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libra & capricorn Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 71%
  • Love 74%
  • Sex 75%
  • Family 70%
  • Friendship 65%

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libra and capricorn Compatibility

A lively combo

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • curious
  • purposeful
  • patient
  • dynamic
  • focused
  • caring

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • jealous
  • secretive
  • contradictory
  • controlling
  • demanding
  • inflexible


There is a unique dynamic that happens when your two signs get together that requires some finessing!

The relationship compatibility shows that you will have to explore and accept your differences in order to form a bond that feels balanced and supportive.

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With Capricorn being ruled by Saturn the planet of discipline and Libra is ruled by the planet of love, Venus, means these two tend to have a tough go at a relationship, even as friends. These two signs don't have much in common, so it's essential for Libra and Capricorn to work through their differences. This love match is not easy for either partner, besides any usual relationship problems. This partnership has a lack of love and will always feel somewhat tense as these signs form a dynamic square aspect in the zodiac. Their desires will be at odds and their energy levels will cause disagreements, something Libra cannot and will not stand for.

Values for libra and capricorn

The most important values Libra and Capricorn share are the value of time and taking responsibility, they tend to place high importance on reasoning abilities. This can help them overcome differences and opposing attitudes, values or convictions. Capricorn is an earth sign and will be highly focused on physical and material needs, they will also want to be constantly learning and taking on new projects and schools of thought. Libra is more focused on visual aesthetics, making friends, and being social, therefore, will find Capricorn's disciplined and education-focused life not very fun or interesting. Libra would rather learn from others than books! In addition, their work ethics differ dramatically. Libra wants work-life balance, as the symbol of the scales and Capricorn wants to achieve at all costs as the sign of the mountain climbing goat.

libra and capricorn Love Compatibility

Both value a balanced family life, interspersed with social events in which the graceful Libra attracts admiration while the ambitious Capricorn makes useful professional contacts. However, Capricorn's tendency to subdue emotions until deeply evoked makes for a poor partner choice for a Libra who seeks attachment and approval. With Capricorn hiding their feelings, this leads to a similar trend with the Libra which makes for a relationship without feelings or emotions. In bed, sex can be dynamic but chemistry will be lacking overall. Libra doesn't appreciate Capricorn's earthy approach to sex and finds them too invested in the physical part of the intimate relationship. Libra thinks it is more important to bond through a mental connection and only then follow that with a physical connection. Love for them will be a karmic experience, pulling them together for a brief time to learn lessons, and then when they are ready to separate ways they will have gained something they did not have prior to each other.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Cardinal-Cardinal

Capricorn has the talent to create new things and inspire, while Libra generates ideas and has the talent to be creative. At the modality level, they are a good fit.

Polarity: Masculine-Feminine

Libra thrives off from external energy. Capricorn as signs thrives off from internal energy. They need to work on meeting each halfway, so they can have balance.


They think big and work hard. However, Capricorn loses respect for the people-pleaser like Libra. If they give it more time to accept their differences things might work out and Capricorn will see that Libra is not just all talk and no action like they see it.

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Shared activities

They will appear boring to others but content between themselves. Both can be found on the sofa watching movies and tv shows. They are not an energy couple but rather tend to take it easy. Their activities won't be creative or inspiring, and perhaps they will appear boring to others, but content between themselves.

libra and capricorn Marriage Compatibility

When Libra, the lover of harmony, and Capricorn, the pragmatic sign, come together, it’s a blend of diplomacy and discipline. The Libra and Capricorn marriage compatibility hinges on the harmonious nature of Libra balancing the serious and ambitious Capricorn. Libra's love for peace and aesthetics can lighten Capricorn's pragmatic world, while Capricorn's steadfastness can bring a sense of security to Libra's life. The Libra and Capricorn compatibility for marriage is influenced by the ability of Libra to maintain harmony amidst Capricorn's drive for achievement. This combination can result in a strong partnership where Libra's diplomacy aids in resolving issues, and Capricorn's practicality helps in realizing mutual goals. Compatibility in marriage between Libra and Capricorn is about harmonizing Libra's peace-loving nature with Capricorn's ambitious disposition. With understanding and mutual respect, this union can offer a balance of peace and progress, presenting opportunities for personal growth. Compatibility between Capricorn and Libra depends on their capacity to value one another's advantages. Capricorn's ambitious ambitions might benefit from Libra's sense of justice, while Libra can be motivated by Capricorn to succeed in their endeavors. The partnership between Capricorn and Libra is about fusing diplomacy and ambition. This partnership can create a solid yet peaceful relationship with mutual respect and understanding.

Libra and Capricorn Compatibility: Pros and Cons


  • Balanced Partnership: Libra’s harmonious nature complements Capricorn’s practicality, creating a balanced and stable partnership.
  • Mutual Respect: Both signs value hard work, integrity, and ambition, leading to a mutual respect for each other’s goals and aspirations.
  • Complementary Strengths: Libra brings social skills and diplomacy, while Capricorn provides structure and discipline, allowing them to achieve common goals.
  • Long-Term Commitment: Both Libra and Capricorn appreciate commitment and loyalty, making them dedicated partners in a long-term relationship.


  • Different Priorities: Libra focuses on relationships and personal connections, while Capricorn tends to prioritize career and material success, leading to potential conflicts in priorities.
  • Communication Styles: Libra seeks harmony and avoids conflict, while Capricorn is direct and practical in communication, which can lead to misunderstandings and friction.
  • Emotional Expressiveness: Libra expresses emotions openly, while Capricorn may be more reserved and cautious, causing a potential imbalance in emotional connection.
  • Decision-Making Process: Libra tends to weigh all options and seek consensus, while Capricorn relies on practicality and logic, resulting in different decision-making approaches.

Libra and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

Friendship between Libra and Capricorn can be an interesting blend of contrasting qualities. Libra values harmony, social connections, and intellectual pursuits. They are known for their charm, diplomacy, and desire for fairness. Capricorn, on the other hand, is practical, disciplined, and driven by ambition. They are reliable and loyal friends who prioritize stability and success. While Libra seeks social interaction and enjoys the company of others, Capricorn may prefer a smaller circle of close friends. However, their shared values of loyalty, integrity, and commitment can form a solid foundation for a lasting friendship. Both signs can learn from each other—Libra can bring joy and spontaneity to Capricorn’s life, while Capricorn can provide grounding and support to Libra.

Communication Compatibility

Communication between Libra and Capricorn may require some effort and understanding due to their differing communication styles. Libra is known for their diplomacy, tactfulness, and desire for harmony in relationships. They excel in expressing their thoughts and ideas in a balanced and considerate manner. On the other hand, Capricorn tends to be more reserved, practical, and straightforward in their communication. They value efficiency and may prioritize getting to the point rather than focusing on social niceties. However, both signs appreciate intellectual discussions and have a strong sense of responsibility in their communication. With patience and open-mindedness, Libra and Capricorn can find common ground and develop effective communication patterns.

Life Compatibility for Libra and Capricorn

Life compatibility between Libra and Capricorn can present a mix of complementary qualities and challenges. Libra seeks balance, harmony, and beauty in life, while Capricorn values hard work, discipline, and long-term goals. Together, they can create a well-rounded and structured life that incorporates both practicality and aesthetics. Libra’s social skills and diplomatic nature can help Capricorn navigate social situations, while Capricorn’s determination and focus can support Libra in achieving their goals. However, conflicts may arise due to their different approaches to decision-making and handling emotions. Libra’s desire for fairness and compromise may clash with Capricorn’s more rigid and traditional viewpoints. Overall, with effort and understanding, Libra and Capricorn can find a balance that allows them to thrive in life.

Moon And Rising Sign Compatibility

Moon and rising sign compatibility plays a significant role in shaping the emotional dynamics and overall compatibility between Libra and Capricorn. When it comes to the moon sign, Libra values harmony, peace, and emotional balance, while Capricorn seeks stability, practicality, and a sense of achievement. Their differing emotional needs may require effort to understand and support each other. As for the rising sign, Libra rising brings charm, social grace, and diplomacy to the relationship, enhancing their ability to connect on a superficial level. Capricorn rising adds seriousness, ambition, and a sense of responsibility, which may align with Libra’s desire for stability and long-term commitment.


Libra Man and Capricorn Woman Compatiblity

The compatibility between a Libra man and a Capricorn woman can be an intriguing blend of harmony and practicality. The Libra man, with his charm and social grace, seeks balance and peace in his relationships. On the other hand, the Capricorn woman, driven and ambitious, values stability and security. While their approaches to life may differ, they can find common ground in their desire for a committed and lasting partnership. The Libra man’s ability to bring harmony and diplomacy to the relationship can complement the Capricorn woman’s practicality and determination. With mutual respect and understanding, they can build a solid foundation for a long-term relationship.

Libra Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

The compatibility between a Libra woman and a Capricorn man can be an intriguing blend of charm and stability. The Libra woman, with her grace and diplomacy, seeks harmony and balance in her relationships. On the other hand, the Capricorn man, driven and ambitious, values hard work and success. While their approaches to life may differ, they can find common ground in their shared desire for a committed and enduring partnership. The Libra woman’s ability to bring peace and fairness to the relationship can complement the Capricorn man’s practicality and determination. With mutual respect and compromise, they can create a strong and harmonious bond.

Libra and Capricorn Compatibility Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Libra and Capricorn are zodiac signs that have different approaches and priorities in life, which can lead to challenges in their compatibility. However, with effort and understanding, they can complement each other and find a balance in their relationship.

  • Libra is known for their charm, diplomacy, and desire for harmony, while Capricorn is characterized by their ambition, practicality, and sense of responsibility. Both signs value loyalty, commitment, and stability in relationships, albeit in different ways.

  • The potential challenges in a Libra and Capricorn relationship lie in their contrasting traits and communication styles. Libra may seek more social interaction and spontaneity, while Capricorn may prioritize work and practical matters. Finding a middle ground and understanding each other’s needs is crucial.

  • To maintain a healthy and happy relationship, Libra and Capricorn should focus on open communication, compromise, and mutual respect. They should appreciate each other’s strengths, find common ground, and be willing to adapt to each other’s needs and expectations.

  • Famous Libra and Capricorn couples, such as Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington, Kiele Sanchez and Zach Gilford, Sting and Trudie Styler. Their ability to navigate differences and support each other’s ambitions demonstrates that Libra and Capricorn can form successful partnerships.