leo & aquarius Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 65%
  • Love 90%
  • Sex 82%
  • Family 79%
  • Friendship 68%

leo and aquarius Compatibility

A harmonious pair

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • high in energy
  • romantic
  • curious
  • innovative
  • playful
  • eccentric

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • manipulative
  • aloof
  • arrogant
  • indifferent
  • distant
  • cold


There is so much good to experience together when it comes to the chemistry and energy of this connection.

Your Aquarius partner piques your interest and awakens your passion in this harmonious union!

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Leo and Aquarius find their bond is exactly what the other one is looking for. They find they can complete each other and make the best of friends and sometimes lovers. Although a love relationship will require extra work on both their parts. These two individuals could struggle in a relationship to liberate their inner selves and fulfill their ‘destinies,' as both shine so brightly in the zodiac. Uranus rules Aquarius making them an innovator and truly intriguing individual. Leo is ruled by the Sun and draws attention to themselves without even trying. As opposite signs of the zodiac, they will find they have a push-pull relationship, seeking a perfect balance between the two sides.

Values for leo and aquarius

They appreciate tenacity, perseverance, and having a strong will. In fact, both have such a strong sense of self, it may lead to a lot of ego and conflict between whose ideas are more right. It typically comes down to a matter of force and which one has the mental strength to make a better argument. Leo and Aquarius both want to get the last word in, making their conversations more like debates than friendly discussions. The most profound value they share is that of individuality and uniqueness. It is hard not to take notice of these signs when walking down the street and with both of them together they can be quite visually stunning with high drama and charisma. Leo and Aquarius find they disagree on things, however, this gives them reasons to converse and get to know themselves better. While Leo shines, Aquarius loves shiny stuff.

leo and aquarius Love Compatibility

When a Leo and Aquarius fall in love they find their bond can be liberating, warm, passionate, and exciting. Their sex life is a battle of experience though. They find they bring out the quirkiness of each other in partnership and find that for sex to work experimentation is in order. Both find they can be wild and adventurous in bed together, which they end up loving. However, fiery passionate Leo will have a much higher sex drive then the air sign of Aquarius, who simply just do not want sex as often. Building intimacy only happens as they get to know each other better as friends and in their respective social circles. Rarely will they bond emotionally and instead get to know each other under non-sexual and platonic circumstances. If they get into a long term love relationship, extra work will be needed to get along as their energy can be quite tense for them both!

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Fixed-Fixed

Leo and Aquarius are both fixed signs so they are most focused when they have set a goal needed to be fulfilled. Sometimes they can be quite unreasonable because both are head-strong, but their hardworking nature outshines that flaw.

Polarity: Masculine-Masculine

They both are fun and outgoing, so they recharge on the use of external energy. Both have the amazing capability to focus on details and do well with analytics.


The same traits in polarity and modality are what make them be drawn towards each other. It is good to learn to show more emotions to one another.

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Shared activities

Their favorite shared romantic activity will be in the bedroom. They like the attention so both will like to show off each in their own way. Visiting modern and fancy places from restaurants to art galleries is what they will do together. Their favorite shared romantic activity will be in the bedroom.

leo and aquarius Marriage Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius form a unique pair, with Leo's fiery passion meeting Aquarius's air intellect. The Leo and Aquarius marriage compatibility lies in their mutual appreciation for individuality and creativity. Leo's charisma can add a touch of warmth to Aquarius's intellectual world, while Aquarius's originality can inspire Leo to think outside the box. The Leo and Aquarius compatibility for marriage is rooted in their shared love for creativity and individuality. Leo's vitality can add excitement to Aquarius's life, while Aquarius's innovative approach can introduce Leo to fresh perspectives. Compatibility in marriage between Leo and Aquarius is about balancing Leo's passionate nature with Aquarius's intellectual curiosity. With mutual respect and an appreciation for each other's uniqueness, their union can be a stimulating blend of intellect, creativity, and passion. These signs should work on balancing their distinctive characteristics. Leo's vivid world can benefit from Aquarius' fresh perspective, while Aquarius' cerebral life can be given a spark of fire by Leo's warmth. This pairing can be an intriguing blend of intellect, uniqueness, and warmth if they have respect for one another and understand one another.

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