aries & scorpio Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 80%
  • Love 95%
  • Sex 96%
  • Family 80%
  • Friendship 74%

aries and scorpio Compatibility

A match of passion and power

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • high in energy
  • sexually expressive
  • passionate
  • deep
  • loyal
  • instinctual

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • secretive
  • egocentric
  • manipulative
  • rigid
  • controlling
  • sulky


This relationship helps you each express your confidence and strength both within the relationship and outside of it.

Ensure you give each other plenty of room to be expressive, independent, and autonomous to make this work!

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This is a power couple indeed! An intense combination of two dominant signs. . . what could go wrong? Aries is the first zodiac sign, and its strong-willed character makes for a good match for go-getter Scorpio. It is an emotional eruption of love and passion, an exciting duo that would totally rock each other's worlds completely! Their bond has the potential to be deep and long-lasting, with the potential for breakups and makes up along the way!

Values for aries and scorpio

Aries has a strong natural presence that appeals to Scorpio, who is usually very possessive and secretive. An Aries is able to match Scorpio's ability to be, at times, a manipulative introvert. Both of these signs are known for their perception of others, with the Aries being able to charm and justify their way into getting what they want while Scorpio takes a more subtle and psychological approach to meeting their needs. This makes them well-matched as they both concern themselves with the values of Mars: survival, instincts, and drive. Aries is a risk-taker and a hard worker, and this combines powerfully with Scorpio's creative ability. Because they are a water sign, Scorpio is usually very creative and can easily balance Aries' rushed spontaneity and help them apply it with more tact and wisdom.

aries and scorpio Love Compatibility

Both signs are ruled by fiery Mars which represents passion and gives these two signs a similar approach to sex and dating. In addition, Pluto, which also governs Scorpio, represents power making them quite intense in this relationship combination. Because of this, it's safe to say that these signs are a good match for one another in the bedroom and in love as both can handle each other's immense amounts of energy and depth. Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac naturally loves to be in charge, and this can be a daring match for the power-hungry Scorpio. This relationship is likely to have a lot of arguments, but the ability for both signs to fight and makeup, fuels the intensity the partners have for each other. This love connection has a lot of provocative incidents, even in bed! The Aries individual can teach Scorpio to be optimistic and naturally full of life! If both signs can learn to come to a compromise on their differences, there's no telling how far they'd go!

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Mutable-Fixed

Scorpio thrives with security. Also, they are the "doers" of the zodiac, while Virgo often swoops in at the end to help complete tasks. Virgo inconsistency as a sign can disturb stable Scorpio.

Polarity: Feminine-Feminine

Virgo tends to be self-observer and individualistic. Scorpio has strong control and powerful intuition. They are better behind the scenes, as both prefer to focus on the work instead of the people.They are preserved and both think before they act.


Though they run into problems when it comes to money and career, the communication is great. These two signs can clash when it comes to modality, because Virgo doesn't have the time or energy to give Scorpio all the admiration they require.

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Shared activities

Emotionally and intellectually challenging relationship. Because of their shared Mars ruler, both have a strong magnetic attraction. Despite being emotionally and intellectually incompatible, they will have the best experience in the bedroom.

aries and scorpio Marriage Compatibility

The initial attraction between Aries is Scorpio is electric, with sparks flying and everything. What matters more, though, is that it doesn't fade over time. These two signs continue to be fascinated and drawn to one another throughout their relationship, no matter how long it goes on, which guarantees high Aries and Scorpio marriage compatibility. As most astrology lovers know, some of the best partnerships are between signs that share the same element. Aries and Scorpio, who are both Fire signs, are no exception. Aries' boldness and passion pair with Scorpio's mystery and emotional depth perfectly and form a strong and lasting bond capable of withstanding most things. Their lifelong mutual attraction and willingness to discover each other's hidden parts result in the great Aries and Scorpio compatibility for marriage. The only potential challenge for a happy and fulfilling life together that Aries and Scorpio might face is occasional clashes of will. Both of these signs are very strong personalities, and none of them is willing to bend down. So if an Aries wants to continue their relationship with a Scorpio partner and protect their compatibility in marriage, complete honesty in communication is vital.

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