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libra & cancer Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 83%
  • Love 89%
  • Sex 90%
  • Family 86%
  • Friendship 65%

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libra and cancer Compatibility

A dynamic combo

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • rational
  • affectionate
  • loyal
  • considerate
  • sentimental
  • generous

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • stubborn
  • gullible
  • concerned
  • uneasy
  • insecure
  • fearful


This relationship gives you the emotional and romantic experience that you didn't know you needed.

Work on being more expressive with your partner and you will discover new depth and meaning!

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The Moon rules Cancer and Venus governs Libra. Hence, Cancer's need for emotional connection and the Libra's love for contact, touch, and experience before getting emotionally attached. More than any other match-up of signs, this astrological pair brings a warmth and sense of stability to those around them. Lifestyle differences, of course, are likely to create insurmountable obstacles early on in their relationship. Cancer wants someone responsible, to take them by the hand if needed and complement their emotional nature with practicality. Libra wants someone full of life, energetic, energized and full of initiative to follow their ideas. These two will disappoint each other if expectations are too high and set too early in their relationship

Values for libra and cancer

They both value a pleasant connection, and if they find it in each other, they certainly will have trouble letting it go. Cancer, as a water sign, values tenderness and care while Libra, as an air sign, values responsibility and platonic love. In addition, Cancer is ruled by the enigmatic Moon, which means they are home-bodies and private while Libra, ruled by sociable Venus, thrives on having company, excitement, communication and a network of relationships. If Cancer cannot broaden its social horizons then a misunderstanding, irritation, and frustration will ensue. They approach life with the same mode or quality of self-expression. Combined with their opposing elements this can put them at odds with each other. Cancer wants someone who is ready to settle down and build a life with, giving them emotional and physical security while Libra wants someone who will challenge them to achieve their dreams and keep life feeling lively and progressive.

libra and cancer Love Compatibility

These planetary partners share a love of romance and comfort with Cancer loving homey comforts and Libra loving aesthetics and luxuries. Libras, as the scales, are known for their balancing nature desire harmony over conflict. However, they have an underlying problem with a sexual connection which is caused by their different elements more than anything else with Libra being an air sign and Cancer a water sign. Being intimate can feel awkward for these two with Cancer putting their entire emotional and physical self into it and Libra being more aloof and delicate. Libra wants sex to feel dignified, neat, and opulent while Cancer is okay with being more down-to-earth and passionate in bed. Their sex life can be improved, however, by sharing a deep emotional connection and spending time together. So, it would be best if they started a relationship out of friendship, already knowing each other to some point and sharing some feelings besides possible attraction.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Cardinal-Cardinal

Cancer individuals typically face difficulty in finishing tasks since they have a tendency to initiate multiple projects simultaneously. On the other hand, Libra individuals are clever and proficient at generating ideas. They have the potential to assist one another in achieving equilibrium and harmony in all their endeavors.

Polarity: Masculine-Feminine

Libra represents strength in their external persona, whereas Cancer is deeply in touch with their emotions and possesses a strong internal energy. Together, they complement each other perfectly.


Cancers are emotional, while Libras are open-minded. There is hard work here if they want to function together and mostly includes getting to know each other on deeper levels.

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Shared activities

raveling to the most beautiful places on Earth. Cancer and Libra could do various things together. There is a deep desire in every Cancer to travel the world with Libra's desire to be surrounded by beauty, they can go on a trip, romantic traveling to the most beautiful places on Earth will be their favorite thing.

libra and cancer Marriage Compatibility

The nurturing and caring Cancer can provide a warm and secure environment that Libra craves. The Libra and Cancer marriage compatibility is about finding balance and appreciating each other's unique qualities. Libra's intellectual approach can provide fresh perspectives to Cancer, while Cancer's emotional depth can help Libra delve into their emotional side. The Libra and Cancer compatibility for marriage lies in their shared desire for harmony, balance, and fairness. Compatibility in marriage between Libra and Cancer is about understanding each other's needs and learning to balance Libra's intellectual orientation with Cancer's emotional approach. Their union is a dance of intellect and emotion, where each learns to appreciate the other's unique qualities and contributions, building a bond that is balanced, harmonious, and deeply enriching. Libra and Cancer are good at recognizing and valuing each other's distinctive qualities. Despite having distinct outlooks on life, they can develop a fruitful relationship where both parties benefit. The similar desire for comfort, balance, and harmony between Cancer and Libra makes them a compatible couple. They can create a marriage that is happy and fulfilling by being open with one another and developing a connection that combines Libra's intellect and Cancer's emotional depth.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility Chart