals the weaknesses of the relationship. It can point toward the areas that need attention, improvement, or healing.

    For example, The Tower is a sign that your relationship might be facing sudden upheavals, and you need to brace yourself.

    Card #6: The Past of the Relationship

    This card describes the history of your relationship. It can refer to past events or issues that are still affecting the dynamic between the two of you.

    Say you draw the Two of Wands in this position. It would mean that in the early stages of your relationship, it had potential and was filled with planning and looking forward. 

    Card #7: The Present of the Relationship

    The seventh card describes the current dynamic in the relationship. It can let you know what the key characteristics of your partnership are at the moment.

    For example, the Seven of Swords stands for hidden agendas.

    Card #8: The Outcome of the Relationship

    The eighth card predicts potential future directions the relationship may take. It suggests what might happen if things keep going the same way they currently do.

    For example, the Four of Wands predicts a joyful milestone ahead.

    An Afterword

    When you have a tarot card reading, you should remember that you still have free will, and everything is in your hands. If the reading reveals that a relationship doesn’t work and there are a lot of weaknesses, you have a chance to turn things around.

    A relationship tarot reading free spread is a glimpse into your situation and potential future. If you’re willing and determined, you have the power to change anything you don’t like based on the information you get during the reading. Very few things in your destiny are pre-determined, and you almost always can impact the result.

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