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scorpio & scorpio Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 84%
  • Love 89%
  • Sex 90%
  • Family 90%
  • Friendship 68%

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scorpio and scorpio Compatibility

An intense match

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • passionate
  • smart
  • purposeful
  • focused
  • determined
  • deep

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • secretive
  • domineering
  • manipulative
  • controlling
  • inflexible
  • demanding


Together you find depth, meaning, and intensity, which can be just what you are both after in a partner!

You will have to work on expressing your more vulnerable emotions and not bottling everything up inside in order to create the trust you both value in a relationship.

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This relationship tends to be very obsessive. It is filled with intense passion as they are intimate in every possible way. The intensity might appear innocent enough, but as Scorpios are passionate people naturally, together, it is just multiplied when they get into a relationship. Scorpio is a water sign, which means their energy is slower moving yet emotional. This also implies that they tend to hide or bottle up their emotions deep inside, letting the pressure build. Finding a healthy expression for each other's energy will be a major factor in keeping this relationship flowing and fluid!

Values for scorpio and scorpio

Scorpio with another Scorpio is a good match due to their similar values and natural habits, although it is a lot of personality for one relationship. They are extremely goal-oriented, and when they are together, they are an excellent, unconquerable duo! These signs value intelligence and the psychological powers of the mind. Their archetype allows them deeper insights into the psychic and spiritual energy that exists in the world and they love to investigate the meaning of life. They also have the mind of a scientist and will sometimes appear very rational. Their ruling planet Pluto symbolizes their tendency to end up in fields of work related to research. Together they are knowledge seekers and deep thinkers. This is an intense relationship but one that overwhelming brings a profound sense of meaning.

scorpio and scorpio Love Compatibility

They tend to value security, loyalty, and emotional connection in a relationship. This often leads them to be very possessive of each other or jealous at times. In addition, their need to feel close to their partner along with their powers of persuasion often leads them to be more manipulative than most. Therefore, two Scorpios together are well matched as they won't allow each other to be swayed and will be able to maintain their autonomy and individuality. Their sex life is fantastic because it is a combination of passion and sensuality. When these lovers feel ready to open up to each other emotionally things tend to work for them. As the symbol of the Scorpion implies, their relationship can be forceful and sting at times. Neither are afraid to explore the taboo and their sex life will be open to the unconventional. Overall, intimacy comes naturally to them. As the same sign they tend to have similar outlooks, habits, and compulsions which makes them understand each other on a deep and profound level.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Fixed-Fixed

Scorpios together are effective. They both have the ability for identifying exactly what needs to be done, and since they are people of action, they start doing it instantly.

Polarity: Feminine-Feminine

They can be shy and often need to "recharge" by being alone. The best thing about their nature is that they like to think before they act.


They are determined and have powerful energy. But too much power struggle can break them apart. They need to learn to adapt more easily to new people.

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Shared activities

They either will travel or spend the time in the bedroom. They won't have a hard time agreeing on where to go and what to do together. They might choose to take an exciting trip, have a romantic dinner by the beach, or get tandem massages or just have a lot of sex. Two Scorpio partners can be a dream come true when it comes to sex. However the more time they spend together, the less energy they might have.

scorpio and scorpio Marriage Compatibility

When two Scorpios come together, it's a cosmic alliance of intensity and passion. The Scorpio and Scorpio marriage compatibility is rooted in their shared depth and emotional resonance. This relationship can be an intense journey of self-discovery. They are unafraid to explore the profound depths of their emotions and psyches, making their bond stronger and deeper. The strength of their emotional connection often manifests in their shared pursuits and life ambitions, which they fearlessly strive towards together. The Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility for marriage can be high due to their shared passion and emotional understanding. However, with intensity comes the risk of conflict. Therefore, open communication and mutual respect become essential for the relationship to thrive. Their shared intuitive understanding of each other's emotional needs can often help smooth over any potential conflicts, turning disputes into opportunities for deeper understanding and bonding. It is the shared vulnerability that makes them resilient and fosters a profound connection that withstands the test of time. Together, two Scorpios can create an impassioned and deeply resonant bond, where every shared experience is an opportunity for profound emotional growth and mutual discovery. Their intense connection, when channeled constructively, can maximize compatibility in marriage.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility: Pros and Cons


  • Intense Emotional Connection: Both Scorpios share a deep understanding of each other’s emotions and can create a profound bond based on mutual empathy and support.
  • Trust and Loyalty: Scorpios value trust and loyalty, making them fiercely committed and dedicated partners in a relationship.
  • Intuitive Communication: Scorpios have an innate ability to sense and understand each other’s unspoken thoughts and feelings, leading to a strong and intuitive communication style.
  • Passionate Love Life: The combination of two Scorpios can result in a passionate and transformative love life, where desires are explored and intimacy is heightened.


  • Power Struggles: Both Scorpios have strong personalities and a desire for control, which can lead to power struggles and conflicts within the relationship.
  • Emotional Intensity: The deep emotions of Scorpios can sometimes create overwhelming intensity, leading to frequent emotional highs and lows that require careful navigation.
  • Jealousy and Possessiveness: Scorpios can be possessive and jealous, which, when combined, may intensify these tendencies within the relationship, potentially leading to trust issues.
  • Stubbornness: Scorpios are known for their stubbornness, and when two Scorpios collide, it can be challenging to find common ground and reach compromises.

Scorpio and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

In terms of friendship, Scorpio and Scorpio share a powerful bond. They understand each other’s depths, fears, and secrets, creating a sense of trust and loyalty between them. They are fiercely protective of one another and are always there to support and uplift each other. Both Scorpios value authenticity and are not afraid to delve into deep conversations and explore the mysteries of life. However, their intense personalities can also lead to power struggles and clashes of ego. It is important for them to maintain open communication, respect boundaries, and allow space for individual growth. With these efforts, Scorpio and Scorpio can form an unbreakable friendship.

Communication Compatibility

Communication between two Scorpios can be both intense and profound. They have a natural understanding of each other’s emotions and can delve into deep and meaningful conversations effortlessly. Their intuition allows them to pick up on subtle cues and unspoken messages, enhancing their connection. However, their strong personalities and desire for control can sometimes lead to power struggles and conflicts. It is crucial for Scorpios to practice active listening, express their thoughts and feelings honestly, and be willing to compromise. When they prioritize open and respectful communication, Scorpio and Scorpio can build a strong and transformative bond.

Life Compatibility for Scorpio and Scorpio

Life compatibility between two Scorpios is both intense and transformative. They have a deep understanding of each other’s desires, fears, and ambitions, and they support each other in achieving their goals. Both Scorpios value personal growth and are willing to face challenges head-on. However, their intense and passionate natures can sometimes lead to power struggles and conflicts. It is important for them to find a balance between their individual needs and maintain open communication. When they navigate life’s challenges together, Scorpio and Scorpio can create a life filled with depth, passion, and transformation.

Moon And Rising Sign Compatibility

In terms of moon and rising sign compatibility, Scorpio and Scorpio are highly compatible. Their shared water element enhances their emotional connection and intuition. They understand each other’s deep emotions and can navigate the complexities of their inner worlds. Their intensity and passion align, creating a strong and transformative bond. However, their strong personalities and desire for control can sometimes lead to power struggles. It is important for them to balance their individual needs and embrace compromise. With open communication and understanding, Scorpio and Scorpio can harmonize their moon and rising signs, deepening their connection.


Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Compatiblity

When a Scorpio man and Scorpio woman come together, their connection is a fusion of intense emotions and magnetic attraction. Their shared traits of passion, loyalty, and deep intuition create a powerful bond between them. They understand each other’s desires and fears, forming a profound emotional connection. However, their similarities can also lead to power struggles and clashes of ego, as both seek dominance in the relationship. With open communication, trust, and a willingness to compromise, a Scorpio man and Scorpio woman can create a love that is both transformative and enduring.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Scorpio and Scorpio are highly compatible signs. Their shared traits and intense personalities create a deep and passionate connection. They understand each other on a profound level and can form a strong bond based on trust and loyalty.

  • Scorpios share several common characteristics, including their intensity, determination, and deep emotional nature. They are fiercely loyal, intuitive, and possess a magnetic presence. Both Scorpios value privacy and have a strong need for control. They are also known for their depth of feeling, passion, and desire for transformative experiences.

  • One potential challenge in a Scorpio and Scorpio relationship is the potential for power struggles and possessiveness. Both partners can be highly suspicious and jealous, which can lead to trust issues if not properly addressed. Their intense emotions can also amplify conflicts and create dramatic situations. It is essential for Scorpios to learn to communicate openly, manage their possessiveness, and find a balance between their need for independence and intimacy.

  • To maintain a healthy and happy relationship, Scorpios should prioritize open and honest communication. They should strive to understand and respect each other’s boundaries, allowing space for individual growth and expression. Developing trust and loyalty is crucial, and practicing forgiveness and compromise will help overcome challenges. Additionally, nurturing shared interests and pursuing new experiences together can keep the relationship exciting and fulfilling.

  • Some famous Scorpio and Scorpio couples include Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey, and Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell. Their compatibility can be seen in their ability to understand each other’s complex emotions and create a strong connection based on mutual passion and loyalty.