virgo & libra Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 75%
  • Love 72%
  • Sex 78%
  • Family 63%
  • Friendship 62%

virgo and libra Compatibility

A very refined couple

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • selfless
  • analytical
  • eloquent refined
  • cordial
  • amiable

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • incredulous
  • hesitant
  • jealous
  • unsure
  • distant
  • indifferent


Outwardly this relationship may appear absolutely perfect, but things tend to move slow in this connection and timing isn't always just right.

Your partner will tend to be very thoughtful, but a concerted effort is needed in order to feel romantic depth with each other!

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In a Virgo-Libra love match the pair balances out each other pretty well but tend to lack chemistry overall. They work well in a friendship or business relationship as opposed to romance. Virgo, as an earth sign ruled by Mercury, is interested in systems and flow of information while Libra, as an air sign and ruled by Venus is also interested in the flow of information, but applies it to their social interactions and networking. Together they manage to bond over their love of organization and perfecting things.

Values for virgo and libra

Both signs love and appreciate art and easily complement each other. Virgo is a lover of order and principle which usually yields wonderful results, a trait that Libra loves and adores. The duo will make good art collectors, judging by their innate keen eye for aesthetics. Virgo has a liking for Libra's inborn charisma. Both signs view life from a liberal and practical mindset and value facts over moodiness or emotions. Virgo is also an excellent conversationalist and thinker, so these two will have quite exciting conversations. Balance will never be an issue for these lovers because Libra, symbolized by the scales, stands for stability and this is something Virgo values as well. The pair, combining energies, project one obvious thing-beauty. Their characteristics tend to work well in situations where they have to collaborate or combine energy. Libra will help initiate the project and Virgo will push them forward to see it through and will help them maintain flexibility as needed.

virgo and libra Love Compatibility

This couple will be able to deal with the ups and downs of the relationship by maintaining balance, one of their greatest strengths. If the couple can come to a conclusion that they both view the world differently, they may be able to make this relationship work. The air element of Libra does not tend to be compatible with the earth element. This can create a mismatch in their chemistry with each one focused on different emotional expressions. Virgo, as the sign of the maiden, wants sex to be well thought out, wants to give more than receive, and is mostly focused on their partner while Libra, as the sign of the scales, looks for more balance in sex. They want both partners to give equally which tends to be a bad match for Virgo's natural tendencies in bed. As sexual chemistry is lacking the spark just isn't there. These signs value many of the same things in life but their lust for life and drive to achieve their goals are so different that a long term partnership rarely works out when these issues start to arise.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Mutable-Cardinal

Virgo is detail-oriented and prepared, but sometimes they tend to be very reserved. Libra is the sign who inspires and thinks big. Both push and motivate each other to succeed.

Polarity: Feminine-Masculine

Libra possesses external strength and passionate energy, while Virgo is very self-disciplined. They have a lot to learn from one another.


It may be fun at first, but one being Mutable sign the other Cardinal or initiator can have its own challenges. Having straightforward communication can help them overcome tension and problems.

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Shared activities

As a couple, they will struggle to find shared romantic activities other than traveling. This is a couple that will value all the same things, but yet have so many different activities and interests. They can perhaps agree to go together to a destination where Virgo can learn, and Libra can enjoy the beauty. As a couple, they will struggle to find shared romantic activities other than traveling.

virgo and libra Marriage Compatibility

The coupling of practical Virgo with idealistic Libra creates an interesting blend. The Virgo and Libra marriage compatibility relies on Virgo’s detail-oriented nature, complementing Libra's harmonious disposition. Virgo’s pragmatism keeps Libra grounded, while Libra’s love for beauty can introduce Virgo to a more romantic view of life. The Virgo and Libra compatibility for marriage comes from understanding and appreciating their differences. Virgo can support Libra in achieving balance, while Libra can teach Virgo to be less critical and enjoy the beauty in life. Compatibility in marriage between Virgo and Libra is about creating a synergy of practicality and idealism. With understanding and respect for each other’s attributes, their union can bring the best of both worlds, blending pragmatism with love for beauty and harmony. Their ability to respect and value one another's differences underpins their marital compatibility. Virgo can learn to appreciate life's beauty from Libra's harmonious outlook, while Libra's romantic world can find stability in Virgo's practical outlook. Finding a harmonious balance between idealism and pragmatism is necessary for Libra and Virgo's compatibility. Their relationship can mix the strength of practicality with the beauty of idealism if they can communicate well and respect one another.

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