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Nebula VS PsychicOz

PsychicOz Review

Love disappointment, money issues, interest in future predictions—these and more things basically affect our existence. We want to become more successful and more attractive to other people or just desire to alter future events.

Psychic Oz is one of the services that promises that you can do all these things by implementing the power of changes into your routine. In this PsychicOz review, we will discuss the advantages and flaws of this platform, as well as cover its key features and PsychicOz readers’ psychic abilities. Hopefully, we will help you understand whether or not it is a legitimate psychic reading service.

Psychic Oz Pros & Cons


  • 3 free minutes for new customers and a limited $0.99 per minute offer
  • Love, career, finances, relationships, life path readings
  • Email, chat, and phone call readings available


  • A relatively small psychic pool compared to competitors
  • The platform doesn’t have a mobile app
  • Customer support responses are slow
  • Many readers only have one or two communication channels available (for example, only calls or only chat and emails)

Top PsychicOz Features

Honest PsychicOz reviews mention the variety of features found on the website, even though not all of them work perfectly. Here’s what you will find on the website:

Introductory offers. No review would not be complete without mentioning the website’s special offers. At Psychic Oz, one can claim an introductory package with 3 free minutes as well as a reduced price for your entire first reading ($0.99 per minute). These attractive introductory rates are quite standard in the psychic reading industry.

Various reading areas. The review platform will reveal various reading categories available to users. These include numerology readings, tarot readings, astrology, crystals, and oracle readings. Reading types are conveniently organized by psychic subjects, psychic abilities, and psychic tools.

Different communication methods. The Psychic Oz service has several communication channels: readings are available via chat, email, and phone calls. However, not every reader works with all three of them. Some only offer chat and email readings, while others are only available over the phone.

Network design. If you look through reviews online, you will see that most customers appreciate the website’s design. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to navigate the service easily, even if you are new to Psychic Oz. It does have occasional glitches, but they don’t interfere with the user experience too much.

Choice of international psychics. You can select readers from the African, North American, European, or Asian regions, depending on your area of interest. This global reach ensures you have access to a diverse range of psychics with various cultural backgrounds and expertise. Sadly, though, there is no way to check if the reader is indeed from where they claim to be.

PsychicOz Prices & Discounts

PsychicOz offers customers an introductory package that allows newcomers to purchase minutes at a discounted rate. If you want to talk to your psychic via phone, you will get 3 minutes for free and then pay less than $1 per minute for subsequent minutes. Email readings will cost you $4.99. This is part of the introductory offer.

However, once you are no longer new to PsychicOz, the prices will go up pretty drastically for you. They start at $2.99 per minute, but well-reviewed readers charge significantly more. Email readings cost $9.99 per email, which is higher than the industry average.

What’s more, you need to be aware that you can ask only one question per email. If you ask more than one, then the Psychic Oz psychic is going to answer only one question. This means that if you have two questions, you will have to request two separate email readings and pay about $20.

How to Use Psychic Oz

To use PsychicOz, you will need to create an account, which you can do by going to the Create Account page. The registration process is standard. The only major downside is that you can’t just use your Google or Apple account to log in (on most Psychic Oz competitors’ websites, you can). It complicates and prolongs the registration process and makes the website seem more dated than it is.

Once you have created an account, you will need to select the advisor you want to talk to. PsychicOz has divided them into several groups, which makes the selection process more convenient. If you want to maximize your chances of having a good reading, pick a psychic from the Customer Favorites category. If you’re after affordable fees but still hope for an insightful conversation, try one of the Rising Stars psychics. To check out the entire psychic pool, go to All Psychics.

Unlike better-known psychic reading services, PsychicOz has a limited number of advisors in its database (about 100 or so). This reduces your chances of finding your perfect psychic match but also protects you from the choice overload you’re bound to struggle with when using services that have 1000+ psychics to choose from.

Types of Readings on PsychicOz

The platform cannot show off dozens of Psychic Oz psychic readings, but it proposes a respectable selection of them. These readings are the most in-demand ones since they are focused on everyday life problems. Among the PsychicOz readings, there are:

  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Crystals Psychics
  • Oracle cards
  • Runes
  • I-Ching
  • Pendulum

Over 80 PsychicOz psychics specialize in love and relationships. Thus, if you are going through tough changes in your relationship, divorce, or cheating, love psychics can help you understand the reasons for them and the possible ways to prevent negative outcomes.

A lot of clients mostly use astrology psychics; it is one of the most popular reading types not only on PsyhicOz but across the entire industry. However, only 30 psychics on Psychic Oz provide astrology guidance, which is not always enough, especially during peak hours.

Psychic Oz is a suitable pick for people looking for an easy-to-use service and transparent pricing structure, but it’s definitely not among the top services in the industry. If you read a few unbiased PsychicOz reviews, you will soon realize some of the biggest problems of the service, such as, for instance, the insufficient number of advisors.


  • According to Psychic Oz feedback and verified customer statements, the platform appears to be legit, and you don’t need to be worried about getting scammed for money. If you trust PsychicOz’s claims, every psychic advisor on the service is vetted to make sure they can provide authentic readings. reviews suggest that this is not necessarily true, but you might get lucky.

  • Psychic Oz does have a refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the reading, the service is ready to provide refunds in the form of credits so you can give the platform a second chance. While this is the case for most psychic reading platforms, a lot of clients find it disappointing that they can’t actually get their money back.

  • reviews address the high functionality of the platform’s services, which means that finding a psychic is quite easy: sort through the list of psychic experts based on their reading subjects, tools, and abilities. You can also listen to pre-recorded messages from psychics to pick an advisor that seems like a good match. The only major problem with advisor selection is that Psychic Oz simply doesn’t have enough readers in its pool.

  • Psychic Oz offers pretty much the same reading types and services as most of its competitors. You can order dream analysis, past life readings, astrology readings, and more. As to what you can expect from those, it depends on the specific reader you will be talking to and the direction of your conversation.

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