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pisces & aquarius Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 89%
  • Love 91%
  • Sex 93%
  • Family 90%
  • Friendship 82%

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pisces and aquarius Compatibility

An exceptional and unique couple

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • high in energy
  • romantic
  • curious
  • innovative
  • playful
  • experimental

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • sarcastic
  • stubborn
  • indifferent
  • cold
  • egocentric
  • manipulative


Your appreciation for each other's creativity and minds will run deep, however, there tends to be a disconnect over your very different approaches to life.

Finding ways to incorporate more compromise into this relationship will go a long way!

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The patron planets of Pisces are Neptune and Jupiter, while Aquarius is influenced by Uranus and Saturn. Jupiter and Neptune inspire spiritual research, philosophical thinking, and craving for knowledge. Uranus is responsible for innovations and generating ideas and projects. Saturn is associated with public life, and determination, necessary for realizing Uranus types of projects. When Pisces and Aquarius come together they have all the chances to create a harmonic union, full of mutual admiration, respect, and cooperation as friends and business partners. However, they tend to be a mismatch when it comes to love. They are both innovators in their own way, which will initially pique their interest in each other, but their emotional and spiritual differences will make it difficult for them to find common ground.

Values for pisces and aquarius

Aquarius is set in their ways and ideas about the world, society, belief, and themselves while Pisces is a water sign, making them changeable, fluid, and osmotic in their approach to beliefs and themselves. At times Pisces, being a water sign and ruled by Neptune, means they will have trouble identifying specific emotions or knowing if what they are feeling is coming from them or somewhere else. This will trouble and frustrate the structured mind of the Aquarius. They do, however, share views regarding human values, high ideals, creativity, freedom, and innovation. However, Pisces prefers watching rather than acting according to their beliefs, in contrast with Aquarius. Together, they have the opportunity to show each other a different way of being, and might even learn a lot from each other if they can open up to their differences.

pisces and aquarius Love Compatibility

As a water sign with the symbol of the fish, Pisces cannot live outside the ocean of feelings and strongly needs to share their emotions with their partner. Aquarius has a love of rational thinking and rejects overly emotional perspectives. For this reason, Aquarius has no desire to be a container for Pisces emotions or to express their own feelings. Under such conditions, it is nearly impossible for romance to develop. In sex and intimacy, these two also take different approaches, although, both will be open to experimentation together. The mix of the air and water elements tends to bring up some awkward situations in the bedroom as air represents detachment, verbal communication, and equal exchange, while water represents receptivity, sensing, and emotional depth, they tend not to blend well. In addition, Aquarius is an active or yang sign that wants to push for their own experience while more subdued Pisces is a yin sign, and will constantly be waiting for Aquarius to meet their sexual needs.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Mutable-Fixed

Sometimes, Aquarius can be quite obstinate and prefers to have things done their own way, regardless of the circumstances. Nevertheless, their diligent and industrious character surpasses this weakness. On the other hand, Pisces excels in dealing with transformations and can assist Aquarius in adjusting to changes more effortlessly.

Polarity: Feminine-Masculine

Pisces have a deep connection to their emotions and feelings, which gives them a heightened intuition. Aquarius, on the other hand, exudes a compelling energy that has a strong impact on people. When paired together, they make for a formidable duo.


They need to have plenty of space and time to themselves. For a relationship between these signs to work, Pisces needs to Aquarius more space than usual.

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Shared activities

There is a strong link between these two signs. Pisces is always open for change, and Aquarius will enthusiastically provide some. Their interests can be quite similar, but the small compromises can help a lot. Pisces will gladly visit an art show, but make it a modern one so Aquarius will be interested as well.

pisces and aquarius Marriage Compatibility

When intuitive Pisces pairs with innovative Aquarius, it's a fascinating mix of empathy and inventiveness. The Pisces and Aquarius marriage compatibility lies in Pisces' compassionate nature harmonizing with Aquarius' forward-thinking mindset. Pisces' empathetic soul can touch Aquarius, while Aquarius' inventive spirit can invigorate Pisces' intuitive world. The Pisces and Aquarius compatibility for marriage depends on their mutual respect for each other’s distinctive strengths. Aquarius' innovation can stimulate Pisces' creative nature, while Pisces' understanding soul can bring warmth to Aquarius' innovative life. Compatibility in marriage between Pisces and Aquarius is about merging empathy with innovation. With mutual understanding and appreciation, this partnership can lead to a relationship filled with emotional depth and groundbreaking ideas. The capacity to value and appreciate each other's distinctive strengths is essential for Aquarius and Pisces to be compatible for marriage. The compassionate nature of Pisces can add a dimension to the Aquarian universe, while the visionary nature of Aquarius might encourage Pisces to consider novel alternatives. Compatibility between Aquarius and Pisces is about balancing empathy and inventiveness. This collaboration can offer a healthy connection rich in intellectual stimulation and emotional depth if there is mutual respect and understanding.

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility Chart