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Expertise: Yoga Astrology Energy Healing

    I am a qualified astrologer and energy healer with years of experience. This gift was passed down to me from my mother. When I first witnessed her practice with singing bowls and palo santo, I fell in love with the world of esoterics, and it has become my lifelong passion. I transmit light from my heart in the most challenging and darkest times. I am an incredibly empathetic, sincere, and honest person, always smiling and radiating positivity. My calling and higher purpose involve helping and supporting people, facilitating their healing, and navigating the most complex decisions. With me, you will always find a safe space, an individual approach, and the best and most accurate guidance on what to do.

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    What clients say about Reverie

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      As always she makes me calm

    • CH
      christian coll

      She’s a beautiful and Kind Soul with great and helpful insights. that I’ll keep close!

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      I love her

    What I do

    From my earliest memories, I embraced an inherited passion and cultivated expertise in tarot cards, runes, meditations, and unique shamanic practices. Over 13 years, these tools have empowered me to guide individuals through profound healing from past traumas and enhance their connections with partners. I delve into the mystic realms, employing the wisdom of tarot and the ancient energy of runes. Currently, my journey extends to mastering the art of yoga and unlocking the potential within my students by clearing blocked chakras based on the matrix of destiny. With each session, I will help you become better, exploring the truth together. I will guide you through the cosmic universe into the depths of your soul.

    How Can I Help You

    You are a unique and special soul to me. Your achievements and successes hold immense significance, driving my motivation and inspiration. I'll accompany you through every facet of healing and self-discovery, navigating the highs and lows of your emotions, victories, and setbacks. Using tarot cards, I'll lay out a card, answering your pressing questions and instilling confidence in your future. Runes will reveal hidden barriers, unraveling knots in the present. Your destiny matrix and natal chart will reveal your connection with a partner, your love life, career, and karmic lessons. Through personalized meditations and energy practices, I'll decode the universe's current tasks and lessons, guiding you on this fascinating journey of self-discovery.

    My experience and qualification

    With over 13 years of practical experience in astrology, I've delved into the ancient art, exploring Indian, Hellenistic, Medieval, and Esoteric Astrology. Having completed studies at the Institute of Vedic Astrology in France and courses at the Canadian Association for Astrological Education, I hold high accreditation for conducting tarot readings, creating astrological forecasts, and calculating energies within the matrix of destiny and karmic nodes. Constantly seeking an individualized approach, I study psychology, specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy with a confirmed diploma. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University, I annually embark on an energy retreat in Tibet, acquiring new knowledge, meditating, and cleansing my energy field in pursuit of enlightenment.

    My Approach to Readings

    My ultimate objective is to offer more than mere information, I strive to create a transformative and empowering experience that serves as a guiding light on your distinctive path toward self-discovery and fulfillment. When I answer your questions, I make sure to pay close attention to all the details and provide thoughtful responses that give you a deeper understanding. Especially when it comes to topics like love, past relationships, betrayals, emotions, and understanding your partner's intentions, I use a detailed card reading to tell a complete story. I add a special touch by lighting a candle and charging crystals during our sessions, creating an atmosphere filled with positive energy. This helps reveal the potential for positive changes in your life right from our first session together. The cards not only illuminate your path but also guide you through energy practices and essential stages. It brings me immense joy to be your cosmic guide, navigating the celestial connections that shape your universe.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    Our meeting here is not a coincidence, it's a sign of the universe that you've taken the first step towards change. I'm already immensely proud of you. I work with accuracy and care in my readings, and you'll feel it after our first session. I approach your questions comprehensively, providing a broader perspective on future relationships or reasons why things may not be progressing quickly. With extensive experience in various cases, my focus is on resolving your issue, and I'll be with you until it turns positive. I want to hear you say after all our work, 'Thank you, Reverie. I feel happiness because my dream came true.' Believe me, one day you'll feel it, it's the reality we'll create together.