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pisces & virgo Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 82%
  • Love 85%
  • Sex 86%
  • Family 82%
  • Friendship 76%

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pisces and virgo Compatibility

A bond of rational emotions

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • attentive
  • hard-working
  • empathetic
  • caring
  • affectionate
  • attentive

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • cynical
  • moody
  • picky
  • demanding
  • manipulative
  • contradictory


This connection tends to give you exactly what you desire in a partnership with the perfect pace at all stages of your union!

You can feel deeply supported as you evolve together through shared dreams, blissful romance, and unconditional love.

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Pisces is the opposite sign to Virgo on the zodiacal wheel, which actually means these two have a great chance for success! The archetype of these two signs tends to be very similar as they are working with a coordinating mindset and approach to life. The classical ruling planet of Pisces, Jupiter is associated with spirituality and the higher mind, which closely mirrors Virgo's ruling planet Mercury, which is associated with healing and spiritual wellness. Virgo and Pisces like to experience life on their terms, not too rushed, but not too slow. Overall these signs can find success in many areas of life including: business, romantic, and especially as long-lasting friends.

Values for pisces and virgo

Being signs whose archetypes are closely aligned with service, devotion, and health gives Virgo and Pisces a well-matched outlook on life. Both of these signs feel respect for adjustability, tolerance, and the ability to maneuver around obstacles. There can be times where they will be too hard on each other and will need to find common ground, as Virgo is an earth sign they can be very critical of Pisces' watery, dreamy, and ethereal energy. If they want to maintain harmonic relations they will need to work on unconditional acceptance of each other. Virgo is the stronger communicator of the pair and will help guide the way in this regard. Pisces needs a partner that can help root their ungrounded energy, and Virgo loves to fix people, which can lead this pair into a co-dependent situation.

pisces and virgo Love Compatibility

Romantic relations between Pisces and Virgo promise to be very interesting if the partners find a way of combining Pisces' imagination with the pragmatic views of Virgo. They both tend to be open to new experiences and will never get bored together. Mutual respect for each other, and a willingness to solve problems as they arise can make this pair profoundly and unequivocally fall for each other. When earth and water signs get together, they have a great chance of success, as they complement each other immensely. Signs of these elements have an intense sensual desire and want to experience connection on both a physical and emotional level. Sex for them can be a transcendental, romantic, and a deeply bonding experience. They often want to experiment with slow and prolonged sexual pleasure. Deciding what makes these two relaxed and comfortable in a relationship, as well as the bedroom, sets this partnership up for success!

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Mutable-Mutable

Pisces have the ability to easily adapt to situations and accept them as they are, being able to change themselves accordingly. Similarly, Virgo is a sign that handles changes effectively and efficiently.

Polarity: Feminine-Feminine

Pisces and Virgo, as astrological signs, share a deep bond when it comes to emotions and feelings. Consequently, individuals belonging to these signs exhibit remarkably heightened intuition.


Both very intuitive and sensitive will do great on the polarity level. Although they match in their emotions and feelings, lack of persistence and a lot of life changes might lead to various difficulties. They need to try to be more stable together.

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Shared activities

Virgo and Pisces are opposing signs and their attraction is very strong. Pisces, the romantic soul, is drawn to have a fairytale romance, but Virgo might not be a fan of that. But once they get into the magical world of Pisces, Virgo discovers the beauty of their love. When these partners are together, they can make each other feel like anything is possible. So romance will win, and both will sleep under the stars, gaze into the eyes of each other while sitting on a swing or travelling to the most romantic places.

pisces and virgo Marriage Compatibility

Virgo's practical approach can provide the necessary grounding to Pisces' dreamy nature. The Pisces and Virgo marriage compatibility is based on Pisces's imaginative mind being complemented by Virgo's meticulous planning. Pisces's creative nature can inspire Virgo to see beyond the tangible, while Virgo's pragmatism can provide a stable platform for Pisces's dreams. The Pisces and Virgo compatibility for marriage rests on the balance between Pisces's creativity and Virgo's practicality. Virgo can learn to embrace the abstract from Pisces, while Pisces can benefit from Virgo's grounded approach. Compatibility in marriage is about merging Pisces's dreaminess with Virgo's meticulousness. This partnership, if built on mutual understanding, can form a creative and functional bond. The contrast between Virgo's meticulousness and Pisces' creativity match well. Virgo can encourage Pisces to dream greater, while Pisces can encourage Virgo to stay grounded and focused. Compatibility between Virgo and Pisces is about balancing reality with fantasy. A healthy and satisfying relationship can be achieved with this combination when there is respect and understanding on both sides.

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility Chart